Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Poem Dedicated To My Own Mother

I know it will be impossible for my mother to read the poem I personally selected dedicated only for her but I am posting it here anyway. Who knows along the way she will stumble in this blog and find it. Happy Mother's Day to you Mama even though sometimes we argue! And to all the mothers out there, let's toast for this day! Cheers!

I Know We Sometimes Argue

I know we sometimes argue, and
I sometimes blow my lid.
But I still love you very much:
I'm only just a kid.

Sometimes I need to push against
The fences you erect,
Even though I know they're there
To shelter and protect.
I know you want the best for me
And to keep me from all harm.
I just want you to know I couldn't
Have a better mom.

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