Sunday, September 30, 2012

Where to Buy for Trendy Clothes for Women

If you dress right, there is a greater possibility that you are going to be successful in education, job and life which I agree 100%. The way you dress is somehow makes an impression to other people and based on what they see, you are often judged by how you dress.
If you want to make an impression that lasts, buy trendy clothes for women from this very website that I just found this morning. Starting at $24.99, you can have a decent dress best for work, casual dresses to attend an event or any occasions. If you could visit the website, you can start your search for dresses by simply going to "All Dresses" link and then choose the category you want the specific type of dress you need. They also have tops, bottoms, outerwear, shoes, accessories and a whole lot more. They offer free shipping on order over $125 within continental US.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Benefits Of Lavender

Lavender not only a pretty and pleasant smelling plant but also has many benefits. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Auto Title Loan Offices In Arlington, Texas

Are you from DFW area or Arlington and are looking for auto title loans? Please find the nearest regional office near you by simply clicking the link, Auto Title loan Regional Offices in Arlington. They have three offices listed on their site that you can choose which one is the closest office. Also, you can apply for auto title loans with no credit check or bad check. That is not a problem at all. The good thing about this company  is that they send mobile agents to customers' locations.

Mommy And Baby Matching Outfit

Excuse the mess in the picture. Just focus your eyes on the matching outfit that mommy and her big girl last weekend. I'm like having my twin sister, dressed up the same so there'll be no jealousy between siblings, lol. It just happens that we do have the same color tops and pedals available in our closet and I chose to put on clothes on Jadyn so we could go out together in the same outfit. Pretty cool!

Seeing My Babies Grow

Nothing is more fulfilling in this world than becoming a mother. It is my dream when I was growing up and I still can't believe I now have two fast growing adorable girls. Seeing my babies grow is special. I witnessed their milestones from day one they were conceived in my womb until they were born and the first one started schooling. I asked the Lord for a healthy baby girl and so He gave it to me. I named her Jadyn meaning, "God has heard". I had a pretty smooth pregnancy, both me and my baby were healthy. I stayed home throughout my pregnancy and it felt magical to see her grow and watch every baby development she made. 

All in all, my dream has come true when she was born and then four years later, we welcomed another gorgeous girl in the family named Megan. Right now I can honestly say I am happy, fulfilled as a woman, married and living the American dream. I feel blessed more than ever! I followed my two pregnancies closely and see the babies grow in my tummy through a virtual presentation of the fetus in pregnancy website above. I really like this site because it has a lot of information regarding children, pregnancy, preconception and a whole lot more.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Chlorella And Its Benefits

If you are a very well-read person and is familiar with algae, you might probably know what Chlorella is. But for those who haven't heard this before, Chlorella is actually a genus of single-cell green algae, belonging to the phylum Chlorophyta. It is spherical in shape, about 2 to 10 μm in diameter, and is without flagella. Chlorella contains the green photosynthetic pigments chlorophyll-a and -b in its chloroplast. Chlorella is beneficial to our body and health. One of the many chlorella benefits is that it is a relief from bad body odor and constipation. 

Chlorella’s inclusion in the regular diet can bring very positive effects on the health of the individual. Chlorella contains mainly protein and vitamins like vitamin E, vitamin B and vitamin C. The presence of minerals like zinc and iron further enhances the body functioning and resistance to diseases. Arthritis and degenerative diseases can be treated with it. To read more of the benefits and other information of this amazing whole food, please check out the link above!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Future Olympian

There was this t.v commercial that was so popular during the Olympic games. It was being played several times a day and watched it every time it came on. This ad was about little kids doing weird, difficult stunts and actions in their own homes, it shows these small kids were breaking stuff and making a mess anywhere in  the house, the kitchen, bedrooms, living room etc. and mothers don't mind what they do for it leads them to become future professional sports enthusiasts. Such a great advertisement really. It was a bounty paper towel commercial to be exact.

Photos attached below show my little Megan how flexible she is at age 14 months. I thought she looked so cute and took a snap of her doing the action. In my mind, I say she could be my future Olympian haha... I wish!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In Desperate Need For Organization

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Havertys Furniture. All opinions are 100% mine.
Admittedly our house looks pretty from the outside in the frontyard but if you go inside it, you will see that there are a lot of things need to be done here. This is an old house and we are in the process of improving it. We have done quite a lot already but we are too far from finishing it due to lack of budget. We are happy though even though we don't have the prettiest house in the neighborhood for we are now more comfortable than before.
With that being said, our house needs a desperate organization. Boxes after boxes piled up on top of the other in two rooms. I wanted a spare room for my small business and blogging but I cannot have it right now for we have nowhere to put all those boxes that occupy two rooms of this house. 
I already have an idea of what or what sort of furniture to put in the dining room. It is where I want to make my own space, dining room will be converted to a woman's dungeon. I take my inspiration from Havertys: Discover Something You. I also heard that Haverty's is going to have what they call Inspiration Sessions during these dates;
September 15 Now Showing (designing an entertainment space), this one I don't want to miss because our entertainment or t.v room is dull and boring. Another place in the house that needs desperate help.
October 13 Seasonal Scapes, this would give me an idea how to design or add home decor best suited for Fall
November 10 Winter Colors (designing to incorporate Winter colors)
December  Finishing Touches (the completion of the room). Sounds pretty exciting to be able to attend all these events.
Visit Sponsor's Site

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Paloma Sanborn's Baby Dress

Such a great remembrance left by Paloma for her dad is an old baby dress that I intend to keep. This dress pictured below worn by our baby Sekong is at least maybe 14 years old, haha yes it is that antique now. I found it along with three other baby dresses in one of the bags stored in the garage at our old rental home 3 years ago. I was the one who did most of unpacking and I found these baby clothing of my husband's oldest daughter.

It is interesting to know that despite of the long decades have passed we still got these clothes and some toys that my husband didn't know he had for years. Two of my girls are playing those toys today. I told them that it's their oldest sister's toys and because they don't know the value of these toys, they just ignored what I said.

Promo Codes From Your Favorite Stores

It feels good to be able to spend money from your own sweat. You've earned it therefore, you have all the right to spend it whatever you like to buy. But in order to save when shopping, using coupon codes from our favorite stores would be great. We can choose to buy pricey things but with the use of coupon codes we can get them for much cheaper prices. I know a website that offers news and information on the latest cool gadgets, quirky gizmos, and geeky stuff. One of the many reasons I like it is because it is a fun site with lots of entertaining new posts every day.

In addition to geek news, they also offer online coupons, promotion codes and discounts for online stores. Coupon codes from your favorite Geek Magazine, Apple promo codes, Target promo code and tons more. I hope this website continues to offer codes so that they can help thousands more people so they can afford to buy more gadgets in the future.


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