Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kitchen Nightmares Is One Of My Favorite Shows

I don't know what's with Chef Gordon Ramsey why I love watching his show, Kitchen Nightmares on t.v. He doesn't look like a likable guy for most people but for some reason there is something in him that I so love! I love it when he is called to help rescue a dying and sinking restaurants all over the country and help them get back on track.

My most favorite parts of the show are; when he tries to taste the food and he criticize them with no hesitation even if it means hurting the restaurant owners. If they are hurt and offended, me as a viewer agrees to what Ramsey will say. I know he only does it in order to improve the quality of food that a restaurant serves and of course he aims nothing but to help them retain their customers. Secondly, is when he checks for the overall cleanliness of the establishment. He is so blatant telling the owners the place hasn't been cleaned for decades just like the last episode I have watched last week. He even checks the restaurant's refrigeration and freezer (such a coincidence the restaurant was using fridge and freezer from Tiger Chef's), if they got enough restaurant supplies to make good food, check up how clean the kitchen is, how fresh the food they serve and etc.

I guess being in the food industry, you have to be so meticulous when it comes to proper hygiene and that is what Gordon Ramsey is trying to teach owners who don't care about maintaining the environment's cleanliness.

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WAHMBrenda said...

I love that show too! I've been watching it on the BBC here lately as then I can watch it daily and they usually have 2 episodes on back-to-back - makes me 1 happy camper LOL


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