Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In The 70's

Just last week we had a freezing temperature and look at us now, we have a temperature in the 70's at least it is going to stay like this for the whole week. How awesome! We don't even have our heater running. I turned it off yesterday morning and opened the door and windows instead letting the fresh air in. At night in the bed, we didn't turn on our electric blanket, just the thin sheet and the quilt. Texas weather is truly unpredictable. 70's in Winter? Where else can you get that temperature other than here?? February is suppose to be the coldest month of the year but hey, mind you we are enjoying our sun this week yah know? Aren't you jealous people in cold states???? SIGH. Gotta do something fun outside and take advantage of the sunny day we are experiencing.

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