Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cake Pops, Try It!

Have you ever heard of cupcake on a pretzel stick? Jessica Cervantes the creator of Popsy cakes invites you to try the world’s first cupcake on a pretzel stick. Check out some of her handmade treats such as cake pops. Try this taste bud bursting strawberry cake wrapped in creamy white chocolate for example, your little kiddos or someone who receive the treat can't resist. If you buy 12 you will save $10 and get one FREE! So if you order a dozen, you can expect 13 pieces in the package when you receive it. Here is one good thing about this product, you can customize the back side of each PopsyCake with your personalized message and picture by simply mailing them to the specific e-mail address written in their site.

Sweet treats like these make perfect gifts by the half dozen or full dozen for birthdays, holidays, showers and any occasion! PopsyCakes are now a national sensation as a gourmet cake pop type treat on edible sticks. Try some today!

................ try this sweet Strawberry Milkshake on a stick now!

1 comment:

Carol said...

Those look delicious!


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