Monday, May 30, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #: 12 A Big Bus To Kawasan Falls


This is me taken at the South Bus terminal during my vacation in the Philippines last November 2010-February 2011. We took a bus going to Kawasan falls with Filipinas and an American friend instead of hiring an exclusive van because it is more fun and such an adventure to take a bus rather than riding in a small and boring van for the whole 2 hours of trip. We all had fun looking at the beautiful mountains and winding road in the country.

Safety At All Times

So you think your home is safe even if you live in a much newer and nicer neighborhood? Think again. Although you live in a nice neighborhood, you can't assure that your home and valuable possessions are protected at all times because burglars and other criminals can ransack your home at any time of the day. That is why all homes should have burglar alarms installed so when the owners leave their house, they can just turn on the alarm like what this home security bentonville offers.

If it happens it's your house being broken into by burglars and you set your alarm on when you are not home, this sends signals to the company alerting the system that someone has got into your house without your permission, so then the home security personnel can send out police officers to check in your home. I have seen all these cases on DirectTV a lot. I love watching reality shows especially if it pertains to crimes and of any sort.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mid Summer Temps

One whole week we are gonna be having a mid-summer temperature here. I am talking above 90's temperature here. Our A/C is constantly on. You see my little girl is already using her pool in the backyard that only proves it's really getting hot where we are.

This is what I dislike about Texas, we get too hot too soon. I haven't enjoyed the Spring temperature yet here we are now... Imagine how hot it could get when it's really summertime??

Specialty Merchandise Corporation

I heard this company before called smc or Specialty Merchandise Corporation but I never got to look on the internet what this all about, I didn't even have idea it was a company that helps aspiring home business owners for over 60 years providing individuals with the chance to start working for themselves by purchasing products from SMC at a discount, selling those products at their suggested retail value and keeping the difference in price as their profit.

But then, this morning, I got really curious when I stumble upon a website where there is a headline about specialty merchandise corporation scam. I said, wait a minute, I need to pause real quick and find out what this is all about.

In my own personal opinion, the scam itself is from the corporation's members word of mouth, they think being a member of this business is a ripoff to them. Here are there specialty merchandise corporation complaints if you're interested reading them about specialty merchandise corporation. The article I was reading there have been reports that Specialty Merchandise Corporation is a scam.

Well, life's like that. We cannot please everybody. If some members of SMC did not think being there brought them good then they can just quit anytime.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Excited To See Her Friend

It's been days now my little girl feeling the excitement of seeing her friend/playmate soon and that will be tomorrow. The moment I told her that we are visiting Abigail, she jumped for joy and smiled so sweetly a little girl can show to her parents as if I gave her the biggest sucker in the world. When I mention her friend's name, rest assured that same excitement she felt the first day she knew she's coming and going to see her is still there. SIGH! The joy of a little girl, so pure and innocent her heart is and such an easy child, easy to please too. That is my girl!

I am kind of excited too for I can get out of the house, chit chat with my friend and other Filipinas as well as pig out to my stomach's content. Miss being with people who speak the same language as me. Last time I went out with friends was on Mother's day and I think it's time for me again to be with the girls and their kids.

It's Out Already?

I didn't know Sony PS4 is out already? How amazing, all I know is that PS3 is the latest for Sony. When I did a quick browsing on the internet to confirm of what I heard, it truly is available on the market now, there's even a Sony PS4 Gaming also. Amazing how technology moves so fast that I don't even know PS4 is now released. If you have the unit already and looking forward to buying new games for PS4, please visit the link above.

Where People Usually Go

Where do you think people who love to have fun and the time of their life usually go? What could be the perfect place where they can explore, enjoy the slot machines, play US Poker or gamble? I know deep in your mind you have a place that you can think of, Las Vegas right? Same here. It is very common that we think of the same place where slot machines and other forms of entertainment are everywhere even at the airport or hotel lobby.

But if you really want to be entertained and play for fun, you don't have to go over there. You can just do Online Poker Deals without living the comfort of your own home, that way it won't cost you gas, energy and most of all money to stay at the hotel and airplane tickets just to get yourself satisfied. There are really good websites to go to when it comes to playingPoker on line. People from abroad can even enjoy or take advantage of the benefits of Mac poker UK if they are from the UK area.

Friday, May 27, 2011

OB GYN Appointment Again

Arggss OB-GYN appoint again in three hours. I am getting tired going to my doctor's office where a supposedly 30-minute appointment can turn into an hour or more. The most dreaded part of being there is waiting for the doctor for long painstaking minutes and would only talk to her in five minutes. It's okay to wait if I don't get hungry while waiting but hmpppppp.. what else can I do? I need to see her anyway.

Last weekend I fell down while doing my walking in the neighborhood. I split my legs wide that it hurts both my groins. I hope the baby inside is okay for I feel no pain except in my groins that went away after days from the incident. I could have a miscarriage you know if it was my butt that hit first on the concrete. God forbid, I prayed and wanted this baby... I don't want anything bad to happen to her and myself of course....

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Natural Remedies Of Anxiety

Someone I know pretty well often complain to me about always having anxiety. It all started since she got here in America two or three years ago. She is one avid natural remedy user so might as well recommend her to settle with Natural remedies anxiety which can be found on I hope she gets better though because I know how it feels being that way knowing that she has no other family to turn to except her husband and her few close friends including me in this strange land.

Honda Car Dealer In Missouri

I am devastated of what happened to the people who have lost their homes, cars and businesses in Joplin Missouri and Oklahoma from tornado. I can only imagine the pain and sufferings they've been through being hit by such calamity. Although they lost their valuable properties, they should be thankful their life was spared and that they can continue living despite of such devastation.

With all these being said, cars and vehicles being destroyed, those who are victims of tornado should pick themselves up and start a new life. Some would probably looking forward to getting themselves a new car so they can find a job at a neighboring city or cities. Thanks to an easy access of this website, searching for a Honda car is easier for them. Or if somebody they know in St. Louis, they can visit personally at St Louis Honda Dealer and pick a car for their loved ones themselves and bring it to where they are. Also, there is a blog on that they can read about as to why they should pick Honda car than other cars they can possibly find.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Professional WordPress Themes

If I have known when I started blogging, I would have used WordPress platform because now that I am having problem with the current blogging platform I have been using for years makes me want to regret. It scares me sometimes for there are glitches happening in this platform I am in. Besides, WordPress has the prettiest, more formal and unique WordPress themes you can ever use. Unlike the ones from a competition blogging platform, their themes are very common that you can see them in almost all blogs when they choose not to buy customized ones for their blogs.

With WordPress, you can greatly select WordPress ecommerce themes, WordPress portfolio themes and other themes that would fit right to your blog's title. There are enough beautiful themes out there alright that would help you do just that. Whatever preferences you have to go with a WordPress portfolio theme chances are you will find a theme you like right here. WordPress has the best Wordpress portfolio or ecommerce themes, ranked according to design, usibility and functionality. Take a look at those two themes above and see it for yourself.

Be Kind To Animals

Doggy drinks water that my girl gave to her directly from a cup where the human girl drinks her water from. It looks or sounds gross knowing that she'd use it to drink water sometimes and sharing it to the animal?? I don't think I could use this cup ever again. But knowing a child doesn't know what she was really doing, she'd probably use the cup over and over personally. Some would think it's just okay since Chicha is an indoor animal and she got the vaccines she need yet I don't find it hygienic. 

Although I can rinse the cup thoroughly but the idea the dog has drank from it..ewwwwwww... Would you dare sip some water from the same cup? I don't know if I can do that.. but anyways, as for Jadyn doing the kind gesture, it shows us that she is kind to her pet although sometimes Chicha receive some maltreatment from her own playmate. Well, what do you expect she is just a child, you know?

CoursePark Learning Networks

Living in America is such a great advantage for people who have skills. Thus, it is the land where opportunities are endless and unlimited so long you have the skills and intelligence and know what you want to be.

I am one lucky woman to be given a chance to live and experience the American life. Everybody dreams for it and here I am. I felt honored to be here for never in my wildest dreams I'll be able to experience such an amazing life provided for the man I married. Currently I am a stay-at-home mom and doesn't have a career to mind everyday. Someday somehow I would like to be working and realize my potential working with different personalities and see how I can relate and mingle with them.

Meanwhile, looking at online courses somehow give me an idea on what kind of career I am going to take when I am no longer have small kids to take care of. Right now I am browsing through CoursePark Learning Networks that provide everyday people access to skills that promote career development and advancement and businesses with a training solution that brings value, increased productivity and return on investment. It is such a great to be when it comes to choosing and building skills online to achieve career goals through their online learning system. It is also used as an effective low-cost training solution for companies of all sizes. Businesses can create custom
learning networks to train employees or clients in minutes.

Laser Vision Correction

Glenn Hagele is an Executive Director of the Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance says potential Lasik patients rely on the internet research and nonprofit organizations for that needed information about Lasik and which doctor to choose as laser vision correction surgery continues to evolve. Of course this is very true, where else can we get information but from surgeon who tirelessly share information on Lasik to their clients on the internet.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #: 11 A Yellow Mug and A Snack

MYM again, my favorite meme of the day. Here's my entry for today's MYM... a yellow mug given to me by my blogger friend on Mother's day as a souvenir. So nice of her for thinking about me. I love the color and the design, a ducky! This is something that I could use everyday since I love to have my morning drink on the computer.
..... and photo below is my homemade puto cheese or rice cake with cheese on top of it for snacks. I am the only eating this thing for my baby girl and husband both don't like it, I don't know why they don't find it tasty.

Moving Is Expensive

A UK based company is here or available to help you find the most reliable and give you house removal costs in the UK to help you with your move. Please check out the website and get up to six free quotes. I know for a fact, moving is not cheap. We have done it just 16 months ago and it was like forever for an unending expenses plus we had to do all the moving and lifting of our heavy stuff. We didn't hire moving workers to help us because we were trying to save ourselves some money.

Lesson learned was that, although we saved some bucks from paying people but we did not save ourselves from getting back or physical pain and hard labor. We told ourselves, we are not going to move again within ten years because it's just so painful! So whoever wants to move out there, hire professional movers so they can do the job for and you make sure you hire someone from a reputable and trusted moving company otherwise you are prompting your valuable stuff to risk.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Grasping For Air

Doing simple chores nowadays is getting harder for me. Every single move I make takes a lot of my energy. The longer I finish my chores the more I find myself grasping for air, really like I just climbed a mountain afterwards.

I've done something worthwhile today, I just finished vacuuming the whole carpeted area that covers the study, Jadyn's bedroom, the long hallway, two closet/sink floors and the master bedroom. I didn't take a rest while doing it because I know what's gonna happen if I did, my job would not be done. Once I started sitting down I couldn't get my ass up and get back to work. Now I am sweating, trying to take some rest by sitting on the computer...

Road trip with the family for spring break

Guest post written by Michael Kent

I realized a few weeks ago that I've never really taken my family on a classic road trip and I thought that would be nice to do that before my kids get too old and have other responsibilities that might interfere with such plans. So that's what we're going to do in a few weeks when they go on spring break. I asked them what they wanted to do and of course they said they wanted to go to the Grand Canyon, so that's part of the plan.

I'm trying to plan out everything so that we can fit as much fun stuff in it as we want, stuff that we may not realize is nearby and should take ! advantage of. I was online researching some additional sites for us to go and see while I ran across the website and read through it some. After that I decided to switch over our home energy plan to one I found on there.
I've actually never seen the Grand Canyon either, so I'm pretty excited about it. I just hope that it doesn't end up being like the Family Vacation movie with Chevy Chase.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Used Cars For Sale

If you live in Tampa, Florida and in need of a car to drive, please visit or take a peek at Tampa used cars. They do have tons of used Cars to choose from whether you are looking for pre-owned vans and SUVs, trucks, four door sedan, jeeps like Wrangler.

When it comes to buying cars mentioned above, look no further. Park Auto Mall is the Largest used car dealer in Tampa Bay, Florida. Come visit at their place, there will be friendly sales staff that will accommodate you and eventually help you buy the car you ever wanted to drive of course without pressure or hassle. Please take time watching some videos they make of their cars on the links above. I really do hope you will find that very car you deserve. Having a car is a necessity so I can only imagine how happy you can be once you can finally have your own car.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poor Is The World

Honestly, I am tired of blogging. If I had a choice I would have stopped doing it for money. It's okay to blog for personal purposes but not for making money, it sucks. It would be nice if it is the same as I started 4 years ago where you can post an entry for 15 bucks the lowest payout. In today's world, you can no longer see advertisers offering that amount. Every day as I wake up, all I could think about is if there are opportunities I can grab or do, if there are... it would be at least a dollar or less an entry. Plus you don't get paid unless you reach the maximum withdrawal amount which could take you a month or more to come up.

There are some better paying paid blogging sites but they don't always give us bags to grab. You have to constantly refresh the page in order to be lucky. SIGH. Do I sound frustrated? Maybe? Or this could be just pregnancy blues I am feeling right now?

Cincinnati Dentist

A friend of mine is looking forward to have her dental implants in the next few weeks. It is the second biggest job done in her mouth so she really want to put it behind her back and get it over with. Luckily she lives in Ohio, she may visit the Cincinnati Dentist to have the job done. Another one I know that lives farther but in the same state wanting to have her teeth cleaned and have some cavities be taken care of. This office at Cincinnati can also help her.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #:14 The Usual Scene Every Afternoon

... this is what dada greets him when he arrives home from work....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kitchen Nightmares Is One Of My Favorite Shows

I don't know what's with Chef Gordon Ramsey why I love watching his show, Kitchen Nightmares on t.v. He doesn't look like a likable guy for most people but for some reason there is something in him that I so love! I love it when he is called to help rescue a dying and sinking restaurants all over the country and help them get back on track.

My most favorite parts of the show are; when he tries to taste the food and he criticize them with no hesitation even if it means hurting the restaurant owners. If they are hurt and offended, me as a viewer agrees to what Ramsey will say. I know he only does it in order to improve the quality of food that a restaurant serves and of course he aims nothing but to help them retain their customers. Secondly, is when he checks for the overall cleanliness of the establishment. He is so blatant telling the owners the place hasn't been cleaned for decades just like the last episode I have watched last week. He even checks the restaurant's refrigeration and freezer (such a coincidence the restaurant was using fridge and freezer from Tiger Chef's), if they got enough restaurant supplies to make good food, check up how clean the kitchen is, how fresh the food they serve and etc.

I guess being in the food industry, you have to be so meticulous when it comes to proper hygiene and that is what Gordon Ramsey is trying to teach owners who don't care about maintaining the environment's cleanliness.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Not Appropriate For Little Children

It was my little siblings who introduced Happy Tree Friends show on youtube to my little girl. They watched it together and the little kids seemed to enjoy watching it including my girl. One time, I sat down with them and watched it myself, I found out this is kind of weird cartoons for them to be watching. It is violent, bloody and a lot of decapitated head, arms and body scenes that would bring nightmares to some kids. My Jadyn's reaction while watching this video was OW! She sounded as if she was hurt and feeling the pain too.

You as an adult, you will have to watch it yourself first before you let your kids see for it really is not appropriate for your kids or little children, that is of course in my own opinion.

Car Transport Services

Buying used or new cars online is more practical rather than going to a dealership where you pay more than you expect. Some say it is immoral buying a used car on Craigslist but the way I see it, it is just fine as long as you know what you are getting into. Although you have to pay for Auto Transport and would cost you money for car shipping. In the end, you will learn that you still got a pretty good deal on the car you purchased.

That's what my husband did on e-bay five years ago. He bought me a car so I can practice driving. Fortunately, he bought a very well-kept and in good shape Ford Taurus SHO from a woman in GA. The owner said, he sold her car for she needed to upgrade to a luxurious car that she'd been wanting to buy for so long so she needed to get rid of her white car which we now own. The husband then had to hire a Car Transport to bring the car where we are.

Mellow Yellow Monday #:10 Too Pretty To Be Wild


These are the pretty wild flowers not far from our house. I did not expect I could see these pretty flowers in the block for they usually grow along the highway or in the country side. When we went for walking, I saw them and had to stop by for a while to take a couple snaps of the different flowers in the meadow.
I plan of going back there anytime soon and pick more flowers to put in the vase because they are just pretty to be wild. Besides, they are for free. Nobody planted them and no one would get mad at me if I pick as many flowers I like.

.... I took home some weeds and put them in the vase... can't help but admire their beauty.

There are many organizations here in North Texas that successfully held their events due to the fact that they gather that much needed support from their members, community and most of all they have all the resources to make an event happen. But what about those who aren't known to their area yet wanting to put up a fundraising event for a good purpose. Where can they ask help or what particular tool they need in order to be successful as well especially if they need money to raise funds for example cure for cancer or an event to help remember those who are victims of drunk driving?

They must know, do exist. They have all the tools to make event management, marketing and ticketing easy and affordable. Organizations, companies and individuals use to make their fundraising dinners, corporate meetings or birthdays unforgettable and as far as I know, they did their events a succeesful one.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

No Heartburn, Pain There Is

I am glad I don't suffer heartburn too often in my second pregnancy. Unlike my first one, frequent heartburn at anytime of the day especially at bedtime is what I had to endure the whole 9 months I was carrying with my now 3-year old girl. Yeah right, not much heartburn this time but there is this growing pain in my groin that connects to my lower abdomen every time I do sudden movement. This is so new to me, I didn't have this before and it sucks.

At this moment, I am feeling two different kinds of pain. One that is in my left calf. I pulled my muscle last night trying to stretch my legs, until now it still hurting when I walk. Then the constant pain I have which according to my doctor it is normal for a pregnant woman to feel this way. It's the ligament that is extending its size or whatever. She said it won't go away until I deliver the baby so that means I still have 2 freaking months to suffer! Geez!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nail Painting Session

Whatever mommy does, the big girl has to do it too. If I color my nails, rest assured my girl would want to have her nails painted as well. She just thinks she is big enough to know what is pretty or not.

I have three different nail colors; blue, black and orange. I let her choose which one she likes and she chose the orange one. I was not planning of painting her toe nails but then when I was done with her fingernails, she insisted her toenails will be painted as well. Silly girl. Mommy can't say no to her so I did it anyway. 

When all her finger and toenails were painted, she made a happy and proud face to mommy that made my heart overjoyed. You can only imagine how that simple gesture that her mommy did to her brought such happiness to her heart. 

Blue Global Media

We all dream of higher sales and profits when we put up our own business no matter what it is. We hope for the best that it is going to succeed aren't we? How do we do this? While some people are doing pretty well with the endeavor they take in the field of business, there are those that are struggling to even get back the capital they put in the business.

Perhaps there are individuals that do know the tricks and strategies how to be globally known and come up with the idea in advertising their products. If you are into business and are interested to know the secrets, you would find a way and eventually get on top of it.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cake Pops, Try It!

Have you ever heard of cupcake on a pretzel stick? Jessica Cervantes the creator of Popsy cakes invites you to try the world’s first cupcake on a pretzel stick. Check out some of her handmade treats such as cake pops. Try this taste bud bursting strawberry cake wrapped in creamy white chocolate for example, your little kiddos or someone who receive the treat can't resist. If you buy 12 you will save $10 and get one FREE! So if you order a dozen, you can expect 13 pieces in the package when you receive it. Here is one good thing about this product, you can customize the back side of each PopsyCake with your personalized message and picture by simply mailing them to the specific e-mail address written in their site.

Sweet treats like these make perfect gifts by the half dozen or full dozen for birthdays, holidays, showers and any occasion! PopsyCakes are now a national sensation as a gourmet cake pop type treat on edible sticks. Try some today!

................ try this sweet Strawberry Milkshake on a stick now!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #:9 San Antonio Botanical Gardens


I got my eyes wide when we went to visit the San Antonio Botanical Gardens a month ago because of the wide variety of flowers they had that I haven't seen around here or in Dallas Arboretum. The entrance alone was spectacular, plenty of yellow and other colors. As we got into the garden, I was like WOW! This place is so amazinggggggg and it was perfect to just hang in there with the whole family. 

......... photo above is of me by the entrance to the souvenir shop...
........and this is my big girl smelling the scent of the big yellow roses at the Rose Garden...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Which lady looked better in Valentino?

Fashion Faceoff: Christina VS. Kristen. Who wore it best?
Christina a little bit fat on the other side Kristen slim and sexy...

Don't We Love Free Stuff?

Don't we just love receiving Free Stuff? I do. Don't get me wrong, but if somebody send me free samples to try on, I would gladly accept them especially if they are new products so I can compare them to the ones I already love to use. I have had Free Samples of lotion, hair conditioner, underwear and etc from the past and I should say, new products and latest innovations on skin and body care work fine with me.

If you are the type of person who loves to take the trials of new products of the same manufacturers or company you love the most, you might find suitable for you. There you can try out local daily deals through Groupon. It’s a great deal to score some real bargains from merchants near Yourtown, USA! Try Freebies such as winning two free nights stay at Starwood Hotels or becoming a fan on Facebook and win a win a free HD Flip Video Camera! If you’re not a fan already, just click here and ‘Like’ The Freebie Source.

A Poem Dedicated To My Own Mother

I know it will be impossible for my mother to read the poem I personally selected dedicated only for her but I am posting it here anyway. Who knows along the way she will stumble in this blog and find it. Happy Mother's Day to you Mama even though sometimes we argue! And to all the mothers out there, let's toast for this day! Cheers!

I Know We Sometimes Argue

I know we sometimes argue, and
I sometimes blow my lid.
But I still love you very much:
I'm only just a kid.

Sometimes I need to push against
The fences you erect,
Even though I know they're there
To shelter and protect.
I know you want the best for me
And to keep me from all harm.
I just want you to know I couldn't
Have a better mom.

Being Well And Healthy

Both of my parents have high blood pressure. I can't remember exactly when they started having the disease. All I know is that they are not eating healthy (the love of using MSG in the kitchen could be one of the factors why) as they are supposed to plus they are not exercising especially my mother. I don't want to be like them although I have 50% chance I could inherit their disease. But, as much as possible I would like to avoid that. All I want to do is be well and healthy all my life for the sake of my family especially my children who will apparently need me as they grow up.

Personally, being healthy would not be hard to do. Eat a proper diet, take vitamins, get plenty of sleep,drink plenty of water, exercise and get involved in activities that could release stress. And of course, to stay healthy, you also have to listen to your body and know what your capabilities are. With all these being said, technology plays an important role to our society as well. Electronically, one can monitor his body metabolism and or measure his fitness levels through the help of these products MedGem, BodyGem and Cholestech LDX
The Cholestech LDX System, using patented, innovative technology, measures a complete lipid profile plus glucose, ALT•AST, and hs-CRP in only 5 minutes (6 minutes for hs-CRP) from a simple fingerstick. With our ALT•AST test, you can get immediate liver enzyme results.

Health and Fitness Network is dedicated to the sale of products that measure fitness levels. BodyGem a home use device that measures resting metabolic rate.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Online Shopping For Filipino Goodies

I do online shopping mostly for clothes, lotions and other stuff but not Filipino goodies. It was my first time to do grocery shopping on the internet. If it wasn't because of the natural vinegar I so wanted to have, I wouldn't do the shopping online. I ordered for some junk foods, instant noodles, Milo malt drink for my girl and flat tops chocolate along with "suka pinakurat" last Monday and the package that cost me ten bucks arrived late this afternoon.

I am happy and content the goodies are here. Now I can have something to use when I fry some salted fish, for all you know salted fish taste even better when  paired with "suka pinakurat". This will probably be my first and last shopping for Pinoy grocery on the internet, I am pregnant and it was just a trip waking up early morning and just thought of buying those stuff without thinking whether it's right or not. The shipping just cost too much but all in all I am happy of what I bought.

Mother's Day Flower Delivery

You probably bought something for your mother already for that day is only just two days away. For those that cannot come up with an idea on what to give to their wife who is a mother, their mothers, grandmothers, aunts etc, the easiest and best gift you can ever send to them are flowers. Send a dozen of beautiful flowers on time. You can order it online because plenty of websites offer Mother's Day Flower Delivery. Just ensure it will get there on time. I know it would cost something to buy online but hey what's the use of ProFlowers coupons if you don't take advantage of the discount you can get by using one of the ProFlowers coupon codes?

Try to take a peek at the website now and you will see a bunch of listings of online coupons, promotion codes, and discount deals for flower delivery services. With ProFlowers coupons, promo codes, and other special discounts, you can save from the top Internet florists. Please take your time visiting so you don't have to think about sending flowers to your mom later. Do it now!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

God's Message For Me Today

Don't make your waking life and responsibilities so important that you neglect the very real benefits of sleep, rest, and dreaming. The night is your time of restoration. It is essential. God made both day and night for a reason.

One of my favorite apps on Facebook is this Message from God thingy that is delivered to my wall everyday. It gives me heartwarming messages that truly inspire, encourage me and put my heart at ease.  This kind of applications are most helpful to everybody that they should have it in their wall. 

Today's message soothes my soul. God knows how I feel inside, He knows me very well and He does know exactly what I need this time. Oh sleep... seems so aloof these days. I try hard to get a full shut eye of 8 hours every night but I just couldn't. It's hard to find that comfortable position to sleep at night nowadays...especially my belly is growing big, baby's kicking me hard big time and every time she does that she wakes me up. Oh Lord, help me! 

Credit Repair Info

Are you one of those people suffering from bad credit? Well, I hear you. I know it is not easy and no matter how hard we try to clear our bad credit history, we feel like we can't do anything about it as if the world turned upside down. Worry no more, Credit Repair specialists are here to help you get out the trap you are in. They offer The Best Credit Repair Service.

There are a number of items that can cause individuals to have a bad credit history including unpaid debts, charge offs, tax liens, collections, bankruptcies. All of these negative items can contribute to a negative credit history. The website also provides information to consumers on how to repair their negative credit history. While it is good to maintain a good credit history it can also be the best method to increase individual economic stability as well as it will lead to a better financial future. And what if you aren't one of those and are terribly suffering suffering from a low credit score you should definitely consider Credit Repair.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Should Be Exercising

It's such a beautiful day in Texas today. It's been like this since yesterday after two days of being so cold, gloomy, rainy and lots of thunderstorms and lightning. It is only 70 degrees outside, perfect for walking. I need to do my exercise but how can I if I sat my ass on the computer for 6 hours now? I shouldn't let it happen. I know it's my fault, no one's to be blame for this but me.

It is getting late either. My Jadyn hasn't taken a nap, my husband is probably is on his way home yet I've not done any of my chores except did a quick cleaning in the kitchen. I feel useless and lazy. My lower back is hurting, belly feels tight and I feel like my bottom is carrying all the weight right now and it hurts. I really should be exercising, if I let this beautiful day pass by and not walking even at least a block away I would be guilty and pissed at myself!

Herbalife Distributors

Every housewife today wants something to make themselves busy while staying at home with their kids. Taking care of our kids can be overwhelming, alright but I think moms like us are shaped to be tougher and play the role of a superwoman. Juggling between looking after the kids, chores and earning money can be tough but most moms are doing it. Why not?

If you are a mom like me whose days are mostly spent at home, why not do something worthwhile that could bring in extra cash to the household by becoming one of the Herbalife Distributors? Become a part of the team of Herbalife. It has helped millions of people worldwide. Do you live in Texas and want to know more about herbalife? Please check out this Herbalife Texas Directory. Together we can make a great team. Let us join this kind of business anyway, there is no harm in trying and you can quit anytime if you feel you don't like it.

Save Some Space

When you have kids, the space in your house became smaller. Every empty space you left for other things is valuable. It truly is. For we know kids need to have their own furniture too plus the toys. So it is important to save up some space in your flat, apartment, dormitory or in a single family house so people living in it can still be able to move around. In the kids' bedroom, we all know there isn't much space in there so parents should come up with an idea how to make their kids sleep comfortably without making it too congested for them. Kids Bunk Beds can be a good solution but you only have to buy this if your kids are old enough to sleep in this kind of bed otherwise you are risking your child's safety if you force them to sleep in the bunk bed while they are still a little too young.

Wordless Wednesday #:12 Life's Good!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Twilight Saga Fanatic?

This is a Twilight- New Moon board game that my better half got me. When he said that I have one like this coming in the mail I didn't believe him until it arrived. The reason he got it for me is that he knows how "die- hard" I am to Twilight Saga movies. I love the thought of him buying me this one but the problem is I don't have someone to play it with that is old enough to understand or is able to play the game. My girl is too small for it.

Anybody wanna come visit me and play this game with me sometime? I would be glad to have you here and let's get this game started. I haven't read the instructions yet but I guess it is easy to play.

When Can I Apply?

My friends say it is important to get myself a credit card. If I don't need it now, perhaps someday I will. It is important to accumulate or establish credits under my name. Well, honestly I really would like to have a credit card for myself, but the only thing that is stopping me is I don't know which credit card company should I apply? I have this fear in me that I might get ripped off by companies. If I don't know which one should I sign up to then better not do anything stupid.

I have read a few of them but none really encouraged me to get one. Some companies would cost clients so high choking interests if they fail to pay their credits and I don't want that to ever happen to myself. I would love it if I feel comfortable with them, a friendly one and could offer me benefits as their customers like certificate of deposit, could give me secure a competitive rate and guaranteed returns. A company that can offer me money safety and offers terms from 3 months to 10 years. Or duh, whatever. I might ask my husband's opinion first regarding this matter or ask his advice what's best to do with applying a credit card for he knows better than me.

Web Design

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Sudden Change Of Temperature

For the past several weeks we have had warm temperatures in low 70's and high 90's. There were times when I really thought that we are getting into summer too soon because of the heat we had. There were days when I wanted to walk around the block and I couldn't because the heat was almost unbearable and I was kind of sad because I know what it means when temps in the 90's.

But then, look at us now. It got real cold since yesterday. In fact, we are back to wearing our jackets and jammies right now...and the temperature??? Oh you don't wanna know... it's freaking 45 degrees, plus it's raining, gloomy and just awfully cold! Truly, Texas weather is unpredictable and fickle... as fickle as a woman's mind. Thus, I wouldn't want to move to other states where cold winter days are longer. Here in our place, we have long beautiful weather than cold temps yet I still complain.

How Much Per Ounce?

When we speak of gold the very first thing that comes in our mind is this yellow, glittering and valuable material that a person can have. If you look at the price of gold on the internet today, you will know how much you get an ounce of it, a staggering $1,636.81! Yes, that much! How do I know this? Because I did try to search for a ggold price out of curiosity. You can do it yourself too by entering the search keyword gold prices, gold spot or gold price.

Here is a bit of information from the website I just visited, this for you to know...
The spot gold price or the price of gold is set or "fixed" in London by a group of 5 banks. Gold prices being fixed began on September 12th 1919 origionally by gold bullion traders and refiners of that time. The gold price is set and designed to provide a recognized rate that is used as a benchmark for the majority of gold products current gold prices and derivatives throughout the world's markets. Gold prices are currently fixed in U.S dollars, euros, and british pounds. The price of gold is fixed twice a day by telephone, at 10:30 GMT and 15:00 GMT.

Mellow Yellow Monday #:8 Sweet Yellow


These are the kind of fruits that I missed about shopping at the Asian Market. Yes, I know there are plenty of mangoes in a box but I have to buy lots of it because we don't shop their more often. Besides, mangoes are my and Jadyn's favorite. They are very sweet and not pulpy. I know nothing beats the Philippine mangoe but this kind from Mexico is good enough. These are large mangoes but I tell you what? I can eat at least 3 of it in one time with a meal if I don't control myself. What I do instead is eat one and give one to Jadyn every after meal to make the mangoes last longer.

....... bananas... the kind that we Filipinas like. This is something that we can boil, fry or simply cook with glutinous rice for snacks!

Walgreens Brand Health and Wellness Products

This is a compensated post written by me on behalf of Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

People let us participate Walgreens Way to Well Fund™ by purchasing Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products. Every purchase made, it will give back or helps support their mission of bringing wellness services to local communities. Doesn't it feel good to contribute a little for the wellness of our community? I do feel good about it that is why from now on, we will try our best to purchase our mouth antiseptic in Walgreens.

We received their product and guess what? We will definitely settle on this one since Walgreens Brand Mouth  Rinse has the right ingredient that my husband would prefer using, rather than other national brand names for mouthwash. It doesn't contain alcohol. Alcohol converts into sugar and sugar helps the decay. That is something that he tries to avoid that is why we found this specific oral rinse from Walgreens to be the one we are looking for. Big plus is that it is ADA accepted. 

Besides, Walgreens products are more affordable than other pharmacies or stores. Saving on over-the counter medicines can greatly help our budget that is why I encourage everyone to buy Walgreens Brand Health and Wellness products for the following reasons;

* Walgreens pharmacist recommended.

* Most contain the same active ingredients as other national brands.

* 100 % satisfaction guaranteed.


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Sunday, May 1, 2011

An Eyeball With Girlfriends

I've been talking to these two girls on the internet for three years. They are the authors of the following blogs; Selina of A Place To Belong and Claire of My Rendezvous. Both were introduced to me by our common friend Anne Thompson of Mary Anne's Musings whom I met for the first time in person during my visit in Davao last December.

Anyway, our meeting last April 26 was a blast. As we all got along pretty well, I felt very comfortable with the two girls, big bonus of course because they speak the same language as me. It was a miracle,really. Our eyeball wasn't planned at all. It was Claire who called us both that they are gonna come down to Fort Worth to do some errands and that she couldn't let the opportunity to pass by not seeing us. So nice of her to do that knowing that she lives 6 hours away by car from us.

I put it this way, Cla2x must be very interested in seeing us for she really found a way to get here, or if she wasn't...she would have excuses or alibi. I appreciate her for doing that. It was truly one very good eyeball for three of us and guess what? It was our very first time to see one another in person even though Selina and I live closer than Cla2x.......

....Selina in Stripe, me in the middle and Cla2x in blue top girl, Selina and I in her backyard...Cla2x was the photographer...

........and this was me and Mary Anne last December @ Bigbay's in Davao... amazing how God connected all four of us through this very one person that made our friendship possible.

Takes Too Long To Start Up

I noticed something is wrong with my computer. I just knew it for I don't normally shutdown my computer. When I am done using it, I would put my laptop to sleep and for the longest time it has been like that and yesterday I did try to shut it down. It took longer to shutdown and much worse when I tried using it again, it has taken twice the times to start up than it was to shut down.

I start to feel that there is problem with my computer, that is something I am not prepared to face at this point. I know it is over three years old but oh please not now. It is showing some signs of usage and it has aged on me for the past three years in my hands. Letting it go would be difficult because it has became part of myself.

However though, when time comes that I really should replace it and buy a new one, I guess should just let it go and enjoy the new computer, it's capability, a more faster and upgrade laptop would be great. Dell computers, I may try to look at them and read their reviews as well as the units. It would be one of the prospects of computer that I might buy in the future through the use of Dell coupon codes so I can save some bucks on the computer.

If you need to buy one too, please use Dell coupons and take advantage of the discount it gives you. Dell coupons are truly great!


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