Friday, May 6, 2011

Online Shopping For Filipino Goodies

I do online shopping mostly for clothes, lotions and other stuff but not Filipino goodies. It was my first time to do grocery shopping on the internet. If it wasn't because of the natural vinegar I so wanted to have, I wouldn't do the shopping online. I ordered for some junk foods, instant noodles, Milo malt drink for my girl and flat tops chocolate along with "suka pinakurat" last Monday and the package that cost me ten bucks arrived late this afternoon.

I am happy and content the goodies are here. Now I can have something to use when I fry some salted fish, for all you know salted fish taste even better when  paired with "suka pinakurat". This will probably be my first and last shopping for Pinoy grocery on the internet, I am pregnant and it was just a trip waking up early morning and just thought of buying those stuff without thinking whether it's right or not. The shipping just cost too much but all in all I am happy of what I bought.

1 comment:

aimee said...

COngratulations on your pregnancy! I love sukang pinakurat and salted fish! Happy Mother's day to you! Enjoy your weekend!


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