Sunday, March 25, 2007


My diary,

Haaayy I feel exhausted tonight because lalabs and I went bicycle riding in a continous trail by the river. let me say we rode our bikes for almost an hour that makes my knees hurt right now because it was just last spring since we went out for biking. Our exercise didn't end just like that,when we got home we both agreed to have myself practice driving in our neighborhood.

My driving didn't last long,I think it was only 10 minutes because as I kept on driving,we saw a small puppy on the loose!! It wasn't pretty raba grr..ang nawng mura mayokmok kabati naman lang jud ug simod daot pa jud kaayo! Being a concerned citizen we followed the wild dog as to where he was going..but as we chase him,the more he managed to run as fast as he could!!

What lalabs did,he drove the car back to our house and put our dog on a leash and brought a treat with him hoping that we would catch the stow away dog. Grrr naman lang jud..we headed to the street where we last saw the dog running and i thought that he was running back towards us but he make a turn to the other street...we ran and walk just to keep up with the dog but no luck,we finally lost sight of him!

Well, we did not only do bicyle riding today but took a little bit of running and walking as we were close to the park so we walked towards there and hang out a while ..nagpahangin sa baga.

Pero hmmm, shame on me,there were 2 kids in the park who were quite friendly,they played with our good girl Giza..and had chikka chikka with me and lalabs...the girl asked lalabs if I am his daughter..("toink salot na anak naman noon..poor me!") I told lalabs to tell the girl that I'm his wife and see what's her reaction..hmm lingo lingo lang pud akong manoy!

Few minutes later,I hear the girl again whispering to her brother and I asked her what was that all about,she was telling to her brother that I'm a HISPANIC that's why I can't understand better what he's talking about! HMMppp pataka lang bisan Pinay ko unya slangerds man ang bata 'coz they came from Ohio,a different state- maybe that's why they have different accent!

That is all what happened for the Sanborns today.Instead of practicing my driving,we ended on chasing someone else's dog nga wala baya jud mi napala! Good citizens lagi! TY diary for listening!

Thank you friends also for visiting my blog once in a while.You know who you are guys so my loyalty is in you!

Friday, March 23, 2007


Yeppeeyyy it's going to be weekend again. I'm happy like a little dog wagging it's tail!!!

Just wanna share a simple gesture of a very special man of my life who just dropped by in the house this afternoon to give me some chocolates in a box.I don't know why because there's no occasion..or even if there is,he won't give me for he is not the "chocolate" type guy. It's just new to me and thought it's sweet.

Another chikka is that,last night when we went to bed we talked a little and he told me that yesterday when he had his lunch at a cafeteria, when he finished his food he walked right away but he hear something from a waitress saying something to her co-worker "Oh! he's cute!" I asked him how could you say that? and he said,the waitress say the words loud enough for him to hear it! And as a wife,I scream real loud that he covers his ears! Why? because hmm I was so kilig!! Just like a teenager ba nakakita sa crush,same feeling I felt last night! Well,it's flattering 'coz other people notice his CUTENESS!!! nakss nagara gara ba,d oi proud lang as his wife!

Lain pay ato, tonight I read a comment on my PT account on my "SUMMER 06" album saying "dios ko ang pangit wahahahaha" well,who cares? she's just insecure.I don't feel bad about it at all for I feel no insecurities in me! Suya lang siya keber!!!

My mood went sour for a while after reading that but I realized she is nothing so why would I waste my time thinking about her?

And this is all for me tonight my diary! HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!

Monday, March 19, 2007


It was my first day of meeting a long time chat friend named Annie today. Actually, Rose and I was our first meeting with her because Annie just arrived in Fort Worth not so long ago and finally we met after a couple of months anticipating her arrival here in our place to be the number 3 of us!

It was a lot of fun for 2 filipinas who had their new friend being first time together!!! First thing we did is I let my hubby drove me to my friend's house and then asap I arrived,we drove to where Annie lives and took us 10 minutes to get there at the most...go back to Rose's...chit chat a little bit and then we had our lunch date@ Taste of Asia chinese resto in the nearby area then..go back to Rose's house again and took a short walk to the park.

Faces were smiling and we really had our boisterous laughs and talk out loud as if we own the place as we passed through the neighborhood. Rose,being the eldest of us 3 of 31,she's the one who take care of the loud noises that we make each time we talk..'coz you know magkatapok na gani mga pinay dagku baba as expected! Yehheeeyyy finally, Annie joined us now. Rose and I used to just talk to each nga tulo nami ka buok....mas daghan mas saba,mas lingaw,mas kalog,mas daghan kabuang mahimo weeeewwwww...

I know it's just our first bonding together and we are all gonna be anticipating for more happy moments together as friends in a strange place called,Fort Worth! Hopefully,our circle of friends will grow as number of years to come because I will never stop making friends online to make a large group!

Thanks to my hubby for exerting an effort of sending me to my friend's house. Thanks to God for giving the Tres Marias day a wonderful day. Great thanks to Rose's hubby for driving me home tonight!
Captured moments of today's bonding!! first pic,Annie,Anne and Rose inside the restaurant

@ d park,above is Rose and Annie...below is sweet sweet time with Rose and I!!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

We Did 6 Miles Today

Haaay thanks God it's weekend. Sorry Janine,I wasn't able to attend your namesake's birthday because when I woke up this noon,my shoulders are still hurting!
I will just make up next time when the girls gonna have get-together!

Our day was a pretty fun day because we went walking in a long trail together with our dog,Giza..she enjoyed as much as we do! We'd walked atleast 6 miles today and I'm thankful for it for it's quite a while now since Lalabs and I walked together as a sort of exercise also I am getting alot of sun,char mura pud kana..bitaw it's because I stayed in the house during weekdays so seldom I get the heat in my skin. Also hmm,what's really making me smile is I am seeing alot of people..bikers,roller skaters, runners etc... and of course MGA SYOFO NGA KANO.. gikilig jud ko oi gitan aw kog duha ka kano and said hi to me!! .... pagpangaguapoha naman nga kano grrr... good thing bana was very far from me or else he would hear me screaming to the man "GUAPOHA NIMO OI!!!! Who cares? afterall he doesn't understand me at all! Igata minyoa oi bahala gud pa vitamin sa mata mura pod ko nabalik teenager da!

I've been hearing him saying he's getting fat lately and that his belly is kinda bulging lol! Aryat baya sa taw binsa minyo na! So we might go for a walk at a highschool's track field again tomorrow night! It's nice though to keep ourselves fit,not necessarily to be sexy but for hmmm pangcondition!

Afer a long walk we went food shopping and that is how our day ended...

I'm tired now..gtg diary! ciao

Friday, March 16, 2007


My diary,

Today is a very great day for me.Nice weather(though a little bit chilly),sun shining so bright and hubby and I are back in good terms again. This post of mine has a connection with our USCIS paper works that we filed last Tuesday for I got 5 needles into my muscles @ noon time today because we are still lacking the form I-963 for Aliens seeking for status adjustments. I got 2 shots in my left arm, one in the right arm, another one near the pulse plus another one in between of my right arm and shoulder grrr....

Who would want to feel the pain from someone else's needles? Good thing is that I'm not afraid of any needles,the fact is, I get to look at the nurse who injected with the vaccines into my arms and feel the tingling sensation as needles slowly go deep into me. We got no choice but do this because due to negligence and carelessness we submitted the vaccination report that I obtained from my medical@ St. Luke's in Manila a year ago without producing a photocopy of it. No good though because hubby just given his $310.00 to them which he is not supposed to pay for the only thing I didn't get is the tetanus. $310 is not a joke you know? haller mahala baya huh? I only paid 5 thousand pesos in Manila before but here in US they charged thrice as much!!!

Since,we failed to show them what they were asking, we must do it. Now,I feel a little dizzy and shoulders surely hurt esp.the one where tetanus injection was done. Not only that, they also get a vial of blood from me for HIV test!!! it's not funny for the idea I have done all these before.

What a cruel world huh? I just hope I won't get a fever tonight or tomorrow for it's weekend and we might go somewhere else. Oh one thing that is very important, 4 weeks before getting pregnant does this only mean that we gonna have 4 weeks sex abstinence? oh my!! let's see who cannot help not getting sex within that period of time for I'm not taking contraceptive pills anymore..... hehehehe

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Dear Diary,

Kinsa kaha ganahan ning adlawa no nga mata pakag sayo para mo linya uban sa katawhan para lang maghikay sa mga papel. Kaon lag gamay'ng pamahaw dayon batsi. Pag first few minutes ok pang hinuwatay..diha naku nagsugod kalagot nga nag tuo ka kompleto na imong mga gipangdala unya diay to in time na para pag submit sa mga documents nga ang uban kinahanglanon wala naapil ug dala. Giandam ko na baya daan to gipang kuha diay sa ukoy nga puti..perti jud ukoya ang mga dili noon apil maoy gipangdala..kalagot ko jud oiiiiiiii ambot nalang jud...suphon ko pa bitaw, cge ingon "you owe me dinner tonight" tubagon ko pag "whatever" bahala ka bisan naas atubangan sa officer sulod sa USCIS office..who cares lagot na kau ko nimo.

Samotan pa jud nga gisegihan na diay tawag akong name wala lang naku panumbalinga kay gi wrong spelling sa mga bogo kinsay ga type ato hangtud nalang jud na alas 3..cge tinangaay..way gilamoy,way imnanay..kagutom.. imagine 10:30 pami naabot sa buntag na tingpaniudto nalang naalas tresan wala lang gihapon paglambo? Giatay sila pero I hope dili atayon akong application no? Samot ko kasuya kay akong paris nagkalingaw lang basa iya, ako naglutok ang mata way lingaw..kahilakon naku maau sa kawalay pasensya..lamia e syagit ug bunooooooooooooooo kung wala palang ko nanagana sa akong kauban nga mauwawan nganu ba..wala bitaw sila kaila naku.. ug sa kadugayang huwat gitawag napud ko para papanumpa ginagmay..funny thing is that,nahibulong jud ang amerkana nganu galagyo mig lingkod ni manoy,ako tuas ika 20 nga lingkuranan siya naas kina unhan..bahala mo magduda oi kay palain kog ako..wala kaagwanta ngutana jud siya nganu kuno,,tubag lang pud ang ukoy akong wife ay nasuko naku..grrrrrrrrr ambot nimo noy!

Ang kalbaryo wala pa jud tawn didto nahuman..naibot mi sa office alas tres y medya na..toinnkkk pag downtown sa Dallas na pertingggg ka traffic kay baha baha pud..mura Pinas lunopan pud sila..mupay gusla na kaau..lipong pako sa kagutom tibuok kaunuran ug kabukugan nagkurog na..hala banat...kinsa kaha ganahan ana sa?

Pag-abot sa balay way tingganay bahala ka diha manoya ka...d naku feel kig tingog nimo no? nganu diay cold war ta basta naa lang koy makaon sa ref payts na...e uli lang ko nimog tarong sa among Pinas ok ra ayaw lang ko pasipad e!

All in all,karong adlawa gibwesit jud ko! Thankful pud gamay kay atleast nana koy paaboton in the next few months sa akong GC...hopefully dili ma deny ang application...

Haaayyy nakapagawas naku's akong gibatyag..salamat!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Dear Diary,

Just a quick post tonight while I still have something in my mind to say. Today is just an ordinary day for us but hubby and I had fun! I was like a child for I was very happy I was able to ride a go cart for the first time... at first I was just standing by and watch how old and young people or even the kids do it. Later on,I couldn't help myself but try it!! so easy to run the tiny little thing!

After the ride,laughters on my face can be painted! Yeyy thanks to Lalabs. After the ride,we went to a cool store called Cabela's,it's just newly built here but they already won the heart of the many customers. What is amazing about this store is that they sell good quality stuff mostly for outdoor activities,not only that they got REAL HUGE AND VAST area of parking lot! Maybe it's like the whole area of SM mall in Cebu..unbelievable lagi think nga parking lot lang na nila huh?

Blah blah blah..not much things to say today. Ty to this virtual journal for it has been my outlet sa kamingaw ug homesickness since I got here,the so-called "UNCLE SAM" nila!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


My diary,

Pagawas jud kos akong gibati kay na mayabag ko!! Kasakit man diay sa bation kung mobiya nas atong nasud nga ikaduha na unta pero mas sakit pa diay paminawn kay sa atong una.

Dili pa gani ko katuo nga nahimuntog naku diri kamot sa akong bana pero akong kalag nahabilin pas Pinas. Gabii sa paglapag palang sa eroplano sa DFW wala ko kahibalo nalipay bako nga naabot naku ug makita na naku akong bana. Tungod kay nawili jud ko maayo sa akong mga manghud pagkasakit naman lang jud huna hunaon nga nianang buntag before ko nigikan sa amo ako pa gani gikaligoan akong mga manghud ug sa kalit lang akong gibyaan grrrrrrrrr...giatay ba oi...tulo napud akong luha oh!

Luoya sa akong mga manghud,I called them asap I arrived home unya akong manghud laki wala ni tiwas pakig storya naku kay nangluod..nagdahom diay maayo ang bata nga mo uli pako kuyog ni Genelyn magdala ug manggang hinog...wala jud intawn natulog bisan gabii na kaau kay si hinuwat ni ate.. ako pud manghud babay naghilak nga nakig estorya naku kay wala na lagi intawn ate oiiiiiiiiii..

Pagkapait,kasakit sa dughan ug ka usik sa luha...kay sa diha pa gani sa Mactan Cebu International Airport cge na jud dagayday akong mga luha,uwaw lang ta kay akong tupad padulong HK ka guapo nga kano unya humot pa jud kaau..pero bahala ka diha kanoa ka kay mag emote kog ako whoaaaaa!!!

Bisan gani the moment nga nag type ko ani karon cge pa tulo ako luha kay dili lagi gyapon ko katuo nga wala na jud kos Pinas unya pila pa kaha ka tuig ko kabalik ani! Haaayy nganu ang kinabuhi ingon ani man kapait?


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