Friday, September 23, 2011

I Am A Super Woman!

I can best describe myself as a super woman. You know why? You, people out there especially the husbands don't ever think your wives have an easy life staying at home because the fact is, we don't. Firstly, if you go to work, you only have to deal with your job 8 to 10 hours everyday for five days while stay home wives especially the mothers, we work full-time 24/7 with no break. Even at night time we'll have to get up just to attend our baby's needs.

Speaking of being a super woman, I think I just turned into one this morning. Wow what a crazy morning I had to start my Friday. As soon as I got up from the bed, I fed my little Megan and put her to sleep, changed her crib bedding, washed her clothes. And while waiting for the laundry, I did the second bathroom. When I was done in the bathroom, I swept the t.v.,living room and kitchen floors. Vacuumed the rugs afterwards, had to take a break (went outside to bring my Jadyn inside and bathed her real quick). I was panting and thirsty (while taking a break I sat on my computer uploading videos on Youtube and doing the Facebook). After I did all those things the surroundings looked organized and a bit clean then the husband came out from his study and uttered "look nice!". I knew exactly what he meant by that. That is only the word from his mouth that made me feel appreciated, thanks to him he noticed my hard work.

He went to the kitchen carrying our little Megan and then asked, "but where is the breakfast?", huh you kidding me? He didn't realize how busy I was and now he's asking me that? Okay, I replied to him, "I'm not there yet but I'll do it as soon as I can!". And so I started cooking our breakfast (I cooked bacon, fried eggs with tomatoes and onions, toasted some bread). While the bacon is cooking, I managed to do a second load of my laundry then went back to the kitchen to check on the bacon as well as shredding some junk mails. When I was done with my cooking, breakfast is served. Family is happy.

Now, do you believe if I tell you I fed my hungry family and did all the chores in just 2 and a half hours? Oh well, I am not quite done yet for I still have to bathe Megan and fold the clothes! Dang!

MEN, if you were to put yourselves in your wife's shoes, you will know there is not a single LAZY bone in her so don't ever sulk if your wife is not working while you were out there and bringing in checks for the family for we work more than you do!


Utah Mommy said...


Ronadelle said...

I do so agree! We may not earn a penny but the hard work that we're doing at home 24/7 is a blast! Enjoy being a homemaker! God bless you!


Shoshana said...

LOL. I've always thought that. It's not that men don't do anything in the house most of the time...but it's nice to be acknowledge as having done a lot of things, too. One thing I won't do is mow the lawn. I don't want it to be a permanent job description. I'd rather fix the plumbing!

Ronadelle said...

visiting back just to say, i Go for the girl power! Thanks for coming over by my site!

God bless!


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