Thursday, September 4, 2008

Clean And Refreshed

Ok,so I had my teeth cleaned today.It was fast and painless.Unlike my very first time to have my cleaning,it was miserable.Back then,I had sensitive gums that bleed every poke of pointed thingy they use to clean the toughest part of my teeth.That is how they found out that I had a periodontal disease(gum disease).

They cured it by injecting some antibiotics to the affected areas and now I'm all healed,gingivitis free as in totally clean.The person who did the job today said that I do good in brushing and flossing my teeth,the result says it all for there are no signs of any unwanted decays in my mouth.

Thanks goodness no more sensitive gums,no more plaque,tartar and etc.All in all,my trip to the dentist today was quick,fun and easy!


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