Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shoe Obsession

Two of my worldly obsession are handbags and shoes. I don't know what's in these things why I am so obsessed with them. I guess it is not just me but all the women in the world love to collect or shop for purses and shoes. For those that have nice jobs, they have the money to buy 80 20 shoes or designer shoes. Others would even buy paris hilton shoes even if they cost a lot more than to buy cordani shoes. As long as they can have the pairs they desire, they don't mind spending big bucks on just a pair or two of celebrity inspired shoes.

I, as a stay-home woman and belongs to a one-income family, I do limit myself when it comes to buying stuff. My only source of income is through blogging so I would only buy for stuff that I can afford. Although shoes are my addiction, I also know which brands or stores to go to in order I can reward myself for a brand new pair of shoes.

Friday, July 29, 2011


I could compare my night last night was better compared to the previous night. I had a few hours of sleep because the baby was sleeping good. Unlike the previous night, it was such a struggle. I spent the whole evening awake, baby wasn't sleeping soundly. She'd wake up from time to time and when she does that I couldn't afford to go to sleep too. She was constantly making sounds, cooing, pooping and all arggsss.

There were nights when I felt like giving up. Other nights especially the first few nights from giving birth, it was enjoyable and I liked it. But as days went by, I no longer appreciate not being able to sleep. Makes me cranky and moody during the day. Poor is the big girl for I screamed or yelled at her every little thing she does for I find it annoying. Things will get better I know once the newborn learn to sleep all through the night...but I don't know when is that gonna happen.

Plus Size Clothing

It's only in America that I see different people of different races from different walks of life with different sizes of body. I, for one from Asia and Asian people are known for being petite and small. So when I came here in America, I found it hard looking for the right size for me until a friend of mine told me to go look at Junior's section. Same as with plus sizes, they do have their own aisle too exclusive only for plus size people. Companies or brands even made plus size jeans and plus size clothing for them. And it is only here in America I have seen plus size models. I was like wow, you can also be sexy being a plus size. It is just that some people are naturally curvy even if they are chubby and all.

So if you are looking for a plus size clothing or jeans that would absolutely hug your curves as a plus size woman, then this online store which links are written above could become your favorite online store. Go and check it out. I hope you can find that trendy and latest styles of clothing for your size. Enjoy shopping!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coupons And Gadgets

More and more people are bragging about their high tech gadgets they just recently bought or received from someone. I wonder if those people who bought them the gadgets ever known that they can use coupon codes in order to save some bucks. A Gadgets Blog that would alert or inform consumers which gadgets are out on the market available for purchase and an information on Carbonite offer codes and Vistaprint coupons are also given there.

If you frequent in this blog for sure you will know the latest gadgets or inventions of geeky people as well as coupons to use when shopping for stuff. Are you the type of person that loves high tech gadgets? Do you want to save some bucks when shopping? If so then, I recommend you visit the blog I am talking about by simply clicking on the link in the first paragraph. The very first link above is where you should go to read some of the articles regarding new gadgets and coupons and etc. On the blog's sidebar you will find tons of stores that offer coupons. Your favorite stores could be on the list so you must go there check it out.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Energy

I so wanted to believe that I am strong and have the energy to do my simple tasks both online and offline but there are days when I feel I need to just lay down in bed and rest. My day depends how much sleep I can get the previous night. There were nights I slept for 4 hours, other nights just an hour of sleep that makes me cranky, so tired and weak during the day. What can I do? I expect it to be this way once the newborn is here yet I can't help but complain.

Yesterday I canceled all 4 opportunities on one of the paid blogging sites, this is something I don't normally do. If only I had the energy to think and write my tasks I would have done it in less than an hour but too bad, I was just feeling awful yesterday. My brain told me to write it but my physical state just won't cooperate and decided to just cancel the tasks. I couldn't even sit down on the computer longer than ten minutes. There are two creatures that need me and they are more important than reading people's statuses on FB.

Online Sports Betting

When I am on the internet, I love opening several webpages at the same time. I do this so I could just switch websites I would like to look at when I am done with the other one to save me some time. Then one of the pages I chanced to open is a sports betting site where people can just go and bet on their favorite sports team currently playing or on the list of the site. I thought this was cool for they don't have to leave in their house just to bet for their favorite team or player. The magic internet has brought to us!

Aside from that sports betting site I found, there are some articles worth reading as well especially the latest entry titled Two For The Money movie review. It's a 1995 Sports Gambling Thriller/Drama. Starring Al Pacino, Rene Russo and Mathew McConaughey

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Two Seno babies were born in this month. One from my brother in Iceland and one from yours truly. The baby girl is mine and was born just four days ago. The second photo is of McGrath, Wing2x's son. They are only two weeks apart. Hopefully, when they get to meet in person someday, they'll get along with each other. I can't wait for that time to come. I am glad to know that the Seno clan is expanding!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our Second Baby Has Arrived

This was the scene at the delivery room at Harris Methodist hospital in Harris Parkway two days ago. I gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. She was delivered normally fortunately.

Will share more photos of our precious little one in the future. For the time being, just be content of looking at the very and only picture I can afford to share right here. Gotta go do some errands as we have an early appointment to the Pediatrician. Have a nice day all!

Mom Knew Best

Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

My mom knew I was old enough to have my own place so she talked to dad last year about buying me a house in the town where I went to school. It really just made sense since they were spending so much on my monthly rent anyway while I was in school and once I graduated they would be able to keep the house and rent it out. Instant rental income! Anyway, they got me the two-bedroom place I was hankering for and we made all the necessary upgrades. A lot of them were safety oriented thanks to my dad like going to and putting in deadbolts on all the doors but mom came through with things like paint colors and bedspreads. I feel more like an adult than ever and I love coming home to my very own house every day – I’ve always been more mature than some of my peers so it just makes sense that I would live in this great house by myself. I can handle it!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Messed Up

I felt kinda disappointed for not being able to attend the birthday party yesterday. While I laid down in bed for an afternoon nap, I kept thinking about the food they had on the table at the party. It was a short notice and if that happens I know I couldn't be there, my husband doesn't like short notices at all so when I told him there's a party farther away, he gave me a grimace on his face, I didn't insist instead I stayed home.

Later that night, I talked to friend who went there and told me she's very full just had her "biko" or sweet rice cooked with caramelized sugar and coconut milk. While she said that I felt bad even more. What I did then is get up from the computer and cook biko on my own. Unfortunately, due to excitement I screwed up my biko, I put 2 cups of brown sugar in to the coconut milk. As the mixture caramelized, the more it tasted very sweet that it hurts my throat. I truly messed it up. Why I couldn't do it perfectly, excited pa naman ko molamoy biko.

I tried eating some this morning with my morning drink, it is still very sweet but it is not as bad as last night's when I just cooked it. Yet, it is so sweet that I couldn't even finish the small bowl of biko I put in my cup! GGGGeezz

Convenient To Use

When in the public restrooms, I always make sure I wash my hands before leaving the area. You can only imagine how many people use the restroom everyday leaving their germs in door knobs, toilet seats, in the sink or almost every where. Washing your hands with soap and water is the best way to wipe off the germs that you might get by touching those things mentioned above then it is your choice whether to use a paper toil or air hand dryers to dry your hands.

My preference is to use the restroom hand dryers because it is easy and most convenient to use rather than paper. Besides, I don't have to throw anything in the trashcan which contribute cleanliness to the surrounding. By using hand dryers takes only a few seconds to dry my hands and uses only very little energy. I wish we can have one at home so we can minimize the use of toilet or tissue paper!

Mellow Yellow Monday #:16 Fast Moving Fan


One night I was bored, I couldn't think of anything to do but stare at the fan in our bedroom and thought if I can capture it beautifully even if it is at level 2. The new camera that my husband gave me for mother's day captured it right. I tried taking pictures of the same fan using the cheap camera I have for two years and it didn't capture good pictures of the fast moving fan at all. Thanks to the husband for the camera upgrade!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Smile Of My Life

I remember going to different dentists before I had my braces on. One we frequently go to is a General Dentist, he is the one that provides routine teeth cleaning and other minor mouth jobs and the other one as I can remember, there was this Cosmetic Dentist that we went to, farther from our house and had my gum or something repaired in his clinic. Although I am uncertain as to what kind of job he did to my mouth but one thing is for sure, we needed a cosmetic dentist's service as part of the treatments in my mouth before my orthodontist can put the braces in.

Reminiscing the days I went through just to have my teeth fixed or straight wasn't a joke. I have experienced a lot of pain, time consuming, patience was tested and most of all it cost my husband a fat amount of money for all the treatments and braces that were done in my mouth. I don't know how can I pay back my husband to his kind deeds he had done for me and for our family. All I want to do now that I am completely off braces and have that perfectly straight teeth is to never skip a night without wearing my retainers on. Just few nights forgetting to wear them could ruin the entire investment as they will shift quickly and I don't want them to be crooked again.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Netflix To Increase Its Price

Oh oh, so it is true as what the husband said last night that Netflix is going to increase their price. Millions of subscribers are not happy to hear about it including us. This would only mean we have to give up our other subscriptions in HULU so it wouldn't be too heavy in our pocket. If we pay two different subscriptions in two different companies at the same time it will be too much for us so it's either to stop HULU or Netflix... but I love Netflix more than HULU so I guess we have to choose the latter.

Read the article below or click on the link to read the news about it.

On Tuesday, the company said it was splitting up its two services, which means that subscribers who want both streaming video and DVD-by-mail access will have to get separate plans that cost at least $16 per month total.

Netflix had been offering both services as a single package that was available for as little as $10 per month. The price changes took effect immediately for new subscribers, and will begin Sept. 1 for current Netflix customers. To read more just click on the link below.

Most Loved Topic

One of the many topics me and my friends love to talk about is gardening. I know three ladies who share the same interest as me, gardening that is. In fact, if one start talking about gardening, we can go on and on forever talking the same topic at one time and we find it hard to stop exchanging words or ideas on gardening. Yes, that is how crazy we are. We tackled about putting up trellises or garden trellis to be specific so the vines we planted could grow as high as they can without interfering their growth or disturbing other plants. As for the ornamental plants, it is good to use a vinyl trellis for it adds beauty to the garden and in the front yard. There are many trellises styles and colors or sizes to choose from at the website I am looking at right now. I am thankful I found this site for I know where to go now in case I need a vinyl trellis in the future.

Late Payments

I don't hoard tasks. When I am given one or two per day, I do it right away because I want to be paid on time as well. But the problem is, it's the system that reviews late of my written tasks much worse they always pay me late of my hard work. I wish they will change how they run their system so we bloggers won't wait too long as to when are we going to be paid. I am here patiently waiting for the release of my money, they are already late for five days and they owe me at least over 60 dollars. This is what I notice, they are quick in rejecting entries but it takes forever for them to review the good ones. I don't know why they are doing that.

Swimming Pool Covers

Lucky are those who have swimming pools in their backyard for they can just jump in it whenever they feel like swimming. We don't have one except that small kiddie inflatable pool for our little girl but she cannot use her pool everyday. It is too tiring to clean it and fill it up with water every time she wants to use it. It is also such a waste of water when she could only use it once then the following day, leave the pool uncovered so the result is we have to throw away the water that's in there and replace it with fresh from the faucet.

I am thinking of looking at swimming pool covers and hopefully I can find the right size that would fit into her pool so there will be no wasting of water so much. At they do have a storewide sale right now plus free shipping. I would rather take advantage of their sale before it's too late plus the free shipping deal, that is what I always love when shopping for stuff online.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hump Day Is The Best Day To Shop?

Here is a short article I read on Yahoo this morning and thought of sharing it here for my readers. Just so they know when to shop for items or gas to save some bucks. I found it surprising because most people shop during the weekend including myself though I do mine mostly on the internet. Now that I know Hump Day is the best day to shop of the week, I will try to remember that next time I do online shopping and we shall see if it is true.

Gas: Industry experts say Wednesday is the best day of the week to buy gas — especially early in the morning. You could save about five cents per gallon. Prices tend to drop by a few cents per gallon at many stations before rising again on Thursday and on through the weekend when there are more drivers on the road.

Groceries: Wednesday is also a great day to shop for groceries, as this is when about half of the country's supermarkets kick off their weekly sales, according to experts at The sales last for at least a few days, but if you want to get there before the shelves get wiped out, arrive on Wednesday.

Online Clothing Deals: Web deals on women's clothes are all the rage on Wednesday. Researchers at Shop It To Me, a free online personal shopper, did a study to prove it. According to their data of more than 340,000 women's items marked down between June 1, 2010 and June 1, 2011, the average discount on women's and kids' clothing is about 40 percent on Wednesdays — the steepest all week.

Airline Tickets: Pricing wars among competing airlines usually start on Fridays for various fares, but by Wednesday, prices have reached their absolute lowest. More specifically, 1 a.m. on Wednesday is reportedly the best time to strike. According to the book, The Travel Detective by Peter Greenberg, at around midnight, airlines usually reload their computers with the most recent low-cost fares that were announced the previous day. But you have to act fast—the deals usually expire after 24 hours.

This article is part of a series related to being Financially Fit. LIFTED FROM ITS ORIGINAL SOURCE

Everybody Got Their Own Web Hosting

Everybody I know got their own web hosting except me. I wanted to buy my own managed hosting promise so I don't have to worry about my blogs being shut down by its current hosting but there are some things I need to prioritize today than hosting. Eventually though I know I am going to do it to put my mind at ease. It happened to me or to other bloggers a few times that we cannot sign in to our own account or the system has shut down due to many reasons and we couldn't do anything about it.

I was petrified because my blogs are attached to my life. They are my only source of income and for that, if they are paralyzed, money would stop coming in too. So I really wanted to get these things over with. Right now I am on a website reading about colocation, web hosting, managed hosting and all in order to get a better understanding and idea if this is really worth the money I have to pay for every month.

Great Friends

I had a sort of a surprised baby shower last Sunday! My friend just told me that it's just a simple gathering and nothing else. All the Filipina friends we have in our Fb list in DFW area were invited, none of them ever told me that they were attending a baby shower so all along I really thought it was just a gathering.

When I got to her place, I was like why there are pink balloons and diaper cake here? Are you giving me a baby shower, hmmmm? That's how I knew it! Then when people started arriving, they were carrying gift bags with them for the baby. To my surprise also, friends I already told I'm not gonna be having a baby shower were there, they showed up that brought tears to my eyes. They were really nice and GREAT! Thanks to wonderful friends surrounding me and most of all I am most thankful to the sisters Annie and Irish for hosting the party! They all made me feel special and loved!

I'm All Ready...

I believe I am all ready for the newest addition to our family to come. All my bags are packed long time ago. All I got to do then is grab them when I start to feel the pain and go to the hospital. I only bring few clothes this time and more baby stuff like diapers, wipes, mittens, some newborn clothes, digital camera, cellphone and most of all my laptop so I can post pictures of Megan right after birth. Thanks to my ever durable and helpful laptop bag who have served with me for years, it is always there ready to carry my laptop wherever I want to bring it.

I really feel that this baby of mine can't wait until the schedule of induction and that will be three weeks from now. I have been having Braxton Hicks contraction lately, a slight spotting and yellowish discharges. Could it be that it's almost time for her to come out? I am 37 weeks this week, do you think it's still early or hmmmmm. I do wish though that she'll decide to come out early or even next week will be fine as she reach her full term and I don't have to worry about her being left in the hospital.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm Glad I Don't Have It

Acne is very embarrassing once it shows in your face. I am glad I don't have it and never had it. Some people are unlucky for no matter what they use on their face to get rid of it but nothing happened. I am sure they know there are different choices when it comes to acne treatment. If they only explore different products and see what is best for them then they could at least prevent the symptoms.

Once acne is gone, Murad Resurgence can be applied especially to older women for firming and radiant skin. While this product is effective but it can also be costly to someone who doesn't have a lot of money, if that is the case they can just use Murad Coupon Codes in order to buy the product and try it themselves.If you want younger looking skin, try their "tv only" special offer for only $39.95 with free shipping and handling.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mellow Yellow #: 15 Some Yellowness


These are few of the photos that were taken during my baby shower yesterday. You can see some yellowness in the photo but not much... first photo is of my friends in the DFW area who attended the party and made it possible through the help of the sisters Annie and Irish. Thanks to them for thinking of the baby so much...
...... see the flowers in front of us, they're yellow!
........ new clothes for my baby girl and some cards
..... with a friend Emelyn and her gifts
......... puto cheese and other foods... yummy!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My New Nephew

People, I proudly announce that I am an aunt of two now. My sister-in-law gave birth to a baby boy in Iceland last July 6. Another addition to our clan yeeeeeeehawwww! He is 49 cm. and 2.995 grams. Welcome to the world baby boy Seno!

....... as of this point I do not know what the baby's name is....
...... he is the first and new son of Wilson Seno and Jennifer Perez.......
........ the  parents of the new baby....

Nonprofit Jobs

Thousands of Americans have lost their jobs since 2008. Many have filed for nonemployment benefits and there will still be more, the number is increasing. Those who are jobless for months have been trying to look for nonprofit jobs but all I could hear on t.v or on the internet is they are unlucky. If you are one of those who also would like to get a job or searching for perfect non profit jobs, then you should give a try. There you can find a nonprofit career that fits you. Look no further, when you go open the website, you have found the place which will give you hope.

The website contains the highest quality jobs the nonprofit sector has to offer. The positions listed on their site cover a wide range of skills from entry level to executive jobs. You can start now by creating an account and submitting your resume and then the last part is begin browsing for work. Good luck!

Online Portfolio Manager

How convenient it is for people who want to monitor their stocks and investments on the internet by creating their Online Portfolio Manager. I have read a few people complaining about other companies services when it comes to portfolio manager and they are telling to the world some of these companies suck. One company I know which I tried using their service for a while and I found it easy to use, friendly and most of all a really dependable Portfolio rebalancing software. How easy it is? They do have a Do It Yourself portfolio management which a newbie person like you are can do.

The company's name is called MarketRiders, they are the internet’s first online portfolio manager that guides investors you for one in building, buying and managing a globally diversified retirement portfolio. They even offer a tutorial for you to learn to use marketriders. Give them a try so you'll know they are the right portfolio for you when it comes to managing your retirement, your own money etc.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Filipino Gathering

I had the ultimate fun at a neighbor's house last weekend. It was like I was in my home country because of the unlimited chitchat and never ending laughter while at their house. Too many Filipinas were there plus very funny husbands that brought us so much joy at that time.

It was a sort of post birthday celebration for all Filipinas who celebrated their birthdays in the month of June including myself. We did karaoke or in the Philippines we call it videoke for full 4 hours, foods and drinks! You know when Filipinos gather together, you expect there'll be plenty of food served on the table. Our gathering wouldn't be complete without food, you know!

Nice to know and meet new people at the same time. There is this girl I just met for the first time who has a daughter of five years old that really got along with my Jadyn. Good for them for they were the only little kids in that house last weekend and they two had a good time playing and running around.

I Love Nikon Digital Camera

I have  this Nikon digital camera for two years now. It is the only camera I have that lasted this long. It is my fourth camera since I got here in the States. The past cameras we had were all damaged and lost by me. For some reason, I am being so careless and negligence of our cameras until I decided to buy my own camera after I gave so much frustration to my husband about losing all the cameras he gave me in the past.

I chose Nikon as our fourth camera for I have read reviews about it and the quality of image it takes. Although mine, I bought only for below 100 dollars, it didn't come with a Nikon Digital Camera Battery. It uses a disposable 2 double A batteries. The disadvantage of using such model is that I have spent so much on batteries than the unit itself. I wished I bought a Nikon digital camera that uses a nikon d90 battery so we wouldn't waste our money buying batteries when they are out. I truly do believe using a nikon d90 digital camera battery saves us a lot of money since it's rechargeable.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #:19 Sweaty And Pinkish Cheeks

Great Savings On Your Power Bill

I had such an interesting talk to a friend who happened to live in New Jersey. We talked a lot of things including how to lower our bills at home. Here in our household for electric bill alone, we are burdened at how shocking our bills sometimes. Just last month, my husband paid 191, that was the first time we had such choking bill on electricity.

This friend of mine was talking about New Jersey solar power by Arosa Energy. She said that installing NJ solar panels could greatly help them save money. I checked out the company itself and they sound like they really are the future of giving hope to the community providing the best solar energy solutions.

I have heard good things about solar energy or installing PV and solar thermal systems on t.v. Not only it help saves people some money but they can also take advantage of federal tax credits and state rebates, offered to those who install PV and solar thermal systems, lastly earning credits (SREC's, Green Tags) for producing solar power. How cool!

It would be very nice if that friend of mine can finally have their wish granted when it comes to saving money on their energy for I know how it is to receive high bills just like what happened to us. If you live in the New Jersey area and are interested to know about solar energy and all, please visit the links above and it should get you to the company's official website.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pregnant With Amputated Leg

I saw this woman at the doctor's office I go to weekly. She's Hispanic and pregnant. The first time I saw her, she still had her two legs, the left leg has got stocking in it as if something was going on with it. Then I saw her again in my last visit just last Friday walking away from the office, walking towards the exit door of the building accompanied by her daughter and husband but the built of that woman was the same as to the one I saw inside the office from the past. This time, she had her left leg amputated using the crutches and the first thing I wished, I hope she is not the woman that's pregnant at Dr.Vu's office...

But then they turned right to the exit door and saw her face! She was the one who is pregnant and with amputated leg??? I feel pity for her because can you imagine being pregnant, expecting a child soon and lost your leg? How is she gonna be able to cope with emotional stress/hormonal changes plus she has a newborn to take care of? I can only imagine how difficult it is to be in her shoe.

Because personally, I find it very hard to have a newborn for the first few months, you'll have to stay awake every night and have all my limbs complete... how much more losing one leg that would give you limited mobility? Perhaps, it wouldn't be too hard for her if she has her mother with her or families to help her out. Man, too many bad things happening out there!

Hot Spring Spa Supplies

We work hard in order to pay our bills, we work hard in order to save up some money for vacations in the future and most of all to have budget in buying things we want, right? And at the end of the long hard day at work, we all deserve to chill out and relax in the most comforting place on earth, our home.. in a hot tub! But what if your hot tub isn't running good like it was when you first bought it? Would you let it sit out there and don't bother to even check if it is missing some parts or not?

Well, what you should do is to keep your spa running, take time to check the parts that need to be replaced or fixed. You can find all your needs at hot spring spa supplies by Hot Tub Spa Supplies. They offer a wide selection of Hot Spring Spa parts. Keep your Hot Spring Spa running like new with discount hot spring spa parts. All parts are new and factory packaged guaranteed.

Lastly, you may also want to use this product called silk balance in your spa for it has a revolutionary water care formula that will finally allow you to continuously enjoy a crystal clear water experience, without any detectable odors or allergens. This will leave your family's skin feeling soft, smooth and silky because this products is enhanced by the company's unique formula ingredients that you and your family will love.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #:15 Hotdog and Mustard


Mustard Pictures, Images and Photos

hotdog Pictures, Images and Photos

At first I didn't like the taste of mustard, it taste like chicken dung and really hard to describe. I even wondered why Americans love putting it in their food such as burgers, fries and most of all in hotdogs? I have never tried tasting mustard in my home country but then when I came here in the USA, I see it's popular during grilling or at a burger house.

What I did is to try to taste the mustard bit by bit everytime I eat hotdog and later on I learned to love it. I actually find it interesting, it adds that tangy weird flavor to the meat.

Keep Your Valuable Safe At All Times

We all need to have that security and the feeling that we are safe wherever we go. Same as with our valuables, there are times when we need to carry them around with us and when in a certain establishment or at a place where you need to leave them for a while like at your work office, schools or even at a doctor's office to store files, lockers are the best and safe place for us to put them. At, they have the widest selection of residential and commercial lockers on the internet.

Are you an individual homeowner or buying to represent a 4000 student facility? Then this website can provide you with the product depth, knowledge, low prices and great customer service needed to help you find a fully customized locker solution designed only for your needs. Check out lockers for sale too so you can save a few bucks on your purchase.

the widest selection of

Friday, July 1, 2011

Top EC Droppers For The Month of June

It's nice to know there are droppers who never get tired of dropping their EC onto mine. Thank you so much guys for your time everyday! You all make me glad!

New Mailbox

Okay we got plenty of things need to buy for this house, things to repair and need to be replaced. One of which is our mailbox. If you drive by our house, you will see the old cheap mailbox out the street but that is our least concern at this point. However though, I need to start looking for mailboxes and compare prices. I am on residential mailboxes page as these are the kind and exact mailbox we need. Plenty of styles and designs to choose from, I am getting confused what to choose.

I like the mail safe locking mail boxes type for it provides security for us. Once the mails are placed in these boxes, they will go down directly to the locked part and nobody can get them out except us the owners who have the keys. Pretty huh, not it only is secure but also it provides ease in our mind about our confidential mails not being stolen.


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