Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Should Be Exercising

It's such a beautiful day in Texas today. It's been like this since yesterday after two days of being so cold, gloomy, rainy and lots of thunderstorms and lightning. It is only 70 degrees outside, perfect for walking. I need to do my exercise but how can I if I sat my ass on the computer for 6 hours now? I shouldn't let it happen. I know it's my fault, no one's to be blame for this but me.

It is getting late either. My Jadyn hasn't taken a nap, my husband is probably is on his way home yet I've not done any of my chores except did a quick cleaning in the kitchen. I feel useless and lazy. My lower back is hurting, belly feels tight and I feel like my bottom is carrying all the weight right now and it hurts. I really should be exercising, if I let this beautiful day pass by and not walking even at least a block away I would be guilty and pissed at myself!

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The Blonde Duck said...

Fellow Texan popping in to say hi!


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