Monday, May 12, 2008

I Screwed Up My Computer

Due to curiosity of making a pass code to our internet for security reason I screwed up my computer this morning that made me missed all the big paying opps.I did not get anything as I was having trouble with my computer. I clicked on something I should not supposed to click that made my computer unable to connect to any network.

It was the stupidest thing to do.I was fighting with my computer for 4 hours trying to remember what did I do wrong inorder to fix the problem.I was getting pissed when finally I figured out what the problem was. I only clicked the network discovery and it worked. Finally back to internet now but unfortunately no more opps coming out.

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4ever7 said...

Hahahahaha...sometimes it realy does happen. I once spent a couple of hours (in the wee hours) to work on my PC that got the BSOD syndrome.

Tahn said...

That happened to me once also. I was trying to reformat the pc. But it crashed. Wahahah!


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