Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Greeting For Everyone!!

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The old year has gone. Let the dead past bury its own dead. The new year has taken possession of the clock of time. All hail the duties and possibilities of the coming twelve months!
~Edward Payson Powell~


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Can't Stop Staring

hk credit cards Pictures, Images and Photos this personalized beautiful and pink Hello Kitty debit card I have. It makes my eyes spin every time I take it out from my wallet, simply pretty with all the pinkness in it. Sensya na, it's my first time to have a personalized preferred favorite cartoon character as a card.

The teller from the bank had me chose several options but Hello Kitty design just caught my attention and she knew at the moment she handed me the collection of different card designs that I'm gonna choose the latter. I've had several debit cards before but none of them were pretty as my new one. They were just same old boring card designs you know?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Snowing Again?

I would love that! According to the weather forecast that there'll be an inch snow tomorrow approaching here in our area. If that is the case then I'll better gear up for tomorrow's funtivity outside. My baby is having colds right now but I doubt if that's gonna stop us from enjoying the snow.

Weewwww if it snows, it is gonna be the second snow we experience before this year ends then there might be more coming in the next 3 months! Thank goodness the world is not warming up as what the environmentalists say. Global warming?? Heck!

organic fire ant killer

When we first discovered that our yard was being nested by fire ants, my husband was very pissed because the people used to live here didn't take care of the yard. There were fire ants everywhere in the front and backyards. You know these kinds of ants are very dangerous, when they bite you it stings a lot and could leave a big stingy bite on your skin that could last for days.

As determined as we are to get rid of them, we looked for an organic fire ant killer so to prevent the spread of more fire ants in the yard. We do have a baby and the thought of having unwanted ants around us will be a big NO, NO!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Digital Camera Is Dead

I hate to think about our digital camera that just recently broke or something and it's dead. One day it was working and now it wouldn't turn on. If I push the on button it will just make an "on" sound but it wouldn't even display a picture nor the lens come out. My baby and I have dropped it several times for over a period of two years of using it but it was still working good.

Not until recently when it was exposed to a severe cold temperature and damp weather last Dec.24. It acted up on me and thought it was just because of the snow all over its body. When it was put in the sun until it dried up it worked fine. Then yesterday I couldn't turn it on! What's going on?

I dread of buying a new one because it's gonna cost us another 200 dollars for just to replace the old camera. I have no plan of buying a new camera soon either. Perhaps we can just delay it until we can receive the house refinance result. Hope it will be soon eh! The thought of breaking 3 digital cameras makes me hate myself so damn much. So clumsy eh!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Dinner With Close Friends

For a change we held our simple dinner for Christmas in our house. We usually go to Rose's place for gathering of any occasion but this time we decided to be here in our humble house. It was successful and I am thankful my 4th Christmas in America isn't as lonesome as the past Christmassses I had.

Thank you so much guys for making the Christmas celebration successful. Thanks also to my husband who patiently assembled our girl's toys today. Love you so much Lalabs and baby Jadyn! You complete me guys! I'm so happy to have my wonderful family and friends this very day!

Foods we prepared were spaghetti, macaroni salad, tinonoan nangka, sugar cookies, apple pie, dried squid and fish and steamed rice cake. Not much but enough to fill our stomach.

... our humble food, thankful for the grace that is served upon our table.

... my family opening Jadyn'a present from her Mommy ROse
...with Annie and Abby, myself and my handsome Lalabs
...... my friends with my husband
... friendship Annie and yours truly!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

She Fell Asleep On The Couch

No wonder she got so quiet in the living room because she fell asleep on the couch while watching her show on Qubo. I was busy cleaning the master sink and tub so I didn't mind her leaving alone for I know she had fun watching t.v.

After half an hour I came back here and this is what I found, my Jadyn look tired from lack of sleep this early morning so that's probably the reason why she couldn't make it to her crib and fell asleep where she was sitting earlier. POOR POOR GIRL OF MINE!

just host it

I am quite happy with my domain's current subscription. I have been using their service for over two years now and so far so good when it comes to reliability of the hosting. Other than that I don't get any benefits from them or I maybe just not exploring enough of their site to make use of their features?

Well, unlike Just Host, this is of course according to my reading on their website, this company offers with a lot of benefits to their clients. Their plan includes some of the following unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited SQL databases, unlimited email accounts, plus unlimited hosted domains. Those are just few of the benefits you can get out from them and lastly, they also throw in some neat extras only for you like free Instant setup, free domain name for life, and $75 free Google, Yahoo and MySpace advertising credits. Sounds like a great deal, alright?

For just $3.45 a month you can get to get all those mentioned above plus you will be assured that you can get technical support 24/7 if something unfavorable instances arise. In my own opinion, why would you buy for cheap hosting if it cannot give you the satisfaction you ever need? Signing up to cheap hosting sites just for the sake of a dollar that doesn't guarantee you having a fast, reliable host for your site.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stubborn Me

I planned of signing out my ym hours ago after putting my baby to bed for I am so freakin' sleepy. I haven't taken a nap today for I was busy working outside and on other chores. My eyes are complaining now, they say they need a shut eye but I am so stubborn to insist in staying for more minutes on my computer.

Just when my online mates are here, that is when my body complain about being tired. I could use internet anytime I want and can just say bye bye to my chatmates right now for I still have tomorrow to do all the chatting but what am I doing here? Silly me. Ciao now pipol, enough torturing myself because it won't do any good to me.

grandfather clocks

If I could wish for a big Christmas present, I would love to have one of these grandfather clocks I have been eying for a long time now. If Santa give me a present, I'd rather have one grandfather clock to keep in the house as it looks so beautiful ever! Perfect to keep track of the time as well as a house decor. SIGH, oh grandfather clock, when can I own one? It cost a fortune to buy one so I am wishing someday when I'll be able to get a good paying job, I promise to buy one for us.

Not So Cold Gloomy Day

I woke up in a quiet, calm and gloomy day this morning. I thought it was weird because the world was just so calm. Even my husband and baby were so quiet and not even making an indication that they were already awake. This is so strange of me to feel this way. I mean I don't normally notice so much tranquility around me.

I went outside to open the back gate so survey people can just get in the backyard without bothering me and the first thing I notice is that it wasn't very cold. Despite of the gloomy weather, the temperature was tolerable. Unlike the past weeks, it felt like we're mid Winter already. I shall see though if it doesn't get too cold today and I will do my mission, putting bricks around the newly planted pecan trees in the front yard so I can start planting my tulip bulbs today in preparation of Spring next year.

duplicate file finder

When I had my on-the-job training done 9 years ago, I thought it was easy but realizing it today, I wonder how did I do all my job sorting all the hidden files in the cabinet, digging all the almost forgotten records of students in that institution. I worked to assist our school's accountant and for me her job wasn't easy at all.

During that time, they only use computer for a more important transactions. But when it comes to searching for special records of students, I had to do it manually. If only duplicate file finder was available at that time then it could have been so easy not just for me but all the staff working in their office.

world politcs forum

If there is one person that I so idolize is my husband. Why? Because he is so smart. He can talk of alot of things to you from science, world events, politics and a whole lot more. He is the kind of person that is quiet and calm but rest assured he will be able to answer with whatever questions you may have in mind.

During his spare time or before going to work he gets on his computer to read the news and most of all engaged or participate in world politics forum. He loves that a lot. For him, it is his only way of showing America that he cares about his country. Through voicing out what he believes in for me is being courageous.

Monday, December 21, 2009

San Antonio Nose

Of 3 of us, I'm the only one who got cold last weekend in San Antonio. If I didn't go there, I could have not gotten this stupid cold that is very uncomfortable. It's the third day I have this and it really sucks. I feel like my nose is being tickled with a cat tail that is so itchy at the same time hurting me all the way up to the center of my head. Must be some kind of allergy it is for I don't have sinusitis ever.

My husband asked me if I feel ok and I said no, I feel like I am constantly drowned in the bottom of the river and water gets into my nose. Do you know the feeling having water in the nose when you try to swim? That is exactly what I feel right now. Apart from that, I constantly sneeze and blowing my nose from time to time too.

I just hope my baby won't catch my cold for I don't want her to be sick too. As for the moment, she is doing ok, no signs of cold yet. God forbid.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Yikes No Microwave

How can I have my morning hot drink if this room we occupied doesn't have a microwave? I am getting hungry now and the only thing I wanna drink right now is my morning hot chocolate drink. I have everything I need, I even brought with me my powdered choco and my mug just to satisfy my needs every morning.

Geezz it's only 9 in the morning and I am so freaking hungry hohohoho! Lord help me, I just hope that my husband will be here anytime soon or else I will get cranky throughout the day if I don't help myself. I can't go outside by myself either for there is no means of transportation that brinsg me to a nearby coffee shop. I guess I just have to suffer a little while.

motor insurance

There are so many motor riders around our place. When we go down South to visit my father in-law, I could see several of them on the road in a group going somewhere. I thought they look cool on their bikes wearing their motor leather jackets. I thought it would be an awesome experience if I can experience riding in a motorbike. But in the other side of my mind, would it be safe for me knowing that there are millions of fast cars on the road and we can be hit any time if accidents permit?

Ah before doing so, I better make sure that the owner of the bike has a Motor Trade Insurance policy so to not get caught by sheriff or policemen when troubles arise. Better to take precaution than taking the risk of getting caught without insurance, you know?

Nice Texan Room and Beautiful View Outside

We're here at my father in-law's place today. It is such a privilege to be here once again seeing the old man and for us to have a break from a messy house back in Fort Worth. We occupied the guest room of AFV 2 for the first time. I like it here a lot other than the previous guest rooms we have stayed before.

When we first entered this room I was ecstatic! Ecstatic how beautiful this room is. I mean everything in here is very nice. It is a country Texan themed room which for me is awesome. The very first thing that caught me are the throw pillows covered with animal skin with a Texas map on them then everything follows, the shelving, the mirror, dresser, the table set, bed, lampshades, bathroom fixtures, ahhhhh everything is very Texan. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

Aside from the nice room, when I look outside I can see the very beautiful Fall color of leaves which for me complete the perfect accommodation we have.

getting back to shape

When I just had my baby I couldn't believe how big my tummy was. As if I made fun of my own tummy secretly facing the mirror and playing, squeezing the excess baby fat around my waist and would jokingly ask my husband if he can pay for my tummy tuck so I will look good once again. That was a year and a half ago, that was my crazy thought. Today, I don't have to think about it again because I just lost my unwanted fat naturally without undergoing surgery or any other laser procedure just to lose the fat. Thank goodness, my baby have found its way to be back in normal without us spending our money.

get a good night sleep

Getting a good night sleep is what everyone wants to get at night time. I myself, dont' have any problem sleeping at night although sometimes, I could sleep late and that I hate so much for I get cranky in the morning if I lack sleep for an hour or two. That would only happen to me very seldom though so I am not really bothered about it.

However, there are people who have difficulty putting themselves to sleep at night for they are kind of stressed and sometimes it is affecting their sleeping habit. Other times also the kind of bed they is a big factor contributing to lack of sleep due to a very bad bed they have. With that said, they can look at for beds for sale and see what they can buy to make their sleep better. Maybe they can find the kind of bed that is soft and won't transport movement to other person sleeping on the bed for that doesn't interrupt the other person while sleeping on the same bed.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crying Face

...this is how my Jadyn looks when she throws a fit. She is not really crying on this picture, she is just being a baby wanting her mommy's attention. Ah typical (almost) two-year old girl. I love this girl very much and I could not replace her for anything. She is my greatest treasure even if she makes me pull my hair hard sometimes.

looking for a home?

Having your own home is every person's dream. It is like possessing more than a big bar of gold if you have your own home where you can build your family in it and prosper your love. I myself even dreamed of getting our own house so we don't have to spend our money to the landlord every month. When we finally have our house back I was ecstatic! It was like another dream come true for me for I so long to own a house that is big enough for my family. Thanks to my husband for all the patience and effort for giving us a house.

I am not particular when it comes to houses. Any type will do as long as it has proper
house plans when it was built. I don't even mind if the house is decades older or a new one. What matters to me is that I am comfortable with the house, you know no spooky feeling when you're inside it. Aside from that my husband prefers to have a bigger yard too which we do.

Just before we moved in here, my husband and I were already have plans about this house. We both agreed on things that we want to change in this house including the appliances, cabinetry and wall colors and all that.

How about you? Are you currently in search of your dream home? Would you love to look at project plans
which can be found at so you can have an idea what your future house may look like? You may do so. Just go ahead and type in the website address and look at different popular plan styles.

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Done With My Christmas Shopping

Yesterday was a busy day for us here. We were out of the house almost the whole day for we were running errands that include having a family portrait at the studio, doing grocery shopping and most of all buying presents for our little girl at the Toys R' Us store. Jadyn's presents are already wrapped ready for her but she cannot open them until Christmas day is here.

I was so excited shopping all the educational toys for my girl. I was saying that I should do this to show her that we value her and that she will grow up to have presents to open every Christmas. We spent almost a hundred bucks just for her toys alone but I think she is all worth it, she is a good girl and she deserves to be pampered.

Right now, the very last thing I need to wrap is the Tinkerbell we bought. I have no idea how can this thing be wrapped eh, it is kind of big and I am not an expert wrapper myself.

music that motivates you to exercise

There were times in the past that I really wanted to exercise so I could lose all the unwanted baby fat around my waist but I just couldn't do that easy. When laziness strikes me, all I could do is sit and be on the computer all day. That is unhealthy I know because the more I become a couch potato the more the fats piled up in my body.

I once tried going to the gym too and use the treadmill there, after 3 or 4 times of using it I got bored and so I stopped. Oh boy! I need something that would motivate me to exercise so I can achieve the desired weight. When I do my usual surfing on the internet just minutes ago, I was able to hear a sample of this Running Music and I thought this was the exact music I need in order for me to keep going. While listening to this music as if I want to run right away and enjoy it while I sweat.

Trust me people when you get to hear the running music I just heard, your system will also be activated with this moving music from It is a music composed specifically for running with a beat to exactly match and drive your stride whatever your pace.

Monday, December 14, 2009

She Met Friends

When my DFW acquantances last saw me that was when I was 11 months pregnant with my Jadyn. Yes, that long even if we aren't too far from one another. Several times they asked me to come join with them in get-together so they could see my Jadyn but time did not permit us to go. At last, yesterday we were able to make it to the Christmas party hosted by Myra in Lewisville and they finally met Jadyn. So as my baby met my friends' kiddos. That was a big party joined by a lot of filipinas and our American husbands. Sure the food was awesome too!

Anyhow, my Jadyn was acting shy so she wasn't able to make friends with any of the girls in the party especially Kyla. I really would want her to play with Kyla but she was clinging on to me the whole time we were there. That is ok though for it was her first time to be with the huge crowd. below is of my Jadyn and Kyla- Titing's daughter- I like her a lot for she is a good girl.
....and here let me present to you our mixed babies. L-R- Dindin Rhoads, Kyla Muller, my very own baby Jadyn and Kaela Ward!

feel safe on the road

Getting an auto insurance is a must. Without it, I don't think I would feel safe driving or being in a car running on the streets knowing that I can be hit or get scratched by other cars out there. When that happen, where am I going to get some money to have my car repaired especially if I just got involved in a major accident that would require my car to go through a big repair? However, if you do have auto insurance you will be covered by the expense in getting your car back to its normal shape. There are several auto insurance companies out there and you just have got to choose which one you think fits your budget.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Headache From Cold Weather

We had a long day. The three of us were out most of the day. In fact, we just got home couple of minutes ago. Shortly after I started eating my lunch which was at 5:30 I felt a slight headache from the side of my head running to my nose bridge now. This is the prize I have to pay for staying too long in the cold. I had myself covered with coat and scarf but didn't bother to wear my bonnet which could be the factor of this slight headache I'm feeling right now.

I hope it won't get worse. My friends and I are going to hangout tomorrow for our baby's studio pictorial and malling. I don't wanna miss this kiat so I'm crossing fingers I'll be fine tomorrow morning when I wake up.


To establish a strong relationship, one must be considerate and forgiving of his or her spouse's flaws. In order to achieve this you have to have patience, love, understanding, devotion, commitment and any other essential traits for two individuals to be successful.

There is no such thing as perfect. There should be imperfections so we know the real essence of life being in a relationship. If God created a perfect world, what and how boring could it be if all of us are perfect? But even though we aren't perfect but at least we acknowledge our mistakes and from that we strive hard to correct them not by keep doing them over and over again. For me, that is stupidity.

Cold and Dental Appointment

I feel lazy going out today as it is very cold this day. The current temperature is 25 degrees F and that is awfully cold for me. How I wish my appointment to our dentist will be in another day so I don't have to do this but I am thankful too I have it scheduled today to get this over with. There will be another appointment in the same office for my Jadyn but it's gonna be next week.

Ok, enough b.s here, I shall go and get going. Gotta take a shower and be ready to face the cold world. Geeeeeeezzz nalang jud. So freakin' cold even if the sun is up. My hands and feet are cold and guess what? My Jadyn doesn't even care in fact she only has diaper on right now and nothing else. Pwerti bataa banggiitan.

Monday, December 7, 2009

I May Not Have It...

..the coach purse I so wanted to have this Christmas can't be mine but it's ok. I got somethin' for myself that is equally beautiful to that of a coach purse. Hmmm.. wait 'till Friday then I will have my new DB purse! nyaaaaaa hahaha I am just so excited to finally have it in my hands. I can't wait for Friday to come eh......

I have been working so hard to blog the past months and I think I deserve to reward myself for my hard work, a new addition to my purses! Yahooooooo doodooo..daaaadaaaadaddaa... I feel proud 'coz I used my own money to buy my purses, from my paid blogging money. If no blogging, no honey no money, thank God to this!

free homework help

When I was growing up and still in school, there were several instances of my life where I have had difficulty doing all my school work or homework specially in Mathematics and other related subjects. I wanted to ask help from my parents but even they, didn't know how to solve the problem. I had no one to turn to except by myself or if I couldn't do my homework, I would go to school empty handed resulting to being punished by a teacher for not doing what I was told to do.

If only this Free homework help was available before, I could have gotten better grades, I could have done better job in my studies. Although I had no failing grades in my academic subjects but wouldn't it be good to have higher marks on your report card? I didn't consider myself as dumb either, I was like above average but for me the grades/scores I got in school weren't so high that I often wonder what if I was born to be a smart kid?


I have read an article about welfare just now talking about a social welfare debate where younger generations fund the welfare of older generations. I found it interesting as we all come to old age. Personally, I am not against this issue but if I were to do that, I will do it for my own family and not for other people I don't even know.
Yes, we may be healthy for now and we don't know what is going to happen in the future when we reach old age that is when the younger ones come to save us, help us and show us how they love us through their loving support in a way through funding.

Spreading the Warm Christmas Love!

I was tagged by Mary Anne of My Little HOme of this Christmas greeting originally from Smart Mommy. Thank you for including me on this one girl, now it's my time to do my part, spreading the warm greeting of love for Christmas, that is!

To my readers, visitors and entrecarders you are welcome to grab the badge and post it in your blog too.

You must remember that "Until one feels the spirit of Christmas, there is no Christmas. All else is outward display-so much tinsel and decorations. For it isn't the holly, it isn't the snow. It isn't the tree not the firelight's glow. It's the warmth that comes to the hearts of men when the Christmas spirit returns again." from christmas thought and qoutations

it is okay!

Money is tight nowadays. Cutting off expenses is a good way in order to survive in these tough economy times. Almost everybody if not all are tightening their belt so they can make it to the next payday. It is Christmas time and yet as if the world is struggling to make the most out of the Holiday without spending too much. I watch news almost everyday and people are shopping less this year compared the previous years for the fact that money is short.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

My Christmas Wish list

These are some of my wishes for Christmas. Needless to explain about these stuff eh. As a woman, I need to feel good and I loveeeeeeeee feminine stuff like handbags, boots, a new trendy coat from V.S and of course, sweet smelling perfume especially Estee Lauder/ Jessica Simpson's new fragrance. I wish Santa can see this wish list of mine and give me at least any of the following attached below!

... anyone can give me this exact style and color this Christmas will be rewarded by heaven above..hehe..kinsa kaha?
...this is soooooo sizzlin' hot cute handbag from Coach..been eying this for a long time.

This wristlet is so handy that I want to have one of this... pretty!!

white boots Pictures, Images and Photos

I still have big space in my closet, so a pair of white boots will be enough to add to my old pairs.. Santa hear me please!!!!!
My favorite boots Pictures, Images and Photos
perfumes Pictures, Images and Photos
Last but not the least, perfumes as I mention above is what I long to have this Christmas also. A bottle of new scent wouldn't hurt if somebody will give me one haha.. wishful thinking lagi dayon.

thinking on what to do

Both my husband and baby are sleeping right now. I am the only one who is awake tapping my computer. I woke up kind of late this morning and so I don't feel like taking a nap anytime soon. I am bored and I can't think of anything else to do except maybe browsing for a website where I can play casino game. Huh, as if I know how to play casino. I wish I can find a website that teaches basic casino turorial later so I can practice and hopefully I will be able to gamble along with other people online.

Anyway, I heard that Casino Games HQ would be best when it comes to playing casino for it hosts to a number of free online casino games that include slots, blackjack, video poker and more. It is nice since they have tons of free slot games or I can practice their free blackjack games without wagering any real money. Spending any penny at these times is a big no no for me so it is good, I can get to play free on this site hehe. Wow I like getting free services and free stuff, Lol. Do you want to play with me online? Why not try opening in your browser in which you can play all games for free.


So disappointing!!! I expect for a snow this morning, even just a dusting of snow but to my dismay there was nothing on the ground. The weather forecasts somehow gave me hope that we can have a slight snow showers today but hmpppppp very disappointing eh. I didn't sleep well enough just so I can wake up early to see the snow at 6. I got up around that time and yayyyyyyy the world is so quiet and nothing was happening.

Guess, I don't wanna watch or hear any news today pertaining to snow. Just pisses me off eh. For so long I haven't touched the snow and all I want is to have some of it this year, at least. So shallow of me eh? But can you blame me? Snow is just so pure and so pretty. I am still ignorant to that thing for here in Texas we seldom get snow. If we have it, it is such a big joy to everyone especially the kids, it is like a dream come true for all of us here in Texas!

turf in all season

Nobody wants to mow the yard when it is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during summer and below freezing temperature in Winter, right? But to keep a good looking yard and greener grass, an artificial Turf maybe will help you maintain your very own yard. If you are looking to hire someone that is from a reliable company that will do the installation of turf for you then you might want to check out the hyperlinked word on this entry and find out what this company can do for you.

All I know is that the company called Easyturf is Southern California’s largest artificial grass company. They exclusively supply synthetic grass lawns too as well as home putting greens, playground surfacing and a whole lot more.

pink stuff

My ultimate goal once we finish working on the study room is to set up my Jadyn's computer and make her a place that is feminine and girlish by buying some pink stuff like lap desk. Everything that a girl wants or needs can be found at a store I just came across as I do my dropping. The flowery pink decorations of some of the things I have seen like pink id holder, lap desk, cube storage and backpacks really got me. I thought they were nice and could fit my baby's lifestyle and personality. These stuff are also great for organization ones things to make her place look neat and tidy.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

She Recognize Her Lolo (Grandfather)

We had a nice talk over the internet with my father last night. I love it when I get to talk to my family because I can get to know how and what they're doing over there.

When Papa sees his apo (grandchild) on the web cam he can't help but smiles a lot, so does my baby. As soon as Jadyn see her lolo on the cam, she would do some silly faces like that on the attached bmp here and she cannot stop saying YOYO YOYO. One time during our chat, I was amazed with Jadyn because she just kissed my computer screen exactly where the cam of her lolo was. I thought it wa so sweet of her to do that. She thought she really was kissing her lolo but no it was just the computer.

It's good because through voice chatting Jadyn develops a relationship with her grandpa from afar. She had seen him once in our vacation but she was too young to understand what her relationship with my father.

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I may not understand the passion that other people have for casino since I have not played it in my life but one thing I know is for sure, it is fun and full excitement once you get hooked to this kind of game. I knew few people way back home who is into this game and based from their stories, they love it a lot especially if they win tons of money.

logo design

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

B-O-R-E-D's how I feel right now. I haven't done anything since I got up this morning except feeding myself and my baby and doing some of my online tasks. How can I be productive if the weather is crazy like hell? Cold and dark makes me just wanna snuggle under our warm blanket. Tsk tsk so really boring here!

I wish there is some excitement coming ahead this weekend so I will be alive again once and for all. We just started feeling the coolness of Fall but here I am again complaining how cold it gets here sometimes. What am I? Crazy or is it just normal for human beings? Whatever that is, no one knows!

cozy bedroom

Don't you think it is time for you to remodel or upgrade your old boring bedroom and make it to a contemporary bedroom style? It is almost winter and for that to make your room comfortable, cozy feeling you can do so by purchasing some of these new hot stuff I found online. Different bedroom sets vary according to your taste. Shopping for furniture online can be a daunting tasks and for that you need to be assured that the shop you plan of buying your stuff from should stick to their policy and could offer you warranty in case something unfavorable circumstance arises. Find out more what thise wonderful store I found can offer you other than just beautiful contemporary bedroom set up. You can do so by clicking on the link provided here.

Shopping for our home is fun, I have experienced that but it needs quite a lot of money in order to meet the style you prefer for your home. I am looking forward to decorating our own home in the future and then it is going to be another dream come true for me living in our home full with love and harmony with my family. Wishful thinking again huh in this gloomy cold day.

It Isn't Fair

While some parts of North Texas snowed this morning, here in Fort Worth was just a little bit of snowflakes/flurries on the ground that did not last long. I woke up this morning feeling lazy and cold when my husband told me to look out the window for there is snow.

I saw the ground was kind of whitish, yes indeed there was some snow but it was so thin and melted after couple of minutes. It is not fair you know? I saw one of my friend's pictures in the snow and geeeeeezzz it was 2 or 3 inches thick! I am so jealous for I've been wanting to play in the snow with my baby. It isn't fair!!!!!!!! Come on mother nature shower us some snow pleaseee!!!!!!!

air mattress reviews

If there is one thing I would like to bring when going for a night or two camping in the lake or forest, I would love to have a comfortable mattress with me along with food and other necessary stuff to make my camping a memorable one. An air mattress isn't just for camping but it is also for students who will go to college for it fits in a small dorm room as well as kids who still live in their parents can also use the air mattress. Air mattress is much cheaper way to have bedding outside of living in a barn.
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Matching Colors

My baby's room is inspired by Disney's Princess color collection, it is called "One Enchanted Evening". I thought at first the shade is too dark and I was worried that it's gonna be dark in her bedroom.

I don't know why I am so into lavender these days. I even bought my baby a lavender Princess sleeper that matches her bedroom pretty well. Naks, one thing I am certain is that, I'M SO LOVIN' HER BEDROOM! baby Deden in her Princess sleepwear against the lavender wall.

Sports betting

Sports Betting adds spice to some people's lives. After work, if there is a live sport going on the t.v, they can just watch it with full of excitement. How I wish I can be one of them but unfortunately I was born to dislike most type of sports. Others would jump for excitement if they see their favorite sports team playing.

I imagine how much fun they could get if they can bet their favorite sport team live right before their eyes. Well, they can do it not necessarily going to the place where the event is held. By doing the betting online, they can pretty much enjoy as if they are present in the event.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Lavender Room!

Our hard work paid off after seeing our baby's room finally done. It turned out to be beautiful, at least to our eyes and to some who appreciate the babyish color of the room and that makes me feel good. It even encourages me to work harder with the rest of the house that needs painting. I know for sure that once new paint is being applied, the new fresher look of rooms will come out.

So here in my blog, proudly showing you our baby's Lavender bedroom! The walls look bare as for now for we have yet to put more decors on them as well as waiting for the big photos to be framed.

getting wireless with Yamaha PDX-60

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Yamaha. All opinions are 100% mine.

Music makes good company for mourning hearts. Music heals lonely souls, that is what I believe. Whenever I am weary, I just turn on my phone and listen to every music I have saved then I will be completely okay after playing all of my tracks. Obviously, I love music so much that I even sleep with it at night.

But with all the hissing noise from my cellphone for not having this powerful Yamaha PDX-60 makes music annoying sometimes. How I wish I can have this powerful speaker dock so I can get to enjoy my music, games and movies wirelessly from anywhere in the room.

Yamaha PDX-60 wireless has an exclusive Yamaha yAired (tm) wireless technology that will give me instant connection, no sound delays and quality sound with deep, rich bass. Which I have been longing to experience all this time. Great plus to this gadget is that it provides convenience of dual charging means two separate iPhone or iPods can be charged at the same time. One is used for dock speaker and another on the included charging cradle which for me is very cool. I guess I know what I want this Christmas from my husband. A Yamaha PDX-60 speaker dock is what I wish to have!

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