Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meeting Deden's Playmate Today

I am excited to know that baby and I will be going out to meet her possible playmate in the future.Finally,I'll be able to get out of the house even just for a day. There is no reason for me to stay on the computer for hours because they disappoint me and that I refuse to remain loyal to them.
I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a fun day for me with my friends today.I am so anxious how the two babies gonna react when they see and play for the first time.Cassy is 11 months old and my Deden is 8 months.Pretty close age gap which is good because they're both girls and not too far from age. I'm gonna take lots of photos for them eh and share it here when I get the chance.
Hope you guys have a great day and happy blogging. For me? Blogging is no longer a big deal for I no longer lovin' it.


Jennifer said...


Just "dropping" by,lol!

You have a very lovely blog!! I love it:) You also are so very pretty!!

God bless and keep up the writing!

Simply_Haze said...

Tarong uy, nanglu-od na daw ka? Hahahaha bitaw...enjoy sa laag with Deden and soon to be playmates.


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