Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nail Painting Session

Whatever mommy does, the big girl has to do it too. If I color my nails, rest assured my girl would want to have her nails painted as well. She just thinks she is big enough to know what is pretty or not.

I have three different nail colors; blue, black and orange. I let her choose which one she likes and she chose the orange one. I was not planning of painting her toe nails but then when I was done with her fingernails, she insisted her toenails will be painted as well. Silly girl. Mommy can't say no to her so I did it anyway. 

When all her finger and toenails were painted, she made a happy and proud face to mommy that made my heart overjoyed. You can only imagine how that simple gesture that her mommy did to her brought such happiness to her heart. 

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