Saturday, May 3, 2008

Gurgling Sounds

I know if my baby is having a good time by herself.She would love making gurgling sounds,playing with her saliva and mimic alot.She is such a healthy and good baby that she is not giving her mom a hard time taking care of her.

That is exactly what she's doing right now.Few minutes ago she was in her swing facing at me while chasing opps,I was kinda pissed at how the opps easily turned gray and when I looked at her,she was smiling tell me,that is ok mom you can grab some more later.Hehehee good baby!

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Tanya said...

Buti nalang I checked my links kung sino ang nag link sakin. Daghan man gud mga other country nga ingon na link na daw pero wal man diay, mga tikasan jud. Anyway, I added your 4 blogs about a week ago pero nakalimutan mo cguro akong i link din. I was here too telling you na linked na kita. Don't forget mine ha.


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