Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another Trip To The Dentist

A never ending mouth job huh! I had my wisdom teeth uprooted 3 weeks ago and then I'll have another trip to the dentist tomorrow.This time,it is for my teeth cleaning to our original dentist.I have no right to complain about it,I know.

It's for my own good and somehow enjoy the good dental benefit that we have.While we are well-taken care of,others are struggling to have their teeth cleaned.For this being said,I should be thankful for this opportunity because when I was still in the Philippines,I could only visit the dentist once in every 29th of February!

Take note,Feb.29? That if it is included in the calendar hahaha!

1 comment:

gLoR!e said...

after that visit: You can kill the people with your smile!:)


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