Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Dinner With Close Friends

For a change we held our simple dinner for Christmas in our house. We usually go to Rose's place for gathering of any occasion but this time we decided to be here in our humble house. It was successful and I am thankful my 4th Christmas in America isn't as lonesome as the past Christmassses I had.

Thank you so much guys for making the Christmas celebration successful. Thanks also to my husband who patiently assembled our girl's toys today. Love you so much Lalabs and baby Jadyn! You complete me guys! I'm so happy to have my wonderful family and friends this very day!

Foods we prepared were spaghetti, macaroni salad, tinonoan nangka, sugar cookies, apple pie, dried squid and fish and steamed rice cake. Not much but enough to fill our stomach.

... our humble food, thankful for the grace that is served upon our table.

... my family opening Jadyn'a present from her Mommy ROse
...with Annie and Abby, myself and my handsome Lalabs
...... my friends with my husband
... friendship Annie and yours truly!


MarlyMS said...

Kalami sa food..
merry Christmas!


Cacai M. said...

OMG ang tinonoan sa nangka og bolad.. den puto.. dugay nko la kakaon.. kalami!

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MamaLot said...

Yeah the food was so yummy especially the "nangga" hummm gutom na noon ko dah...

It's really nice to have you and ate rose here lalo na every special occasions like Christmas... "sa kasakit ug kalipay hanggtod sa ikamatay" hahahah

Bitaw oi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ganda!


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