Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Lavender Room!

Our hard work paid off after seeing our baby's room finally done. It turned out to be beautiful, at least to our eyes and to some who appreciate the babyish color of the room and that makes me feel good. It even encourages me to work harder with the rest of the house that needs painting. I know for sure that once new paint is being applied, the new fresher look of rooms will come out.

So here in my blog, proudly showing you our baby's Lavender bedroom! The walls look bare as for now for we have yet to put more decors on them as well as waiting for the big photos to be framed.


Mel said...

pretty ayo yad, nahan ko sa imong lavender room. i wish i will hav the time to paint my room too.;-)

Ms. Marie said...

ooh i love it! that is my fave shade of purple! so cute.


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