Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Denver-based business and investment consulting professional

In every endeavor we take, we need self discipline, prayer, hard work, determination and most of all help from experts especially when we plan to put up our own business or raise funds for certain events or a foundation/charity. With that being said, one I can think of helping us make the important decisions for our business, Scott Gelbard is the man. 

He is someone who is an investment consultant and have worked from a different financial institution companies. F. Gelbard Scott is a Denver-based business and investment consulting professional that works with a variety of high-level international clients providing an advice on optimizing wealth and enhancing country-to-country business exchanges and partnerships. 

His involvement in his community is noteworthy as well. He supports a range of charitable causes that include fundraising events to find a cure for breast cancer, efforts to benefit military veterans with disabilities, and food drives to aid families in need. Scott Gelbard also serves his community through volunteer athletic coaching in hockey and soccer. To read more about him, please click Mr. Gelbard's link here.


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