Monday, December 28, 2009

organic fire ant killer

When we first discovered that our yard was being nested by fire ants, my husband was very pissed because the people used to live here didn't take care of the yard. There were fire ants everywhere in the front and backyards. You know these kinds of ants are very dangerous, when they bite you it stings a lot and could leave a big stingy bite on your skin that could last for days.

As determined as we are to get rid of them, we looked for an organic fire ant killer so to prevent the spread of more fire ants in the yard. We do have a baby and the thought of having unwanted ants around us will be a big NO, NO!

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sam_emie said...

dai kadtong pink nga coach $95 to xa but naa man shipping ana more or less 10 dollars so 105... i insured man namo ni day para sure moabot 228 original price ana dai factory man ni


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