Friday, September 23, 2011

Poster Size Photos

I love taking photos of my kids, myself and my husband. I got tons of photos uploaded online for my relatives and friends to view on Facebook. I also have posted on other websites for future printing. I am just waiting for the right timing as to when I can get great deals of printing online. Photos since my second baby's birth until now are so precious that I want to blow up them all but I know that is impossible to do.

I would just select the nicest photos though and decide whether to get just the regular printing size or have them printed in larger size. I am having difficulty deciding for now because some of these photos have poor quality and if I blow them up, it will potentially ruin the photograph. However, I found this useful software that does poster printing and not damaging the photo or not making it blurry.

This software I am talking about is developed by a company named Poster Brain. They use a technology that makes it surprisingly easy to blow up any photo or file into a 24x36" poster, overnight. Wow, I love that idea I can do custom poster printing using the said software. Yep, I have seen samples of custom posters on and I am convinced that this is the exact software I want to use for making large copies of my photos. Thank goodness I found it!

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