Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Everybody Got Their Own Web Hosting

Everybody I know got their own web hosting except me. I wanted to buy my own managed hosting promise so I don't have to worry about my blogs being shut down by its current hosting but there are some things I need to prioritize today than hosting. Eventually though I know I am going to do it to put my mind at ease. It happened to me or to other bloggers a few times that we cannot sign in to our own account or the system has shut down due to many reasons and we couldn't do anything about it.

I was petrified because my blogs are attached to my life. They are my only source of income and for that, if they are paralyzed, money would stop coming in too. So I really wanted to get these things over with. Right now I am on a website reading about colocation, web hosting, managed hosting and all in order to get a better understanding and idea if this is really worth the money I have to pay for every month.

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