Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lost And Found

...I was browsing friendster last night when suddenly I thought of searching for a friend of mine,my classmate in AMA before.Long time I have not heard about her and I am so curious to see her or know a bit about this girl.It just came to my mind to type her name on the search box on friendster.

Fortunately,I did get several profiles of Sarah as a name and one of them were hers.I am so glad that I have seen her and be able to be connected with her once again.I hope though that she will not ignore my beauty though she already added me to her list.

1 comment:

emzkie said...

hahaha.. daghan man kaau ang mugawas sa Sarah sis. maau kay nakit-an nimo. ako pud nagsearch pud ug sarah sa friendster pero wala dyud nako nakit-an ang akong friend oi. anyhow naa kay tag sa akoa. kini na link ha http://www.jazanotherday.com/2008/05/mummy-meme.html


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