Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Great Savings On Your Power Bill

I had such an interesting talk to a friend who happened to live in New Jersey. We talked a lot of things including how to lower our bills at home. Here in our household for electric bill alone, we are burdened at how shocking our bills sometimes. Just last month, my husband paid 191, that was the first time we had such choking bill on electricity.

This friend of mine was talking about New Jersey solar power by Arosa Energy. She said that installing NJ solar panels could greatly help them save money. I checked out the company itself and they sound like they really are the future of giving hope to the community providing the best solar energy solutions.

I have heard good things about solar energy or installing PV and solar thermal systems on t.v. Not only it help saves people some money but they can also take advantage of federal tax credits and state rebates, offered to those who install PV and solar thermal systems, lastly earning credits (SREC's, Green Tags) for producing solar power. How cool!

It would be very nice if that friend of mine can finally have their wish granted when it comes to saving money on their energy for I know how it is to receive high bills just like what happened to us. If you live in the New Jersey area and are interested to know about solar energy and all, please visit the links above and it should get you to the company's official website.

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