Monday, February 28, 2011

How I Wish

There are days when Jadyn just voluntarily sleeps in her bed without me forcing or asking her- if she does that, she makes me happy. Some days, she wouldn't even bother going in her bedroom and use her own bed instead sleeps in between us.

How I wish that she would just use her own Princess bed to sleep every night before the baby gets here. Promise, I tried convincing her that sleeping in her own bed is just okay and that it feels comfortable. Yes, she can sleep there during the early hours in the night but when dawn comes, she would just cry and move to our bed. When is this baby gonna learn to just by herself?

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Conceiving A Baby

I know any couple who wishes to conceive a baby the excitement they feel of the thought that they soon will have their bundle of joy in the house that completes them as a family. I've been married to my husband for six years and before there were just the two of us. Then there came our dog. After a year of living together as a married couple, we wished for a baby and so God granted us with a healthy baby girl named Jadyn. She is now three years old. We couldn't be more happier of Jadyn's arrival to our home.

Three years after, I long for another baby. It took us five months before we could finally have this little life implanted in my womb. Thank God for another blessing. How lucky I am to know that my wishes and prayers having babies have been granted by our God above. Absolutely happy here because I know not all women can bear babies and that they are having fertility issues. It would take them years before they can conceive babies or worse they will have to go through different methods or undergo fertility treatments.

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Happy Monday!

It's Monday, argggsss! For sure a lot of people don't love when first day of work week is here. For some reason, Monday is the most hated day of the week. No one wants to get up, rushing to work or school. Even I, don't have anything to do on Mondays, I feel the blues too. I somehow felt that I am obliged to get up at 8 just so I can do my chores early, finish them early and relax when afternoon comes.

I have a lot of things in mind for today. I shall see if I am going to be able to do them all as I really feel sooooooooo lazy this morning when I got up. It is only 9:47 in the morning, my stomach is slightly starving yet I don't want to go to the kitchen and find some foods to eat. Lazy talaga!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I might need a couple of new brassieres for the reason I am pregnant and my body changes. My old ones seem so tight and don't fit right especially in the bust area. I would want a Bra and Cami with cleavage cover so I may have to look at those types on the internet first as to what store has them. Also, being pregnant, I get irritated right away in every small things or for no reason at all. It could be because of hormonal changes. I even get annoyed with the tangled clothes I wear, how much more wearing uncomfortable bra? I guess, either the bra and cami with cleavage cover or a seamless shape wear are good options when buying new inner wear. I hope they bring me satisfaction and comfort through out my pregnancy. I just want to be comfortable as much as possible until the baby comes out. When that times comes, I can then slowly work out and hopefully my goes back to its normal shape of course with the help of a body shaper bra.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cold Morning

Geez it's very cold. I didn't want to get up but was forced to because I was hungry. If only it isn't time yet, I would have stayed in bed until ten but then I have a little fetus to feed. One week of having very nice temperature and then it suddenly dropped down to 39 degrees that leaves me shivering this morning or up 'till this moment even if I already had a cup of warm chocolate drink. I thought winter was over? So this is what Pete Delkus the weatherman was saying, cold front is coming and here it is! I hope that it's gonna warm up a bit as we get to the afternoon for I have things to do in mind outside the house. I can't do them unless the temperature is bearable for us to be outside.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Nice Patterns

Jadyn at 3 has learned to make or draw different patterns on a paper. She has improved her drawing throughout the year. From drawing just simple lines to making a rounded or potato-shaped pattern to adding eyes and feet to it. Then she got tired of that, she improved her drawing to making zigzag lines which then formed into a series of mountains. The latest she draw is the vertical lines using different colors which make it beautiful after filling a whole page of small spiral notebook. I wish I took close up snaps of her artwork for keeps forever.

........ caught her doing her favorite past time with the use of crayons..she does it anytime and anywhere she feels like doing it... and hmm look at the backpack along with her trucks...

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Have A Nice Sunday Everyone!

Happy and nice Sunday my dear friends, readers and visitors. Enjoy the day with your family and friends!!!

Dried Fish!!

I am so tempted frying some dried fish I have in our refrigerator but the problem is I've been having that stubborn "burning sensation" in the mornings. I am afraid it's gonna get worse and will turn into UTI. Oh please God forbid. I don't want to be sick and be hospitalized just because of that. I have had traumatic experiences in hospitals with my Jadyn so as much as possible I'd like to avoid doing things or eating salty foods that could trigger UTI. But hey, looking at the shot above that I snagged on FB, who wouldn't be drooling with this tamban dried fish with matching tomatoes? SLURP!!!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Free Stuff

Grab your free stuff guys. Thank You!


A dog is the only thing on this earth that loves you more than he loves himself.
Josh Billings (Henry Wheeler Shaw)

Best friends are what they are. They share a special bond together since they have known each other when they were infants.  They are almost of the same age, only Chichang is 2 months older than she is. They play together, sit and lay down together comfortably. But when Chichang is sleeping and Jadyn mess with her, rest assured that she'd get mad too, put a tooth mark on her skin but not totally making Jadyn bleed. 

Ink Grabber

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In The 70's

Just last week we had a freezing temperature and look at us now, we have a temperature in the 70's at least it is going to stay like this for the whole week. How awesome! We don't even have our heater running. I turned it off yesterday morning and opened the door and windows instead letting the fresh air in. At night in the bed, we didn't turn on our electric blanket, just the thin sheet and the quilt. Texas weather is truly unpredictable. 70's in Winter? Where else can you get that temperature other than here?? February is suppose to be the coldest month of the year but hey, mind you we are enjoying our sun this week yah know? Aren't you jealous people in cold states???? SIGH. Gotta do something fun outside and take advantage of the sunny day we are experiencing.


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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Greeting


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Friday, February 11, 2011

Her Only Cousin And Playmate

This is Jadyn and her only cousin and playmate in the Philippines, Julian. He was the only playmate she had during the whole time we were there just because my little siblings go to school and so they cannot play with Jadyn as much as they wanted to. They can only have time with their niece once they arrive home from school and during weekends. While with Julian, they were together almost all the time since Julian lives few steps away from my parents' house. 

Early morning as soon as my girl wakes up, she'd go to Julian's and knock on their door so they can play. Just days after we came home here in Texas, Jadyn was telling me she misses Julian already. Poor girl! Now she's home with her dada left with no one else to play except her dog, Chicha.

Baby Nursery Ideas

I will have my first OBGyn visit in two hours time for my second baby. Right at this moment, I am somehow skeptical of me being pregnant because I am showing no signs of pregnancy. I would only trust that I truly am preggy once I hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. I am excited hearing it today, you bet. I guess the feelings will be the same when I first heard Jadyn's heartbeat 3 years ago. I got teary-eyed and almost couldn't believe I was carrying a small life inside my womb.

With all these being said, I am also anxious preparing our new baby's room. Jadyn isn't using her bedroom so I might use it for the second one, decorate it a bit, add some things that a newborn needs and organize a bit maybe so it will be ready before the baby is here. However, I may need some new Baby Nursery Ideas to make the room comfortable and warm enough for our little one. I know it is normal for decorating a nursery room to be stressful but it doesn't have to be that way. Of course one can make it an exciting experience instead with Vertbaudet's cosy and stylish interior designs and furnishings. Wonderful cots and bedding, beautiful decorations and more.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Messy Bedroom

This is how her bedroom is like right now. It's been so messy since we arrived from the Philippines a week ago. When entered the house, it was all neat and in order but then when Jadyn came, everything turned upside down. It is also messy in some parts of the house but I managed to clean it up. Heck, I am not in the mood to fix her mess in the bedroom. I guess it's gonna stay like that for the rest of the week. Why would I clean after it if minutes later she'd scatter her toys again, there's just no sense tidying up someone's bedroom while the owner is not helping me.

........above photo is my little palalat about to scatter her toys even more.. this is in our living room area and the place is already a mess...
.... her bedroom.. you can tell at least there were 7 tornado touchdowns happened from the past days here...

Baby Proofing Your House

Are you planning of having a baby soon or is there one already coming on the way? If so, I think it is time to baby proofing your house ahead of time. So when baby is here, all you got to do is focus on taking care of him or her. You can install baby gates, pressure gates or pets gates on areas you don't want your baby to be going. Just take precautions before accidents happen. You know babies grow fast and before you know it, they are under your sink messing around hazardous chemicals or if you have a two-story house, it would be very dangerous for the child to get close to the stairs and fall down. That is why gates are advised to be installed to keep your child safety at all times.

Oh one last thing, if you have pets in the house, be sure to install pet gates as well because it happened to us when our baby was just a month old. Our jealous dog climbed onto our bed where the baby was bundled up sleeping, she went there and scratched her head down to the face that left a deep red scar on the baby's face for 30 minutes. You don't want that to happen to your baby, do you?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Last Minute Eyeball

I did my last minute eyeball with Janette Berdon and Leizl the day I was supposed to be in the airplane flying back to Texas. When I did that eyeball (January 29,2011) in the morning I thought I would be flying that evening on the same day but little did I know, I already missed my flight. I realized it during midday that I should have checked in the 28th of January night. While I was having fun chitchatting with the girls, I did not know I was way behind my schedule so I re-booked my flight two days after. Luckily, we didn't pay a penny for re-booking. Thanks to our agent, Lily Bogan for her immediate help and for confirming our seats at the last minute. It was such a challenge for me because we didn't have confirmed seats until a few hours left before check in time in the evening of Feb.01,2011. Lily was our angel that day.

Despite of that, we made it to Texas safe and sound, only experienced a few area of turbulence and rough landing at DFW due to very bad weather. It was very windy and snowing the day of our arrival plus the fact that I was held for an hour in the customs and got a penalty of $300 for not declaring the foods I brought from the Philippines and for bringing fresh limes in my luggage. Such an experience that was. Promise I will do it again to piss them (government people) off haha! with the girls @ Gaisano Capital formerly Gaisano Mactan...

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vegetable Stew

I crave for pure native vegetable stew. My stomach is needing it right now since it's very cold and starving to death. I so missed those days at my grandma's place where we can just pick veggies straight and fresh from her garden. Hot soup like this is so good to slurp when it's served hot and smoking. Sigh!

Drop In Sinks

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Undermount Sinks

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Snow Accumulation

We got 4 inches of snow accumulated yesterday starting midnight of 4th until early morning. It was an inch more than what they predicted, enough snow to make a snowman but nobody even dare to make one. The temperature was freezing so we only played a bit outside just right after grocery shopping and stayed the rest of the day inside the house. Today the sun is up hoping that it will melt the remaining snow on the ground before another 30% falls this coming Wednesday. Snow is fun and pretty, alright! But the coldness it brings is no fun.
..... 4 inches thick of snow that was on our patio table...looks pretty natural as if it was made perfectly for a purpose...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Original Red Tabasco

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I am the type of person who also loves  cooking in our own kitchen. This is of course to save us some bucks, instead of going out to the restaurants, I do our own meal at home. Aside from that we don't want other hands to mess with our foods. One food I love that have Tabasco Original Red in it is a stir fry spinach. Here is how I do it.  I heat the oil in a fry pan and sautee the meat in it. When it turns brown, I then put the onions and minced garlic to it. Then followed by plenty of spinach, add seasoning to it. When it is almost done, I make sure to add ample amount of Tabasco Original Red to my food then voila! I have easy and instant meal that could last until dinner. 

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Exhausted Baby

Jadyn has been my partner in traveling back and forth to the Philippines. It was her second trip to PI this year. She is a fine traveler, really no complain nor crying during the whole flight. She would just eat, play and sleep when in the airplane. But the only thing I complain about her is that she DOESN'T WALK when I need her to walk. Why on earth she doesn't walk, she really loves watching me heavily burden by her plus I had to pull my carry-on and purse in the airport.

Okay, I understand flying in an airplane is tiring and exhausting that is why she had to sleep the possible way she can when she had a chance. Photos are proof of her looking exhausted. These were taken at Incheon International Airport in South Korea. Peacefully sleeping after just 4 hours of flying from PI to Incheon. Cute, ain't she?

Weight Loss Pills

It's forgivable to eat a lot during Winter simply because you feel weak if you don't feed your stomach. At least that is how I feel also so don't feel guilty if you think you are eating too much during the cold Winter days. Anyway, no matter how terrible the season is, Spring will sure follow and when that time comes, make sure to look for best weight loss pills you can find online so you will shed the unwanted pounds you put on during the whole months of hibernation.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This Is What I Came Home To

I wasn't prepared to come home in a cold weather. I really thought I could just handle the winter weather in Texas. You see, I just came home from my vacation in hot and humid Philippines and snowy/icy weather condition here is something I wasn't expecting. Snow here usually melts in one day but it's the second or third day it's still in the ground with its freezing temperature, the snow turned into ice that makes it dangerous for motorists to drive. Schools and churches are closed, many motorists are stranded and worse many got into accidents.

When we were driving home from the airport yesterday, I witnessed the pickup truck just spinning so fast , the driver couldn't control his truck anymore that he just let it spin and spin until it finally stopped that he ended up facing at the wrong side of the road. That was scary shall I say. For proof of the bad weather, here are some snaps that my husband took after the slow and dangerous drive yesterday.

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Saying Goodbye Is Not Easy

Why do saying goodbyes to family or close friends aren't always easy? Although I prepared myself before I left in the Philippines, I felt a bit disappointed when the realization hit me when I landed in DFW International Airport. I saw some white dusting on the ground as I listened to the deafening sound of silence as I walked out the airport. It hit me big time when I realized I am no longer with my Filipino families and that I am back to reality where life is different. It is going to take another few years before I can see them again. Who knows when but all I know is that my next trip wouldn't be next years or anytime soon for the reason I am pregnant and there will be more than 2 people traveling next time.

However, I keep constant communication through long distance calling on the phone or texting them through yahoo messenger but that wouldn't be enough. Yes, you heard me complaining on Facebook about them being so noisy and loud mouths in the early mornings but that doesn't mean I am not going to miss them at all. All I have here are the memories shared with family throughout my vacation, the not so nice and good times I spent with them should be enough for now.

Here are photos of my final day with family. These were taken in our house and a few at the airport just before boarding in the airplane.
......... photo above is of Jadyn, papa and mama..Jadyn was resisting because she didn't wanna be held by them..
... still in our house with her fave uncle, Elan..Iyod as she calls him..
.....above and below photos are the final moments spent with them at Mactan-Cebu International airport before boarding on January 31,2011

Sports Betting

I just arrived home in Texas a couple of hours ago from my two-month long vacation in hot Philippines. While I was there I found out that two of my brothers along with all male neighbors love watching National Basketball Association games on t.v. They are so into it, I can pretty much tell just by their loud cheering when their favorite team is on t.v playing. What they do is they bet on sports specifically the basketball game and whose team is going to win, a group of people can get the money from their opponents. That is how they do it there back in my native country.

However, here in the U.S, people who are sports fanatic do it differently by doing the online sports betting. That is the convenience of having an easy access to the internet. There are several sites where they can bet on sports and one particular website that everybody loves to go is the It is where they can get all the sports betting news, team stats, betting odds, best bonuses, win predictions, tips and tricks and many more.


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