Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mommy's Little Helper

Do you really think she is really helping? I doubt if you say yes while the fact is that she is just playing near the dryer. As curious as monkey George, she would explore everything that is new to her eyes. Crawling here and there, going through all the most toughest spot of the house and crawl underneath.

Photos are of my baby so fond of an open dryer acting as little mommy's helper. I wish she can help me with my chores so it will be a lot easier and finish quickly. I think I should wait for couple of years before it will happen. For now, I should just enjoy her babyhood stage for she'll grow real fast.
.. hmmm nice clean sheets, feels good when I sleep on them when they're done...
... what ya saying mom? I'm busy here!

vehicle reimbursement company

I know for certain that one of our common friends here in Texas has a trucking business. For now it's her husband that does so much of the job and as what I have heard, she is going to follow the same footsteps as her husband in the long run.

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The company provides the drivers confidence that all of their actual costs incurred while using their personal vehicles for business use are identified and appropriately factored into their monthly reimbursement. So if you are business owner of certain company, you may want to get some of the services that www.crsinc.com is offering.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Won't Function

No matter how hard I try to let my brain work but it wouldn't...just wouldn't work as it used to work. After that big frustration from the biggest blogging site, I lost all my motivation to do my opps. Aside from being hungry, my baby is crying so loud that I can't concentrate writing. I have 2 opps from reviewme need to be done but tsk tsk tsk... I don't think I can do it at this point for I really am out of words to say.

Perhaps, I should feed my hungry stomach first so I can make my brain to function very well. Geeezzzz really not feeling of doing anything here! Life is so tiring that sometimes I don't know what to do. I may be just being struck by homesickness again... who knows?

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not A Good News To Hear

I just talked to my family on the phone. I was able to talk to my father,mother, older bro and the youngest bro. They sounded good but the news they told me isn't good. I only call them once a week for 40 minutes long because you know,international call is not a joke to pay.

I didn't even know that my little sister Alexia was being hospitalized for 2 days because she had pneumonia and she had very low platelets count which could result to dengue fever if they weren't too quick to make a move of bringing her to the hospital.

I really wanted to talk to my lil sissy because I miss her so much now but she was in the school by the time I called them. Hope next time I can get to hear her voice. Poor little girl, I know how she looks now, so thin and weak and pretty sure there is always a fight during feeding time for she has no appetite eating her food.

Too Destracted

This is what I do to my baby if she won't look at the camera and I want to take a photo of her. The time I did this to her,she was so distracted with other things. Too busy playing and didn't even mind the camera no matter how my friends called her for a shot.
It's not as bad as it looks in the picture though because I was gentle with my baby. I thought of sharing it here because she looks funny on this one hehe..


Nose blackheads are just easy to cover with makeup foundation for women.But for men? I don't know,I think there is a patch that they can use to get rid of blackheads. I have seen it on tv commercial before.

If you have noticed that blackheads are starting to show off this could be mean that you can possibly have acne in the future as it is one of the many manifestations of Acne - often shows up as a yellowish or blackish bump or plug on the skin.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meeting Deden's Playmate Today 2

OH yeah,we got home an hour ago from our get-together at my friend's house.At last,I finally met Madel and her baby Cassy who is going to be Deden's friend as well.We had so much fun all 6 of us,Me,Annie,Rose,Madel and the babies Deden and Cassy.As expected,we had plenty of food,unending talks,boisterous laughs and a whole lot more. Madel is also a mom that gave me pieces of advice about babies which I like so much.

We ended our day by going to a Chinese restaurant with our husbands.Annie&Tony,Anne&Sandy and of course Rose&Terry.Madel and Kevin couldn't join us for some unexpected circumstances so they went home ahead of us.Too bad though that we don't have photos of us at a restaurant.It could have been nice to see all 3 of us having each husbands by our side because it seldom happens that they can meet in one place due to different work schedules.
Thanks so much Rose for accommodating us today.As usual,you are always so nice to all of us! As promised here are the photos we took for today.Have a nice evening everyone and thanks for passing by.

...the beautiful mommies with our babies.Me on the left with baby Deden and Madel with her Cassy...
....caption this..what do you think they're doing? Why Deden is crying?
...our dear dear husbands... from L-R Kevin,Madel's hubby,Teryy-Rose's husband and my Lalabs of course-- he's my husband haha..
my baby Deden with her Titas Annie and Rose...

Phone Info Tracer Is The Answer

Sorry friends if you happened to call me and wasn't able to answer your call because we always put our home phone on low volume or silent because there are just too many annoying callers and harassing telemarketers that kept calling from time to time. It wakes the baby up and also making me pissed for important calls wouldn't be answered.

I did search online what could be the solution to these people that won't leave us alone. What I found is Phone Info Tracer that does the reverse phone lookup service. It helps us to lookup owner's name and address for any unknown phone number. It is very helpful also to trace for missed calls from unknown phone numbers or an unknown number that appeared in your phone bill.

Meeting Deden's Playmate Today

I am excited to know that baby and I will be going out to meet her possible playmate in the future.Finally,I'll be able to get out of the house even just for a day. There is no reason for me to stay on the computer for hours because they disappoint me and that I refuse to remain loyal to them.
I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a fun day for me with my friends today.I am so anxious how the two babies gonna react when they see and play for the first time.Cassy is 11 months old and my Deden is 8 months.Pretty close age gap which is good because they're both girls and not too far from age. I'm gonna take lots of photos for them eh and share it here when I get the chance.
Hope you guys have a great day and happy blogging. For me? Blogging is no longer a big deal for I no longer lovin' it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bored To Death

The day is over and I accomplished nothing.I felt lazy all day long and all I wanted to do is just sit in front of my laptop.I don't know why I feel this way if 3P is asleep.Asleep means no opps to do.

I wanted to go out for a walk but I couldn't.Why? Simply I am scared that what if 3P decides to give out opps and I missed them all? It's been couple of weeks now since blogging is so frustrating.Sigh! Life of a poor woman always waiting for opps to catch everyday.3P hear me please,gimme some fish!

halloween costume for my baby

Last year I did not open our door for trick or treat so kids won't knock.I was alone and I didn't feel like participating into games.Now that I have a baby,I feel kinda excited about it because she is going to be old enough to join trick or treat night this November.As early as now,I am looking for a Halloween costume for Deden so that she will look good together with other kids collecting candies.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Always Fighting

I hope my baby won't grow up thinking that each time she takes a bath,it will become a fight moment with her mommy.It's getting harder and harder to bathe her everyday as she is too mobile now.Anything that gets near her hands,she would quickly grab it and put in her mouth not realizing that she could get poisoned to it. Gosh! It scares me.

Also,after bathing and time to clean her nose,she would try the best she can and release all her strength to get away from me for she surely knows that it's not a good thing to do.She hates feeling the cotton swab inside her nose that is why. But,I'm her mother who is stronger than her and would do anything just to get the dirt that block her nose.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Asset

I may not have a sexy body nor the prettiest face in town but I have assets to be proud of. My naturally silky and smooth hair for one,my hair is such a great thing to have.While others are struggling to maintain their hair,me I am not for my hair is so manageable that I don't need to comb it.As a matter of fact,I can just run my fingers into it or let water slides down my hair after applying conditioner on to my hair in the shower and voila I have a neat looking hair.

Wanna know what's my secret? Just ask.

auto parts

My husband is really good in keeping his cars in good shape eventhough they are very old.To be honest,his cars are still looking very nice compared to new cars I have seen here and I kinda feeling proud of that because we're not driving ugly cars.Our cars have shiny chrome wheels and body,always clean and stain free and most of all he wax them to maintain their shiny look.

When there are auto parts that are broken or missing or need to be replaced,he makes sure that he buy them as soon as he could to avoid further damage.I think that is one of the best ways to keep your valuable car last long.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Playing Hide And Seek

My baby is now resting in her crib.She probably is tired because she had quite a good walking exercise earlier tonight as she played hide and seek with me.It was our first time together playing this popular game in the Philippines.

I tried to hide in dark corners of this house without her looking at me and when she noticed that I'm not in sight of her anymore,she would go all over the house and looked for me.She really is smart because she always find me wherever I'm hiding.

There's one little space I was hiding from,it is in between our dining table(that is now full of stuff),my husband's beer boxes and the 2 trash cans.I curled up in there for minutes trying not to make a sound because I don't want my baby to find me.Yes,she didn't see me but for some reason,she just stayed in that place very close to me and giving me that tickling sound when she is amazed. As I can no longer hold it,I burst out to laugh and finally came out from that little place as I was already very tired and my baby,WON THE GAME.

Well,whether she wins or loses,she's always be the LITTLE SEEKER for she doesn't know how to hide yet.I surely had a great time playing with my baby!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Who Says She's Not Pretty?

I am so proud of her.She's gorgeous and such a good baby,so easy to deal with little Deden.She's a mixture of American and Filipino by blood.Most of my friends say that she got 50-50 of her features from both of her parents.How lucky we are for having her.

This is the latest photo of her,she is kinda skinny now as she is teething right now.Lower left incisor just came out and another one will be showing in the next few days.Wow she gonna be like a rabbit then huh? haha kidding here.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Baby Is So Cute!!!

...as my baby grow older,the more she became adorable and giving us so much joy in this house.She now knows a lot of tricks that simply tickle our hearts.For example,she is alone in her crib or in her new play pen and starting to cry,that means she wants to be picked up so she can get out of there.

What she does is simply show her beautiful eyes by blinking them and smile so big showing her palate and do it several times until our heart melts.Oh my gosh! She truly is wonderful and so adorable baby.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rated PG-13

Your Mind is PG-13 Rated

Your mind is definitely a little dirty. You're naughty, but not trashy.

You don't shy away from a dirty joke, and you're clearly not a prude.

I am naughty,sexy bitch.I can talk dirty depending on the person I am talking to.I can be naughty to my husband but not to other people,it isn't just right.Huh? Dirty joke? That's what I

like to share to people who can talk about it comfortably.Wanna take the test what you're mind's rate is gonna be?

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shouted At My Baby Several Times

...I can deal with my baby when she is crying only if I am in a good mood.It pisses me off when she cries and I am hungry or sleepy or tired.I can't help myself but yell or shout at her to stop crying.This is one bad habit need to be stopped because I don't want her to be hurt.

I know it's not good and I promise to do my best not to do it again.God knows how much I love my baby and how it pains me when I do that to her.I was pissed 'coz I wanted to get a nap and couldn't for there she was...crying...and there's no one to help me around.SIGH!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No Matter What I Do..

..I just can't get the desired number of drops I want to get in each of my blog.I did try several times over doing the dropping of 900 but the result is still under 300 in my 3 blogs.Hence,I should stop using the bookmarking tool when dropping because I feel that not all in my drop list would return my hardwork.

I can't force them to drop if they don't want me,however,I would really want to keep those people who are now my avid droppers.Time will come that other bloggers will realize how useful dropping is to expand their blog readership.

Our Keyboardist

Our little Princess is very mobile now and starting to show signs of being an explorer.Little things that she is curious about,she would try to touch,play and grab it and bring to her mouth. Or whenever she is with me in front of my computer,she try her very best to do the typing in behalf of me,grab my hand so then she can type.

Well,that's not gonna work for she might damage my type pad.What we did is give her her own keyboard and stick it to her walker so she can do all the tapping and typing and spanking she wants.I have never seen my baby so serious and focused in doing things but last night,she was so fond of the keyboard that she ignored everything that's around her.

..pausing for a photo shoot

...back to work again..huh notice the cute finger? ahh she's thinking how she's gonna damage the keyboard too soon.

How Texas Am I?

You Are 36% Texas

You're as welcome in Texas as a skunk at a lawn party.

Oh well,I've only been here in TX for 2 years and half and I still consider myself as a "newbie".Still so many things yet to learn and a culture to adapt.I still being attacked by homesickness but whether I like it or not,Texas is my new home since I married to a guy in Texas.I'm liking it here though aside from scorching summer they have.Aside from that there is nothing I can complain about.

Monday, September 8, 2008


I am so excited knowing that this weekend I am gonna be busier.We will have 2 doctor appointment on the first day of my husband's off,the following day we are gonna meet my sister inlaw who is also a filipina and then we are gonna go to Dallas Arboretum.

I have been itching to go there because I have seen on the internet how peaceful and beautiful it is there.On Friday,we'll be meeting our newly found friend,Madel with my other local friends,Rose and Annie.I like it when I get busy so I don't have to sit on the computer all day waiting for nothing.Not even making money.

So,all these hopefully can be done with God's grace.I hope the weather will not go crazy so we all can enjoy together.

Backless Baby

My baby is now growing some hair but even so,she still look like a boy if she will a usual onesie like what she normally wear at home.When we go out and she is expose to the public,I make it sure that she'll look like a girl so she will not be mistaken as a boy.

Cute pink dresses help alot for strangers to recognize her as a baby girl even without a big bow on her head.Attached photo is of my baby turning her head to look at the camera showing her backless dress.Awww isn't she pretty in her dress with those matching pinkish cheeks of hers? That's my FIL-AM baby right there!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Family Time:Listening To A Live Band

It feels good to be able to go out together with my family as always.Huh,as if I'm talking a big family here,lots of kids,grandparents and the parents here! But no, I am talking only the 3 of us here went out earlier today to meet up with a friend,Mike(who's my husband's best buddy) to sit and listen to a live band in an open area in Central Market nearby.

We've been to that place few times already but never did actually sat and listen to the band.I was glad when my husband told me that we are gonna go out in the evening and experience to listen to the loud noisy band playing.It's nice to be able to get rid of the house once in a while and mingle with the crowd once in a while,you know?

The baby seemed to accompany Mike,he walked with her around,wander around to entertain the baby while me and hubby just sitting on the chair,eating burger and french fries.Then when they're done playing,we started to get our butt up and went to the highschool track and burned some calories in our body.

I had fun,I should say.I love it when we do things together as a family.I hope we're gonna be like this until our baby grows old so she'll feel that she has a lovely family.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Clean And Refreshed

Ok,so I had my teeth cleaned today.It was fast and painless.Unlike my very first time to have my cleaning,it was miserable.Back then,I had sensitive gums that bleed every poke of pointed thingy they use to clean the toughest part of my teeth.That is how they found out that I had a periodontal disease(gum disease).

They cured it by injecting some antibiotics to the affected areas and now I'm all healed,gingivitis free as in totally clean.The person who did the job today said that I do good in brushing and flossing my teeth,the result says it all for there are no signs of any unwanted decays in my mouth.

Thanks goodness no more sensitive gums,no more plaque,tartar and etc.All in all,my trip to the dentist today was quick,fun and easy!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another Trip To The Dentist

A never ending mouth job huh! I had my wisdom teeth uprooted 3 weeks ago and then I'll have another trip to the dentist tomorrow.This time,it is for my teeth cleaning to our original dentist.I have no right to complain about it,I know.

It's for my own good and somehow enjoy the good dental benefit that we have.While we are well-taken care of,others are struggling to have their teeth cleaned.For this being said,I should be thankful for this opportunity because when I was still in the Philippines,I could only visit the dentist once in every 29th of February!

Take note,Feb.29? That if it is included in the calendar hahaha!

Monday, September 1, 2008

August Top Droppers For This Blog

Announcing this blog's top10 droppers for the month of August listed below! I so appreciate your time dropping your cards to my blog folks.I hope you will continue visiting my humble home as I will do the same to yours! Cheers for the following bloggers who are persistent in doing their daily dropping!

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