Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poor Is The World

Honestly, I am tired of blogging. If I had a choice I would have stopped doing it for money. It's okay to blog for personal purposes but not for making money, it sucks. It would be nice if it is the same as I started 4 years ago where you can post an entry for 15 bucks the lowest payout. In today's world, you can no longer see advertisers offering that amount. Every day as I wake up, all I could think about is if there are opportunities I can grab or do, if there are... it would be at least a dollar or less an entry. Plus you don't get paid unless you reach the maximum withdrawal amount which could take you a month or more to come up.

There are some better paying paid blogging sites but they don't always give us bags to grab. You have to constantly refresh the page in order to be lucky. SIGH. Do I sound frustrated? Maybe? Or this could be just pregnancy blues I am feeling right now?


WAHMBrenda said...

I was just saying that about freelance writing the other day. Six years ago when I first started things were so much better. I don't know why they're so bad now.

Meghan said...

Don't do it for money, do it for you. the money can be just a plus from time to time! I blog to share with my family and friends. If someone wants to pay me $50 for going to a gas station sure (I'm heading there anyways) do what you like it's not fun if its a burden


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