Friday, December 18, 2009

Nice Texan Room and Beautiful View Outside

We're here at my father in-law's place today. It is such a privilege to be here once again seeing the old man and for us to have a break from a messy house back in Fort Worth. We occupied the guest room of AFV 2 for the first time. I like it here a lot other than the previous guest rooms we have stayed before.

When we first entered this room I was ecstatic! Ecstatic how beautiful this room is. I mean everything in here is very nice. It is a country Texan themed room which for me is awesome. The very first thing that caught me are the throw pillows covered with animal skin with a Texas map on them then everything follows, the shelving, the mirror, dresser, the table set, bed, lampshades, bathroom fixtures, ahhhhh everything is very Texan. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

Aside from the nice room, when I look outside I can see the very beautiful Fall color of leaves which for me complete the perfect accommodation we have.

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