Friday, July 1, 2011

New Mailbox

Okay we got plenty of things need to buy for this house, things to repair and need to be replaced. One of which is our mailbox. If you drive by our house, you will see the old cheap mailbox out the street but that is our least concern at this point. However though, I need to start looking for mailboxes and compare prices. I am on residential mailboxes page as these are the kind and exact mailbox we need. Plenty of styles and designs to choose from, I am getting confused what to choose.

I like the mail safe locking mail boxes type for it provides security for us. Once the mails are placed in these boxes, they will go down directly to the locked part and nobody can get them out except us the owners who have the keys. Pretty huh, not it only is secure but also it provides ease in our mind about our confidential mails not being stolen.

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