Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shouted At My Baby Several Times

...I can deal with my baby when she is crying only if I am in a good mood.It pisses me off when she cries and I am hungry or sleepy or tired.I can't help myself but yell or shout at her to stop crying.This is one bad habit need to be stopped because I don't want her to be hurt.

I know it's not good and I promise to do my best not to do it again.God knows how much I love my baby and how it pains me when I do that to her.I was pissed 'coz I wanted to get a nap and couldn't for there she was...crying...and there's no one to help me around.SIGH!


Lou said...

Hi friend, I couldn't help myself but make this comment when I read this post.... Please don't yell at your baby again, promise? :-)... If you can't help it, just go to the bathroom and there you can yell, heheh
Remember monkey see, monkey do...

Best regards,

Sherry said...

I think you need time off. Can anyone help you care your baby?

texas_sweetie said...

NO ONE,i'm the only one who takes care of the baby most of the time.If only I was in the Philippines,there I could have tons of people help me take care of my baby..but nah...I'm in America..

thanks for the advice though people.I appreciate it.

Carrie Smith said...

I know how hard it is Anne trying to do it on your own. That is where I am with my four children. It is just me and hubby and the kids here. No family around to help out :0( and it really does start to wear on your nerves. I just had a yelling battle with my children trying to get everyone on the same page around here.
Anyway Anne you are not alone you have your beautiful family and your sweet little girl needs you!

hang in there!


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