Friday, July 15, 2011

The Smile Of My Life

I remember going to different dentists before I had my braces on. One we frequently go to is a General Dentist, he is the one that provides routine teeth cleaning and other minor mouth jobs and the other one as I can remember, there was this Cosmetic Dentist that we went to, farther from our house and had my gum or something repaired in his clinic. Although I am uncertain as to what kind of job he did to my mouth but one thing is for sure, we needed a cosmetic dentist's service as part of the treatments in my mouth before my orthodontist can put the braces in.

Reminiscing the days I went through just to have my teeth fixed or straight wasn't a joke. I have experienced a lot of pain, time consuming, patience was tested and most of all it cost my husband a fat amount of money for all the treatments and braces that were done in my mouth. I don't know how can I pay back my husband to his kind deeds he had done for me and for our family. All I want to do now that I am completely off braces and have that perfectly straight teeth is to never skip a night without wearing my retainers on. Just few nights forgetting to wear them could ruin the entire investment as they will shift quickly and I don't want them to be crooked again.

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