Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Playing Hide And Seek

My baby is now resting in her crib.She probably is tired because she had quite a good walking exercise earlier tonight as she played hide and seek with me.It was our first time together playing this popular game in the Philippines.

I tried to hide in dark corners of this house without her looking at me and when she noticed that I'm not in sight of her anymore,she would go all over the house and looked for me.She really is smart because she always find me wherever I'm hiding.

There's one little space I was hiding from,it is in between our dining table(that is now full of stuff),my husband's beer boxes and the 2 trash cans.I curled up in there for minutes trying not to make a sound because I don't want my baby to find me.Yes,she didn't see me but for some reason,she just stayed in that place very close to me and giving me that tickling sound when she is amazed. As I can no longer hold it,I burst out to laugh and finally came out from that little place as I was already very tired and my baby,WON THE GAME.

Well,whether she wins or loses,she's always be the LITTLE SEEKER for she doesn't know how to hide yet.I surely had a great time playing with my baby!

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