Monday, May 19, 2008

Funny Thought..

I was cooking pansit behon the other night and it was so yum yum for I got the taste perfectly.My husband ate almost half of the pan of my pansit.I am so lazy and just left it on the stove top after 24 hours and then again my husband is asking if I am getting tired eating my pansit.I said,no,you can eat the leftover if you can stand the fact that it's been left on the stove top for 24 hours.

Then he goes ewww I know how hated me for leaving foods in just room temp.The problem is he is going to work and he doesn't want to be sick by eating "spoiled" foods kuno.Ehhh my pansit is still good ok? It's just that Pinays are used to eating food outside the fridge after hours of leaving it there...

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