Sunday, February 6, 2011

Last Minute Eyeball

I did my last minute eyeball with Janette Berdon and Leizl the day I was supposed to be in the airplane flying back to Texas. When I did that eyeball (January 29,2011) in the morning I thought I would be flying that evening on the same day but little did I know, I already missed my flight. I realized it during midday that I should have checked in the 28th of January night. While I was having fun chitchatting with the girls, I did not know I was way behind my schedule so I re-booked my flight two days after. Luckily, we didn't pay a penny for re-booking. Thanks to our agent, Lily Bogan for her immediate help and for confirming our seats at the last minute. It was such a challenge for me because we didn't have confirmed seats until a few hours left before check in time in the evening of Feb.01,2011. Lily was our angel that day.

Despite of that, we made it to Texas safe and sound, only experienced a few area of turbulence and rough landing at DFW due to very bad weather. It was very windy and snowing the day of our arrival plus the fact that I was held for an hour in the customs and got a penalty of $300 for not declaring the foods I brought from the Philippines and for bringing fresh limes in my luggage. Such an experience that was. Promise I will do it again to piss them (government people) off haha! with the girls @ Gaisano Capital formerly Gaisano Mactan...

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