Monday, May 2, 2011

Sudden Change Of Temperature

For the past several weeks we have had warm temperatures in low 70's and high 90's. There were times when I really thought that we are getting into summer too soon because of the heat we had. There were days when I wanted to walk around the block and I couldn't because the heat was almost unbearable and I was kind of sad because I know what it means when temps in the 90's.

But then, look at us now. It got real cold since yesterday. In fact, we are back to wearing our jackets and jammies right now...and the temperature??? Oh you don't wanna know... it's freaking 45 degrees, plus it's raining, gloomy and just awfully cold! Truly, Texas weather is unpredictable and fickle... as fickle as a woman's mind. Thus, I wouldn't want to move to other states where cold winter days are longer. Here in our place, we have long beautiful weather than cold temps yet I still complain.

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