Thursday, May 5, 2011

God's Message For Me Today

Don't make your waking life and responsibilities so important that you neglect the very real benefits of sleep, rest, and dreaming. The night is your time of restoration. It is essential. God made both day and night for a reason.

One of my favorite apps on Facebook is this Message from God thingy that is delivered to my wall everyday. It gives me heartwarming messages that truly inspire, encourage me and put my heart at ease.  This kind of applications are most helpful to everybody that they should have it in their wall. 

Today's message soothes my soul. God knows how I feel inside, He knows me very well and He does know exactly what I need this time. Oh sleep... seems so aloof these days. I try hard to get a full shut eye of 8 hours every night but I just couldn't. It's hard to find that comfortable position to sleep at night nowadays...especially my belly is growing big, baby's kicking me hard big time and every time she does that she wakes me up. Oh Lord, help me! 


♥ StylisHedForeVer said...

Such a good read! You have a lovely blog :)

anne said...

sige lang girl after ana, makagakos naman sad ka sa imong baby, siya na sad imong samuk samukon hehehe btw oo kita ko sa akong papa sa likod, wala ko nahadlok oi daghan man tao pero nakahilak kog kusog wahhhh


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