Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shoe Obsession

Two of my worldly obsession are handbags and shoes. I don't know what's in these things why I am so obsessed with them. I guess it is not just me but all the women in the world love to collect or shop for purses and shoes. For those that have nice jobs, they have the money to buy 80 20 shoes or designer shoes. Others would even buy paris hilton shoes even if they cost a lot more than to buy cordani shoes. As long as they can have the pairs they desire, they don't mind spending big bucks on just a pair or two of celebrity inspired shoes.

I, as a stay-home woman and belongs to a one-income family, I do limit myself when it comes to buying stuff. My only source of income is through blogging so I would only buy for stuff that I can afford. Although shoes are my addiction, I also know which brands or stores to go to in order I can reward myself for a brand new pair of shoes.

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bbtoo said...

Reflect on what the Lord has done and give Him thanks. Hi there!!!! I’m here doing my blog walking. Have a peaceful Sunday!!!

Love the shoes so elegant


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