Thursday, July 7, 2011

Filipino Gathering

I had the ultimate fun at a neighbor's house last weekend. It was like I was in my home country because of the unlimited chitchat and never ending laughter while at their house. Too many Filipinas were there plus very funny husbands that brought us so much joy at that time.

It was a sort of post birthday celebration for all Filipinas who celebrated their birthdays in the month of June including myself. We did karaoke or in the Philippines we call it videoke for full 4 hours, foods and drinks! You know when Filipinos gather together, you expect there'll be plenty of food served on the table. Our gathering wouldn't be complete without food, you know!

Nice to know and meet new people at the same time. There is this girl I just met for the first time who has a daughter of five years old that really got along with my Jadyn. Good for them for they were the only little kids in that house last weekend and they two had a good time playing and running around.

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unicorna said...

You have a lovely little girl, she looks a lot like you, very lovely blog, it's a pleasure reading it. Kisses.


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