Sunday, December 27, 2009

Digital Camera Is Dead

I hate to think about our digital camera that just recently broke or something and it's dead. One day it was working and now it wouldn't turn on. If I push the on button it will just make an "on" sound but it wouldn't even display a picture nor the lens come out. My baby and I have dropped it several times for over a period of two years of using it but it was still working good.

Not until recently when it was exposed to a severe cold temperature and damp weather last Dec.24. It acted up on me and thought it was just because of the snow all over its body. When it was put in the sun until it dried up it worked fine. Then yesterday I couldn't turn it on! What's going on?

I dread of buying a new one because it's gonna cost us another 200 dollars for just to replace the old camera. I have no plan of buying a new camera soon either. Perhaps we can just delay it until we can receive the house refinance result. Hope it will be soon eh! The thought of breaking 3 digital cameras makes me hate myself so damn much. So clumsy eh!

1 comment:

sam_emie said...

barato ra dai, halos katunga sa original price but original ha hehehe akong ibutang ang price unya barato rana, nagsimba pa akong kuhaan ana...


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