Monday, July 18, 2011

Messed Up

I felt kinda disappointed for not being able to attend the birthday party yesterday. While I laid down in bed for an afternoon nap, I kept thinking about the food they had on the table at the party. It was a short notice and if that happens I know I couldn't be there, my husband doesn't like short notices at all so when I told him there's a party farther away, he gave me a grimace on his face, I didn't insist instead I stayed home.

Later that night, I talked to friend who went there and told me she's very full just had her "biko" or sweet rice cooked with caramelized sugar and coconut milk. While she said that I felt bad even more. What I did then is get up from the computer and cook biko on my own. Unfortunately, due to excitement I screwed up my biko, I put 2 cups of brown sugar in to the coconut milk. As the mixture caramelized, the more it tasted very sweet that it hurts my throat. I truly messed it up. Why I couldn't do it perfectly, excited pa naman ko molamoy biko.

I tried eating some this morning with my morning drink, it is still very sweet but it is not as bad as last night's when I just cooked it. Yet, it is so sweet that I couldn't even finish the small bowl of biko I put in my cup! GGGGeezz

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Alberto Alvertus Egot Jr said...

Hello Sweet

Remember me? Its been a thousand whiles since we have talked online thru our blogs.

Musta naka? Dugay dugay napd wla kay du-aw duaw sa ako blog.

In case you can't remember me, I am Albert of


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