Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Saying Goodbye Is Not Easy

Why do saying goodbyes to family or close friends aren't always easy? Although I prepared myself before I left in the Philippines, I felt a bit disappointed when the realization hit me when I landed in DFW International Airport. I saw some white dusting on the ground as I listened to the deafening sound of silence as I walked out the airport. It hit me big time when I realized I am no longer with my Filipino families and that I am back to reality where life is different. It is going to take another few years before I can see them again. Who knows when but all I know is that my next trip wouldn't be next years or anytime soon for the reason I am pregnant and there will be more than 2 people traveling next time.

However, I keep constant communication through long distance calling on the phone or texting them through yahoo messenger but that wouldn't be enough. Yes, you heard me complaining on Facebook about them being so noisy and loud mouths in the early mornings but that doesn't mean I am not going to miss them at all. All I have here are the memories shared with family throughout my vacation, the not so nice and good times I spent with them should be enough for now.

Here are photos of my final day with family. These were taken in our house and a few at the airport just before boarding in the airplane.
......... photo above is of Jadyn, papa and mama..Jadyn was resisting because she didn't wanna be held by them..
... still in our house with her fave uncle, Elan..Iyod as she calls him..
.....above and below photos are the final moments spent with them at Mactan-Cebu International airport before boarding on January 31,2011

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