Monday, May 16, 2011

Not Appropriate For Little Children

It was my little siblings who introduced Happy Tree Friends show on youtube to my little girl. They watched it together and the little kids seemed to enjoy watching it including my girl. One time, I sat down with them and watched it myself, I found out this is kind of weird cartoons for them to be watching. It is violent, bloody and a lot of decapitated head, arms and body scenes that would bring nightmares to some kids. My Jadyn's reaction while watching this video was OW! She sounded as if she was hurt and feeling the pain too.

You as an adult, you will have to watch it yourself first before you let your kids see for it really is not appropriate for your kids or little children, that is of course in my own opinion.


anne said...

piskot na, murag mao ni gitan aw ni Mj ug faith gabii bantog lang si faith nag sige ug dagan wala man sad koy nakit an ug bloody unsa bah, kay gatan aw man sad ko ug green rose wahhh

Shobha said...

It is indeed violent clip...don't know what is happening, even the cartoons are full of violence...too bad for the kids.


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