Monday, September 12, 2011

SUV Will Be The Next Car

I already told my husband if he were to buy me another car, I would love to have an SUV like what I have seen in this website since our family is growing. Although our white car is still running in good condition but it is better to have an idea of what kind of car we are getting next so it wouldn't be too hard on us to decide which type or what brand. Dang, I find it very pretty this 2011 Nissan Rouge I am looking at right now.

Same thing as with a friend who lives in Florida, she and her husband are looking for an SUV, she is pregnant and they want a bigger car that could accommodate at least 3 or more kids in it, gladly I have
Palm Beach Florida Nissan Dealer webpage saved in my bookmark so I am going to give the link to them when she gets online today. They can either buy an SUV used or new, doesn't matter because they are the same. They hope to find one before she pops her new baby out.

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