Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Intimate Moment With My Baby

Now Is The Time

School started a month ago. Therefore, only very few people left are shopping for school supplies. And stores for sure still have a lot of school supplies need to get rid of before they go old in the store shelves. Most stores once stocks are out of season, they sell them for a much cheaper price. I really do believe now is the time to buy for discount school supply and stock up for the next school year.

If you should just be practical you know you can save a lot of money if you are eager to do what is necessary now that the economy is still down. We know for a fact, that school supplies takes at least 10% of our budget plus you also have to deal with your kids' school projects that will come through out the school year. So we as parents, should find small ways in order to save at least a few bucks.

If you are a parent with schooling kids, for sure you know where to go and what specific stores to shop for your kids needs. If you can't find great deals locally then turn to the internet, browse on different online stores and never stop until you find that very store you are comfortable shopping from.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mellow Yellow #:21 Admire...But Do Not Touch


....... I took this photo of a sign placed on the dashboard of one of the yellow Lamborghinis at the Italian Car Fest in Grapevine saying "ADMIRE... BUT PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH". I can understand the owner for he's got a very nice car there and of course he doesn't want anybody putting dirt, a ding or dent into his valuable property.

Enrolled Agent Study Guide

Every single person in this world has his or her own dream of becoming. A specific career maybe. Some people love doing the computer or internet technology, others love serving their community and there are those that love numbers so much. For those who are thinking of becoming of one of the IRS people, you can get a studying material in order to pass the enrolled agent exam become qualified as an IRS agent. Check out a complete enrolled agent course here. It is the only enrolled agent study course you need, contains only the information you need and provides you with complete enrolled agent study guide.

It is updated for 2011-2012 test period. Where else can you get a free online EA practice questions but by using this book or study guide. In fact, 82.8% of their students who use this guide pass all three exams on the first try. For more information about this book, visit the links above.

Friday, September 23, 2011

I Am A Super Woman!

I can best describe myself as a super woman. You know why? You, people out there especially the husbands don't ever think your wives have an easy life staying at home because the fact is, we don't. Firstly, if you go to work, you only have to deal with your job 8 to 10 hours everyday for five days while stay home wives especially the mothers, we work full-time 24/7 with no break. Even at night time we'll have to get up just to attend our baby's needs.

Speaking of being a super woman, I think I just turned into one this morning. Wow what a crazy morning I had to start my Friday. As soon as I got up from the bed, I fed my little Megan and put her to sleep, changed her crib bedding, washed her clothes. And while waiting for the laundry, I did the second bathroom. When I was done in the bathroom, I swept the t.v.,living room and kitchen floors. Vacuumed the rugs afterwards, had to take a break (went outside to bring my Jadyn inside and bathed her real quick). I was panting and thirsty (while taking a break I sat on my computer uploading videos on Youtube and doing the Facebook). After I did all those things the surroundings looked organized and a bit clean then the husband came out from his study and uttered "look nice!". I knew exactly what he meant by that. That is only the word from his mouth that made me feel appreciated, thanks to him he noticed my hard work.

He went to the kitchen carrying our little Megan and then asked, "but where is the breakfast?", huh you kidding me? He didn't realize how busy I was and now he's asking me that? Okay, I replied to him, "I'm not there yet but I'll do it as soon as I can!". And so I started cooking our breakfast (I cooked bacon, fried eggs with tomatoes and onions, toasted some bread). While the bacon is cooking, I managed to do a second load of my laundry then went back to the kitchen to check on the bacon as well as shredding some junk mails. When I was done with my cooking, breakfast is served. Family is happy.

Now, do you believe if I tell you I fed my hungry family and did all the chores in just 2 and a half hours? Oh well, I am not quite done yet for I still have to bathe Megan and fold the clothes! Dang!

MEN, if you were to put yourselves in your wife's shoes, you will know there is not a single LAZY bone in her so don't ever sulk if your wife is not working while you were out there and bringing in checks for the family for we work more than you do!

Poster Size Photos

I love taking photos of my kids, myself and my husband. I got tons of photos uploaded online for my relatives and friends to view on Facebook. I also have posted on other websites for future printing. I am just waiting for the right timing as to when I can get great deals of printing online. Photos since my second baby's birth until now are so precious that I want to blow up them all but I know that is impossible to do.

I would just select the nicest photos though and decide whether to get just the regular printing size or have them printed in larger size. I am having difficulty deciding for now because some of these photos have poor quality and if I blow them up, it will potentially ruin the photograph. However, I found this useful software that does poster printing and not damaging the photo or not making it blurry.

This software I am talking about is developed by a company named Poster Brain. They use a technology that makes it surprisingly easy to blow up any photo or file into a 24x36" poster, overnight. Wow, I love that idea I can do custom poster printing using the said software. Yep, I have seen samples of custom posters on and I am convinced that this is the exact software I want to use for making large copies of my photos. Thank goodness I found it!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Medicare Insurance

Health is wealth. That is what I always put in my mind since high school. Nobody wants to get sick because if a person gets sick, you can expect it will be costly. So if you are healthy, you are lucky.

We should take good care of our body in order to avoid getting sick and spend a lot of money on medical expenses. That is why getting a health insurance policy for all families is a must so that they can have something to help them cover the cost. But not all people are fortunate enough to be able to afford to buy health insurance. While every person has different needs, Medicare Supplemental Insurance strives hard to offer information in order to help people receive the best Medicare supplemental insurance policy the best they could. For information about this, you visit their website at and also to learn about options for vets if you are a veteran!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Tutu Model

I kind of proud of myself for finishing a project so small yet it puts a big smile on my baby girl's face, making a tutu that is. I did not expect for my first tutu to come out this pretty. Not to be conceited I received a fair amount of compliment of my tutu in my Facebook album. Even the little girl loves it a lot.

This tutu shown in the photos below is a combination of mint green, white and light pink colors of tulle but it doesn't show color in the photos. Next time I am going to make her another tutu I would make sure I got the right vibrant colors and I already have an idea what colors should they be; orange, purple and dark or hot pink in time for Halloween so I don't have to buy Jadyn a costume.

For his birthday

Guest post written by Jeramy Sparks

It was coming up on my husband’s birthday last month and I really wanted to get him something special since it was his fortieth. He’s such a great man and he’s really good at gift giving so I wanted to totally outdo him this time around. I decided to go to and get him DirecTV for all his football games since he’d recently joined a fantasy league and I knew he didn’t get all the games he wanted to watch. He was so excited you would have thought I bought him a new car or something!

I hope that when I’m 40 I look as good as Chris does and I really hope I’m being the kind of wife to him that he’s being to me, well, as a husband. I hope my little gift went a ways in showing him how very much he’s appreciated because I just can’t get enough of this amazing man I get to call all my own! Isn’t that the best of all worlds!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Medicare Part D

I may have missed posting about medicare part A,B and C but I'd like to share a little information about medicare part d here. If you wonder about where prescription drug coverage comes in, you may want to read on the link above to get a better understanding of it or to insure coverage for your medications. It is a great link or site to go because there you will find the answer in Medicare plan or the final plan offered through Medicare called part D.

Part D is prescription drug coverage insurance that is provided by private companies approved by Medicare if you may not know it. Enrolling yourself first is the very first step you need to do to become eligible to keep from paying a penalty cost later. Part D was designed to help people with Medicare to lower their prescription drug costs and to protect against future costs. And also also for you to have greater access to medically necessary drugs you have to have a prescription drug plan.
Hope this helps you a bit or I suggest you visit the site or link provided above for more information.

Mellow Yellow #: 20 A Box Of Ripe Mangoes


I bought a box of these yellow mangoes last Friday at the Asian Market. It is a bit expensive at 69 cents each but I bought 16 of it just to satisfy my craving. I did not expect I could see these kind of mangoes at all because summer is almost over and I thought mango trees stop producing fruits. But to my surprise, I found boxes after boxes piled up at the usual market we go shop for Filipino stuff. Thank goodness I will have a week of yummy and sweet dessert!

Florence Mailboxes

We definitely need a new mailbox. If you would walk through the sidewalk outside our house and the rest of the neighborhood, you will see our mailbox is one of those ugly mailboxes that really need a new one like this auth florence I am looking at right now. I always thought florence mailboxes are the best in quality and style plus the different option we can choose like color, finish, material and size. They even have cluster mailboxes for offices, healthcare center or an institution that need a number of mailboxes in one building.

At, is your ultimate source for Auth Florence Mailboxes of every size, finish, style, and material. Here are just few of the reasons why you should shop for mailboxes with them;

Fast Shipping on All Mailboxes
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An Organization Who Stands Behind Their Products & Services

Friday, September 16, 2011

I Missed Driving!

We are going to our babies' Pediatrician in two hours and I should hurry up finishing all my tasks before 9:30. I don't wanna be late, I don't wanna be rushing out the house trying to be at the office on time. I hate rushing because it makes me panic or forget some of the things I need to bring. It will be Megan's 2nd month check up today. I am anxious to know how much she weigh and how tall she is now for I really believe my baby is a lot taller than any 2 month olds out there. She is just so tall, at least that is what I see. She is looks like four months old while in fact she isn't 2 months old yet but she will be on Monday. Time flies fast, amazing!

Moreover, I am excited to go out of the house too so I can get back behind the wheel again. It has been 4 months since I've not driven due to the fact that I was pregnant and my bulging belly gets in the way that is why I stopped driving. When the baby was out, I didn't drive right away either for I was too drowsy, too sleepy and too weak to drive and I don't want to do that. I might fall asleep on the road and put my family's lives at risk. Since things are better now, better back to driving again!

Cheap SEO

When I just started blogging I honestly didn't know what to expect and what to do. I thought writing or making entries to update my blogs was enough but I was so wrong. Blogging comes with a lot of hard work because in order to make profits of your blogs, you have to gain traffic into your sites, be cached on big leading websites so eventually you can get your page ranks which is so important when making money. So what I did, I spent hours and hours visiting other websites manually, leaving invitations on their tag boards to visit me back but you know some bloggers are too lazy to pay me back a visit. I even submitted my blogs to bookmarking sites hoping that I could gain traffic there but as months went by only very little progress was made so that made me desperate looking for affordable seo services. There were several SEO companies that offer cheap seo or guaranteed seo services but the price was too high. I was just starting to earn then, I couldn't afford their prices.

But now that all my blogs are stable, my income became stable and money keep coming in too. I am glad and thankful for the hardship I went through before because it is what puts my blog alive and where it is now. If you have started your website either it is a personal blog or a business website and are looking to find that cheap seo to help you out, please open those links above or go to It is an SEO company that only takes payment AFTER they get results. If their clients ranking doesn't improve for the agreed upon list of keywords, they don't pay a dime. Yes it is so true and you have to try them in order to believe them.

When In Need Cash Right Away

Sometimes it is depressing to watch the news on t.v because a lot of people are complaining they have no job, are out of work for several months now or having trouble finding jobs or if there are those that are working but no enough cash to meet their daily demands. Who is not struggling in this world, tell me? Even my husband has a stable job, we cannot avoid sometimes that we are tight in money but we are trying to spend only on things that are necessary like food or stuff for the house.

While America is suffering so does the rest of the world. Back in my home country, people there suffered poverty more than ever. My childhood friend say people in their area do the usual ordinary employee does, pawn their debit card to their neighbors just to get cash ahead. If only the company called that offers payday loans is also available there then they don't have to jeopardize their own financial information.

I think everybody else experienced those times when they really need cash right away but there is nobody to turn to, gladly here in America there is a payday loan store where getting money is easy. That is of course with an interest when paying back but at least you can have easy payday loans when the need for cash arises.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

She Woke Up Sick

I had a quick scare this morning when Jadyn throwing up saliva on the couch. She woke up complaining of having stomach ache but I thought she just needed potty. I told her to run to the bathroom and do her thing but then minutes later she came back to me in the bedroom saying she couldn't do it so I assumed she was fine.

Moments later when she laid down to watch t.v in the living room she started feeling really sick and threw up! Ewww at the same time I was scared. I don't want to deal with a sick kid ever, that's one of my biggest fear! I don't know what's going on with her for I am so sure she didn't eat spoiled food yesterday, we were home all day yesterday. I went to lather some anti flatulent oil on her belly and thankfully, she went fine. Now she is playing back again thank goodness!

Texas Concealed Handgun Course

My husband is encouraging me to learn how to use a gun for protection and safety. There are a lot of bad guys out there that are running free and any moment they could kick in our door. And so what I should do is run to where the gun is kept and scare the bad guy away. Just by showing you have a gun and not afraid of shooting him should be enough to scare him.

But, I always thought guns were scary and can kill or maybe I am not used to seeing guns in my life only in movies. For my own sake and my kids', I need to learn how to use it pretty bad. We have a gun in this house just so you'll know if ever you want to mess with us, just kidding!

For people who wish to have a means of legally carrying a concealed handgun, you may attend a $75.00 DFW CHL CLASSES in the state of Texas for personal protection. Please know that DFW Concealed Handgun Class should get you handgun licenses that is recognized in reciprocal states. Their location is accessible to all from DFW area. It is located just minutes from downtown Dallas, and 35 minutes from Fort Worth. Visit them now and take your CHL Training in Dallas/Fort Worth

Monday, September 12, 2011

Big Job Awaiting

Looks like there is a big garden work awaits for me ahead. Our front flower beds have weeds growing in them that is so ugly to look at, some are brown and some are green especially those that are growing near the pecan trees. I cannot do it anytime soon because it still gets very hot in the afternoon. I should just wait for the temperature to cool down a bit before doing any yard work outside. Anyway, there is no punishment if I will our yard with weeds growing in it. 

After pulling out all the weeds, I plan of putting or laying a mulch around the circles so to keep the moisture in longer. Watering my plants seems like a tough job for me because I still haven't gotten my energy back after giving birth over a month ago.

I would just go out there once a week and water the wilting and dying plants. Besides, we are currently under water restrictions level 2 so a landscape mulch would help a lot. Mulch can be bought from a big supplier by Rubberecycle. Thanks to them I know where to get my mulch now.

Mellow Yellow #:19 Kick Ass Cars


It's been a while I have not submitted my entries to MYM. I am glad I am able to do it today since I am not busy and I got plenty of yellow pictures to post here. Few of which are these yellow Pantera, Ferrari and Lamborghini kick ass cars. Photos I personally took at the Italian Car Fest last Saturday in Nash Farm Grapevine, Texas.

......1974 Pantera De Tomaso
....... Ferrari ride
....... Lamborghini folks, who wants to go joy ride with me?

SUV Will Be The Next Car

I already told my husband if he were to buy me another car, I would love to have an SUV like what I have seen in this website since our family is growing. Although our white car is still running in good condition but it is better to have an idea of what kind of car we are getting next so it wouldn't be too hard on us to decide which type or what brand. Dang, I find it very pretty this 2011 Nissan Rouge I am looking at right now.

Same thing as with a friend who lives in Florida, she and her husband are looking for an SUV, she is pregnant and they want a bigger car that could accommodate at least 3 or more kids in it, gladly I have
Palm Beach Florida Nissan Dealer webpage saved in my bookmark so I am going to give the link to them when she gets online today. They can either buy an SUV used or new, doesn't matter because they are the same. They hope to find one before she pops her new baby out.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Admiring The Beauty Of This Car

Duh whatever! I am so jealous of this car. Whoever owns this car is so lucky. It is one of my favorite cars at the Italian Car Fest we went to today. And by the way, that is me and my 7 weeks old baby beside it, in case you are wondering lolz! More car photos coming!

Lots Of Water

It is devastating to watch the news about the severe flooding in several states in the East. I pity those who live in those affected states that lie in Irene's path for they suffered a lot. Not only they lost their things but the most expensive investment they have which is the home is damaged. I can only imagine the mold repair they have to do after the water subsides. It is hard to believe how deep the water of more than six feet plus the raging rivers is so scary to see.

Companies like Triton Renovation Inc. water damage houston, if they go where those areas are hardly hit by the devastation of Irene, they could make a lot of money for sure because people would want to clean up the mess and the water damage that the calamity has done to their home. This company has been on the business for years and is known to be the leading local and nationwide provider that specializes in fire and water damage restoration, mold remediation, wind and hail damage and complete renovations of both residential and commercial properties. They are available 24/7 so whenever you need them, they are always there for you.

Friday, September 9, 2011

E Cigarette

Smoking cigarettes have been banned in almost all public places such as restaurants, airplanes, parks, recreation areas, bars, clubs, trains, stores, everywhere. I think it is just right to have a proper place where smokers can do their thing because exposing yourself to second hand smoking is even more dangerous than the one smoking the cigarette himself. Also, I can't stand the smell of the cigarette, it makes me cough and sick.

With this being said, people who smoke can choose to opt smoking instead of using real cigarette, they can just buy or use the electronic cigarette which is popular nowadays. It is clean, no smell and most of all this will give them complete freedom from cigarettes. With e cigarette, they can do it almost anywhere without bothering someone with their smoke. E cigarette acting as an alternative to regular cigarettes, it substitute a real cigarette due to sensation that comes with it while electric cigarette contains nicotine, a substance which is highly addictive chemical and it is the reason why a lot of people are addicted to smoking but since it is electric, it doesn’t come with all of the cancerous agents that regular cigarettes come with.

Touchpad VS My New Mouse

My small red Microsoft mouse has quit on me for a week now so I have no choice but to use my touchpad in my laptop instead to go on with my blogging. For a week I develop a sense of getting used to it for the new mouse that my husband ordered online took a few days before it arrived here. Finally yesterday, I got it in the mail and tried installing it right away... but then, it is a weird mouse, it is not the usual mouse you see in the stores. From the way it looks, it is weird much more when you use, there is no scroll button in it that you can use for easy browsing so right now I must prefer using my touchpad again rather than this new mouse I have. Maybe I'll get used to using this mouse in the long run but for now, I feel it is really awkward to use.

Tracfone Suitable For Family With Kids

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Having a cell phone today is a must for easier and convenient way to communicate with our family when outside of our home. Kids go to school and parents go to work so it is important for for the whole family to a means of communication all through out the day through a use of a cell phone. Now having two or more kids using cell phones, expect for your bill to be higher than normal for  we know how kids do if they own a cell phone. Lots of texting, picture messaging, web surfing and calling are expected. With that being said, parents who are the ones to pay the bill should find a way or a cell phone plan that includes their children's usage of phone for a cheaper or better price.  That is when TracFone comes in, it is here to help to fit your family's needs. 

It is easy to get minutes into your phone, it is either you pay as you go online or buy cards which are available in  thousands of retails stores across the country.  Just buy a service card for one year then you will receive double minutes for the life of your TracFone and 800 minutes that will only cost you for $ 119. Aside from that you can also enjoy So many features it has to offer. Click on the link to find out more features of this phone and also find out what Real TracFone customers have to say. Or you may watch the video embedded below.

<iframe width="400" height="330" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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Mailing The Application

I am looking forward to mailing this immigration application for my little sister today so I don't have to think about it anymore. The earlier I start with this immigration thing the better for I know I have several years to wait before she can get an available visa.

It was funny when I asked my husband to write me a check that goes along with the papers to be mailed, he got shocked of the price I said. It is a freaking $420 for the application alone, I don't know how many surprising fees coming ahead in order to get this going. Hopefully, I will be able to get my little sister over here and give her a good life, that alone is my only consolation why I am going to this troublesome governmental papers again.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Business That Is Doing Great

Despite of the economic crisis there is business here in the United States that is making profit, travel agencies are doing well even though the economy hasn't recovered yet. People seek for a relaxation and vacation so they continue to fly elsewhere and do not mind what is going on with our economy. International flights for example are what these big time traveler often search as what I have seen on the news. Because according to some people, having a vacation and unwind a little bit is still important these days. If you could search on the internet for international flights you still find great deals if you are patient enough to search on different agencies and compare prices.

And since it is already a bit cooler up North, I am very sure that there are people are thinking of going to countries like Australia for an escape of the harsh cold weather awaiting ahead of them. If you know anyone who is planning for a grand vacation, you can help them find cheap flights by referring them this site called It is one of Australia's oldest travel websites specializing in international flights and overseas holiday bookings.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Only Ten Pounds To Lose

This is a picture of me and my new baby taken when she turned exactly one month. As you can see I didn't gained much during my pregnancy. My pre-pregnancy weight was only 94 pounds and went up to 124 pounds when I got pregnant until I gave birth to the baby. When she was born, I came down to 108.2 pounds. I plan of losing ten pounds when I stop breastfeeding my baby because I feel like I feel heavier than that. I am not used to weighing over a hundred pounds so I must get rid of this excess weight I am carrying right now but that is my less concern at this time though.

In due time I know I get back to the preferred weight before my pregnancy and wear those cute tees again!

Shopping at Zappos

Have you shopped at Zappos yet? I haven't tried shopping there ever although I heard they carry different brand names and high quality clothing, footwear, bags and handbags, housewares, beauty and etc. it would be nice to try purchasing any items there once of course with a use of Zappos coupons. I am browsing there as I make this entry and I find great stuff for women, men and kids especially. However, I do find their prices are kind of high so using Zappos coupon codes would help.

Great shoes for kids is what I am looking at right now, school shoes, running shoes, flats and sandals they all look beautiful perfect for my little girl but the problem is the full price is way to high for me. And you know me, I don't want to spend money on things that I can get for half price off or discounted at least 30% off. I may just have to look for Zappos coupons though and see how much I can save for using it. One thing I notice about this store is that I don't see a clearance section or anything on sale right now. I may have to wait a while before I decide to buy a pair of shoes or clothing for my two cute girls.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Skin Allergy

I am so worried, what is this growing in my baby's sensitive skin on the face? It's been like this for four days now. I am guessing she is allergy to dog hair, I am not sure about this. Anybody can tell me exactly what this is? There are small blisters in the skin and some redness where the blisters are, sometimes they get so red that they cover the entire cheek of my baby and other times they just go away. I notice that when I use a cloth during feeding, she'll get very red afterwards then hours later the redness is gone. Poor child, being attacked by allergy..I know it's itchy and it is uncomfortable, good thing though she doesn't know how to scratch it.

Removal Companies

It is strange for in some countries, their terms for moving companies is called Removal Companies. At first I thought removal companies are companies that would collect your hazardous materials but when I checked the website of Removals, it is actually in America what we call here moving companies. Same as in Australia, removal companies is there to help you for all your moving needs, they also offer International Removals for those that wish to move overseas making it easier for someone or for the whole family to move either locally, interstate or internationally.

Gladly, removal or moving companies like Au Removals exist in order to lighten the burden of people during the big move. We have experienced moving from one house to another and it was such a stressful job to be doing since we did all the lifting and moving of our heavy stuff by ourselves because we didn't hire somebody from removal company to help us out. Never again will I do that.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

American Marine Bisaya

I have watched this video of an American Marine that speaks fluent Bisaya video first on Facebook but for some reason I can't get enough of it and watched it a couple times over. It's just that it's so funny and entertaining. When you watch it yourself you'll also laugh at the same time feel proud of this soldier who speaks our native language.

For what I know (according to his sister that I've had chitchat with), Paul Palmeri spent his childhood and growing up in the Philippines specifically in Camiguin island and spent a lot of his time with his Filipino neighbors, friends and classmates. No wonder he's got the real accent of a bisaya guy! At first I was very curious how this American learned to speak Bisaya fluently "ug dili slang paminawn" as we call it...was able to find out when the sister talked to me on FB thanks to her for she satisfied my curiosity haha.

Insurance To Cover The Damage

Saturday which was yesterday was the end of triple digit temperature here in Texas after having so much heat for 69 days. What a relief knowing that today the temperature will cool down to 88 degrees Fahrenheit. I should be going outside and enjoy the fair weather.

Meanwhile, firefighters are still working on the raging wildfire near the Possum Kingdom lake area for maybe 3 days now. 25 or more homes have been burned and acres of land area is also burned. I pity those homeowners whose houses are gone, they probably have Homeowners Insurance but still that hurts a lot knowing that you lost your biggest investment which is your house and all your valuable stuff that you've worked hard for in order to buy them. So sad. And take note, houses in PS lake aren't just small houses, they were huge in size I know it because I've seen them live on t.v.

Aside from houses being burned, I also saw some cars, nice ones have been burned. Though some owners were able to get their cars out of their property but there are those that weren't so lucky. Fortunately though there's an Auto Insurance that will cover the damage but you can't really trust they pay you as much as you would like them to pay.

When calamities strike, it is always good to be prepared and be alert so at least you'll be able to save some of what you have. Good enough there are different types of insurances that you can turn to when wildfire strikes and burn down all of your belongings. Even when you have property invested somewhere, it is right to buy for an investment property insurance so whatever happens, you are protected. All types of insurances mentioned above are being offered by Prime Insurance Agency so guys check it out.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Chic Saver

If you go to the mall or browse different stores on the internet, you will see sale advertisements just to get customers shopping from their store. Some are having 50% off storewide others are offering different Promo Codes & Free Shipping Codes for Labor Day Sale. I am almost tempted to shop at one of my favorite shopping stores yesterday but I decided to put my shopping on hold for a while because I am waiting for other stores to offer the best Online Coupons where I pay below 20 dollars in check out. That is what I always wanted when it comes to shopping online and luckily, I found The Chic Saver blog where it informs shoppers as to what brands, latest fashion and style of clothing and great promo codes are hot right now.

You know me, I always go for great sales instead of paying stuff in their original price. It is just not practical when you know prices are going to come down later if you wait. Stores are not going to keep their merchandise for long, seasons are changing and so they have to get rid of the current items displayed in the store that is when they give great discounts to the customers and if you are lucky to be at the mall or online hunting for bargains then you can really save money in your shopping spree.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Looks Like 4 Months Old

What happen to my "used to be newborn"? It has only been 8 weeks have passed since she was born and now she doesn't look like one anymore. Few of my friends say she looks like 4 months old, waaaaaaaa... in bisaya... tiguwang na dili na baby...matured na'g nawng, dli na baby face! Louy pud Megan!

I agree with them, amazing how this little girl of mine grow so fast. I don't even know she weighs more than ten pounds now. Oh girl, please don't grow too quickly, wala pa tawn ko natagbaw luok nimo oi!

Getting Married

I would be happy to hear that my friends who are dear to me could finally find their men they deserve. One of them is already here in the U.S and I guess today is their wedding. I am not sure what time is the wedding as they are in other state. She asked help from me one time looking for titanium rings or tungsten rings wedding bands. There are so many nice wedding rings to choose from and guess what it will be hard for her to choose which one should she buy. If I were to choose for her, I'd like to pick that diamond accents in them in titanium because it is classy, elegant and most of all so beautiful. Well, any wedding rings are beautiful as long as it is given and you are tied to the man you love.


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