Friday, November 30, 2007

Nice day

Mownin' everyone. I'm glad to wake up in such a pretty morning like today. Though I was still very sleepy I drag myself to be here on the computer because I just want to and I don't want to be left behind if ever PPP is giving out opps.
Hope you have a nice Friday guys.

Coffee machines

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Top Quality Watches

I am having difficulty thinking of what to give to my dearest picky husband this Christmas because as I said,he is so picky when it comes to choosing things. In fact,I have my local friends help me find gifts for him because I cannot decide what to buy. Christmas is just few sleeps more and I want to give something to him.This could mean,there will be few sleepless nights trying to think what is the best gift I can offer my dearest picky husband.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Hello,is anybody there? Hope you all doing great guys.Pretty boring day for me.You know the reason,I guess.I am not sure what is going on with PPP world why they're so quiet today.Sometimes it can be good and exciting.Other times,they're as boring as in cemetery. I end up sitting for nothing here..long hours trying to be patient for opps to come out..

My Coconut Husk,Floor Scrub

Lalabs has been doing his own hair for a month now,that is 32 bucks savings from not going to the barbershop every 2 weeks. As long as he is comfortable with his cut,I'll let him do it and help him shave when he needs my assistance.

Last night,I had fun shaving off his back head since he cannot see the flaws there so I volunteer to be the one to do it. In front,he's looking good with his cut.I am not sure how you guys look at his cut at the back of his head.Please don't put me in jail for this.

After doing so,I told him,there you go,ok na,looks like a floor scrub now! And he asked me,"you scrubbing the floor?" I said,no your cut looks like a coconut husk,it's the thing that we use to scrub the floor in the Philippines.And he laughed out loud lol!!! Poor hubby,I made fun of fairness,no matter what the hairstyle he has,he always lookin' good in my eyes...naks patronizing bah?

Getting cooler

No wonder my feet are getting cooler as we get into the night. I checked yahoo weather,the temperature says 47 degrees F currently.It's gonna get even more cooler as midnight strikes up to 41 degrees below. Should I anticipate that? I should,by then I'll be comfortably snuggling our comforter in bed,deep slumber being in a dreamland.

Preggy woman is getting ready to sign out now and saying goodnight everyone. Hope you all have wet dreams. Gonna do the task I just grabbed from PPP then I'll be off immediately.

Boston Moving Company

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wise Idea

I really love eating dried fish here.It's been days now since I have not eaten it because it stinks the whole house each time I fry some and I feel pity to my husband.I know he doesn't like the smell but he just keep quiet and never say a word or two.When I ask him if its stinky he would just say "it's just the smell of a fish".See how nice he is?

I myself get suffocated too especially if the temperature is low because I cannot open the windows and let the smell out. Yes,we do use an exhaust fan but it won't eradicate all the bad smells that is left inside. So I came to an idea today using our small electric grill and bring it outside.

Grilling my dried fish outdoor truly helps.Though I can't help the big nasty flies surrounding my poor dried fish. So from now on,I would just use our grill and enjoy my fish.Not only I enjoy eating the fish but quench my craving as well.

The Best Exercise

The best and free exercise that you can do is hiking or walking. It cost you nothing but takes some guts encouraging to do the thing atleast 3 times a week can boost up energy level and ease away your laziness.

I just got home from walking and oh it feels good sweating a little bit.My Doctor recommends to do or start my daily walking now which I strive hard to do as long as the temperature is good. If it is going to be cold then I would just do some little steps inside the house because I don't want to get sick by forcing myself to be outside.

Remembrance as the Top Earner of Nov.

I would want to keep a copy of PPP month of November record holder.Yes,it's me on the very first top of the list. I made it to the top when blog PR suddenly increased.That is when I get to the top by grabbing higher opps. I am pretty certain that next month my name won't be listed in their top 10 earner anymore as I can only grab limited payouts now. As most bloggers know, google's PR can make a great impact on blogging for money. I can only hope that even for small opps everyday,atleast I can meet my quota I set for my blogging, a $50/day. Then it would be enough.

Life Blogger

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.
Yes,what is written here is true.As you all noticed I only blog practical things that really happening in my everyday life. It may be non sense to you but for me it's worth blogging to keep. I love talking of the actual things that happens to me day by day as well as our daily endeavor about everything else. Blogging especially can be so depressing sometimes. Writing it here makes me feel good.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday Diva

Tuesday is a fine day for blogging for me.I don't know what else is waiting for me ahead of this day.As long as I am happy with my PPP thing,then I can call it my day. There are still 8 gray opps here and waiting to any of them will turn white and grab some more.I filled my 2 blogs with my tasks so I am quite contented with it.Atleast for now. Looking forward for more new opps coming out later today though,that if that is gonna happen? Happy Tuesday everyone!

Good enough

Thank you Lord for the not so tight opps on PPP today.I did my quota so I think I can think straight now.I missed lotta opps.Mind you high pay out opps grrrr teeth pissed somehow thankful here.

Unlike yesterday,I only made a few bucks. it was so quiet and nothing to do if PPP decides not to give us some to do.Argsss.that hurts..I have no regret I woke up early this morning because I got my quota na lagi!!!!

Happy Tuesday

I was arguing over my brain whether I'm gonna get up this early and be on PPP or continue to just lie in bed wide awake or not. It's just that my pee woke me up and my eyes used to waking up same time everyday for 3 months now. So I got up and went to the bathroom,went back to bed,couldn't get back to dreamland..and waited for 8 o'clock to hit and finally made a decision to be on the computer.So here I am now,moody,not feeling good,eyes heavy,kind of disappointed knowing PPP has no decent opps for me to do.argsss.I don't know what PPP brings today.HAPPY TUESDAY FRIENDS.

Monday, November 26, 2007

First Letter of name Tag

Wow Carrie just tagged me with this tough tag.First time to do this kind of thing here. Let me say what I have to answer here hehehe..have fun reading everyone.

It's pretty simple, just use the first letter of your name to answer the questions. They have to be real answers though, nothing made up and you can't use your own name as an answer. Since my name is Anne all my answers have to start with an "A".

1.Famous Singer: Ashley Simpson
2.Four Letter Word: Ants
3.Street: Cottonwood Avenue
4.Color: Ash blue
5.Gifts/Presents: Amplifier
6.Vehicles: Accord by Honda
7.Things In A Souvenir Shop:antique vase
8.Boy Name: Brian (brother and hubby's brother)
9.Girl Name: Alexia Mae (sister)
10.Movie Title: After 28 weeks
11.Drink: Apple juice
12.Occupation: Attorney
13.Celebrity: Anne Hathaway
14.Magazine: Allure
15.City: Austin,Texas
16.Pro Sports: ..let me think for a while ?
17.Fruit: Apple
18.Something You Throw Away: same here
19.Something You Shout:Awwww!!!
20.Reason for being late for work:Anal Sex? whoaa haha

Whoaaa the hardest tag I've ever done. I'd like to pass this to Annie,Janine,Rea,Ritchella and Garfunkel

Gold Medal Wines

I feel so honored to have been given these fine high quality red and white wine from Gold Medal Wine owned by Hambrecht Family. What an early perfect Christmas gift for us and for that I would like to thank them because they make me happy through it.The package arrived Saturday morning and I was shocked upong receiving 2 bottles of wine. I was not really expecting it but here they come.So happy,perfect drink for Christmas,don't you think?

Ok,enough all the bragging. Gold Medal Wine is owned by Bill Hambrecht,a high tech oriented investment banker ended up in the wine business and Bill knows a good vineyeard when he sees it,he's been into wine business for 20 plus years. Hambrecht family wine are named as Belvedere Chardonnay,Russian River Vallery that is for the year 2005,Bradford Mountain Zinfandel and Dry Creek Valley.Mind you guys,his wines have won multitude of Gold Medals won over the years for his popular Belvedere ,Chardonnays and Cabernets.Amazing.
To find out more about this amazingly fine wine please look at for the wine of the month are Belvedere Chardonnay and Bradford Mountain Zinfandel.

It has four exciting series to choose from,gold series-award winning,small production wines,Platinum series-ultra premium,Rare,Collectible Wines,Diamond Series,-Luxury-Premium,Legendary Wines and International series-Hard to find,Imported Wines of the world.

Satisfaction guaranteed.Try it now by simply visiting their website on the link provided here .

A Kiss of A Male Angel

For now,I am begging kisses from other kids because mine isn't here yet. Caught in the act with Elijah giving his sweetest kiss for me. If you don't know him,he is Janine's son and this was taken on her birthday last 12th of this month. Sweet nice boy he is.

Wonderful Monday

Yep,it's Monday.You should be thankful atleast it happens only once a week. Back to work again,kids go to school and bloggers do their thing on the internet. Oh it's cyber Monday,so while doing the blog you can surf the online stores and do your shopping.You can get plenty of discounts from them. Happy Monday morning everyone.Be thankful to the Lord for this another opportunity to live in this world with a brand new day!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tinker Tag

Got this pretty tinker tag from Carrie again. Don't worry friend,I am not tired of getting tags from you yet.Keep all those tags coming,I am liking it hehe..

Here are the rules:
*Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
*Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
*Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
*Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 random / weird things about me:

1. I love picking my nose so hard until it bleeds.I won't stop unless I see the blood coming out and take note,I don't use a tissue or napkin doing it,bare hands is all I need hehehe.

2. After taking a shower,all wet and damp,I peek myself in the mirror and say I'm beautiful when I'm fresh...

3. I don't like to be buzzed on yahoo messenger,pisses me off. You can only buzz me when there are opps coming out on PPP.If not,you will only ruin my mood.

4. I keep smelling the top of my head and says baho! or stinky because it's oily even if it's not.

5. I don't always put some lotion all over my body,what's important is my belly to keep it moisturized.

6. I keep thinking of a lot of food.Yummylicious but I never got big.

7. Every other week,I spend my blogging money shopping online while I am trying hard and my very best to save some,,too bad can't resist ebay.

I am tagging;

Mammu Darlene

Friday, November 23, 2007

New Look..

Do you notice a big change on this blog? I hope so.This was reconstructed by a very nice friend of mine,Ivy. Kudos to you Ives for doing such a great job in all my houses especially this one.It's my first time to use solid black layout and it came out very good and attractive.

I am loving the new look here,black background with white contrasting fonts.Yummy as turkey leg.hmmppp...tawa lang ang poor bisan 0 for blogging today. I woke up very early thinking that I could have early opps but hours and hours passed by with none.Arggsss..makakunsumi oi.butt hurts,back pains and starvation is what I got from sitting here all day.

Anyways,I'd like to do some blog hopping now before I totally sign out. Wish you guys a happy weekend.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Survey..kinawat from Ivy


Were you a planned baby?:I think so.

Were you the first?: Second


Do you have low self esteem?: Hell no,am not miserable either
Do you get depressed about things easily?: Nope.
Are you happy right now? Mix of emotion.I missed our dog.Worried about my Papa.Happy at the same time I saw some snow today.

Are you comfortable with the way you look?: Yes of course,thin and dark skin? Who wouldn't? Except my disappearing ass though bwahahaha...
Describe your hair: soft,smooth and shiny black hair

Do you have a license?: Nope! not yet
Ever been kicked out of a bar?: No,but in an adult store..mistaken as minor

Do you prefer indoors or outdoors?: both
Do you like walking in the rain?: Yes, it reminds me of my childhood
Do you like thunderstorms?: Yes,sounds so natural

Are you a vegetarian?:absolutely not, i love meat
Anything you absolutely could eat forever?: Pancit bihon, adobo, dried fish basta food na dli poisonous
What is your favorite dessert?: cheesecake and fruits


Do you want to get married?: I am Married
Hav e you ever been in love?: Yes to my
Are you in a relationship now?: Yes,
We just passed 3 maariage

1. Where is your cell phone?: dont have one

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend ?: Husband , in the couch

3. Your hair?: flowing down
5. Cheesecake? my craving
7. Your dream last night?: breasfeeding a baby
8. Your favourite drink?: lemonade

9. Car you want?: Bentley
10. The room you're in: MY COMPUTER
12. Your fears?: Losing Love one's
13 . Nipple rings?: It hurts
14. Who are you hanging out with tonight?: Hubby
16. Go check out Near Defeat? No
18. Where did you grow up?: Lapu2x city philippines, cebuana ko bay
20. What are you wearing?: lalabs' black t-shirt and jammies

21. Tattoos?: Nuh
22. Peircings?: EARS
23. Your computer?: computer gud kanang mo andar pa

24. Your life?: Grateful ,Nothing to complain. I couldnt ask for more.
25. Your mood?: sleepy
26. Missing?: My family back home
27. What are you thinking about right now?: finish the movie

28. Your car/truck is?: Car : Ford SHO
30 . Your summer?:Very very hot
32. Your favorite colour(s): Peach and Blue
3 3. When is the last time you laughed?: Today
34 . Last time you cried? an hour ago..I miss our dog Giza
36. Last text?: an hour ago from lalabs.
37. Last received call?: Annie

39. Last IM?: Annie and Darlene
40. Last Live: None
41 : Your age: 24 and im blessed.

You Are My Friend

So nice of Carrie for giving me another friendly awards. I am so happy Carrie for these because you never forget me when sweet treats like these are to be given away. My name is always on your list so I want you to know that I am pleased with it. Thank you! Thank You!

These awards are to be given to my dear friends whom I can laugh,share tears, talk,share secrets with namely; Annie,Ivy,Janine, Ritchella,Darlene and most of all Analyn. Go go girls,get the awards or else I'm gonna spank your butt hehe..JOwk!!

Happy Turkey Day


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Don't Forget To Feed Giza

So naive of me to think of my husband bringing our dog to the veterinary clinic this noontime to have her operated or something inorder to cure her illness. When my husband said,I'll bring Giza to the doctor,I just said ok..was gonna say " make sure when you come back she's fine and healed". Little did I know the very purpose of him bringing the dog there.

After 45 minutes he came back..this time alone by himself now with a towel on his hands. I asked immediately,where is she? Whoaa husband said, she's gone. They gonna cremate her now. My eyes spinning round and round..couldn't believe that our dog Giza is gone..she's dead. She was still alive when they left the house today but she was already very weak for how many days. She was still alive yes..and has been so weak that she couldn't stand up and eat her food anymore.

Probably my husband can no longer afford seeing her in pain that is why he took her there and had her injected to sleep forever(euthanasia) sakto ba?.Haaayyy it hurts..very painful to think that I have no more companion in this little house.I'm so alone reason for me to go in the backyard to feed the dog.hohohoo.. luha ko flooding like rain..

I don't know if Sandy was teasing me before leaving for work today because he reminds me of not forgetting to feed Giza.... come on if he's teasing me,then I am not happy with it.Too painful to lose a pet you know...

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Sexy Corsets

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We All Have Sarcastic Moments

You Have Your Sarcastic Moments

While you're not sarcastic at all times, you definitely have a cynical edge.
In your opinion, not all people are annoying. Some are dead!
And although you do have your genuine moments, you can't help getting your zingers in.
Some people might be a little hurt by your sarcasm, but it's more likely they think you're hilarious.
Even if you ask anyone you know who seems to be happy and nice,he or she will certainly tell you honestly that we all have our sarcastic moments. I do,especially when I feel sleepy or hungry and you keep bugging me with senseless things. Anticipate for answers that you wouldn't like to hear from me.I do apologize though when I gain back my right mood.

I'm Not Blogging To Please You

I heard a rumor this morning about some jealous bloggers,other filipinas perhaps(uncertain who they are ) are talking about me and Janine posting non sense things in our blogs. And that they will report PPP on something we don't know.For some reason,I don't find it reasonable for them to be doing that. As far as I know, I am not doing something wrong here nor on PPP.

I am blogging not to please other people.I blog because I am trying to make a living here,create network of friends in blogging world as well as put my emotions into words through writing them in my blog. If ever you happen to read my posts here and you don't like it,just leave quickly and do not come back ever as you are not welcome here.

I don't want to sound mean but I have no choice and write this..I am the author of my blogs,therefore I am entitled to write everything I want as long as it doesn't cause harm to other people.Intiendes?

To those who keep visiting me, I want to thank you all.I so appreciate your presence in my blogs and for that you make me extremely happy. Keep coming back and I'll do the same to yours.Just be nice and I'll be good to you as well.

How Healthy Are you?

You Are 40% Healthy

You're on your way to having a healthy diet, but you have a ways to go.
Everything is okay in moderation. But you don't quite have moderation figured out yet.
I know I know I am not eating perfectly healthy food.And who does? I eat what I want to eat but with moderation.When it comes to rice I just can't choose brown rice over white rice because this is what I used to eat. But in due time I know I am going to have a balance in my diet to maintain a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Getting Harder Each day

As days went by, my belly is also showing progress.It is getting big everyday. This only means that it also gets harder each passing day.As the type of work I have here,which is blogging,it requires a lot of sitting on the computer but I have no idea how long this gonna last for I really am hurting now especially my butt.

I still have 2 months to go,yet I don't want to stop what I am doing as I'm trying to save some bucks here for future use. Like at this moment,I still have ample things that need to be done..however,it's really kicking my ass up from this chair and stop everything.It's late too. Movie time with lalabs pud.

Perhaps,I should be saying goodbye to everyone for now. I see you guys tomorrow.We'll see what PPP's real rank can do to us.

Market Research

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I am just thankful I am skinny and no dieting to do.I can just eat anything I want because I don't get big easily.

Family Insurance

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Marriage Material Guy

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We're married and everything that's on quiz when I answered this blogthing I made it sure that I write the correct answer pertaining to my guy.Yes,he is a marriage material guy.Every woman longs for. I am just so lucky to have found him among thousands of men in the world.I found the most precious jewel on earth.A whole lot expensive than gem or diamond,MY SANDY.

Somehow Lucky

As long as I am alive,I will never stop feeling lucky everyday. I am too glad that I have everything I wished for.A good and loving husband,blessed with a baby girl,healthy and alive. Not experiencing starvation even for a second in my husband's hands,comfortable with our living,no lots of money but have enough to sustain our daily needs and most of all happy living together.

Not to mention a few bucks that I make in blogging. I did not expect for my name to be included in top 10 earner's list for today because we went out and was kinda late grabbing the opps earlier this afternoon but praise God I made it to top 10 again. PPP is just being fair today,that's what I think...I was kinda pissed at first though because I couldn't grab those higher payouts any longer for my PR3 blog was already full. I was contented of grabbing the $5 ones atleast I am making a few.

I will never stop thanking you Lord for this.If not because of You,I would have not known blogging could actually help our financial needs. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU LORD!!!

My hobby---Literati

It used to be my hobby during my first year here in America. I could play it from morning 'till midnight without feeling sum-ol at all. I could beat and often beaten by my opponents. I did not care much as long as I can play also it helps me keep my brain running,thinking of the next possible words to put on the board and possibly make big points after submitting it.

Last night it was so bored and quiet on my ym.No one was around and thought of playing it online again after such a long time of not trying to have a game or two because of my blogging.I could say that I can still play fairly to others even though it's been a long time since I stopped my addiction to literati.


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Monday, November 19, 2007

Wonderful Night

Logging off now as I am pretty worn out here. It's 11:30 pm in our place and still sitting in the computer which I think isn't good for me especially the baby.I should be resting by now you know? But hey do you really think I go to bed after this? hell no,I'll still be up until midnight because it's my hubby's quality time together.We gonna watch a movie that he brought from Hollywood video.So signing off now.Goodnight everyone.

Freshly Picked from the Pot

Beautiful roses of mine freshly picked from the pot. I have 2 gallons of roses in the backyard and they have been bearing flowers but did not pick them to put in the vase not until this morning.It just came to my mind to put some in our bedroom so we can have a fresh rose scent.Pretty,aren't they?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Have a good Weekend

Wishing all my friends,online kaberks and long old friends a great weekend to each of you at your houses. Have a Blessed Sunday.If you are going to church please do include me in your prayers too.hehehe...been a long time since no church here..God forgive me!

Friday, November 16, 2007


I did tell my family last week that I am not gonna call them today because I make my calling schedule to be every other Friday but because of my father's situation(having such a very high blood pressure at the moment) I can't stop thinking and worrying about him.

It's been a week since he has it and yet his pressure still not gotten better,way too high of 210/100 something.Imagine that. I talked to him tonight and I noticed something is not right with his voice,sounds paralytic and thought he was just playing but guess he's not. He said his mouth is numb and no power at all. Hohoho makes me sad.He also asked if I can send him a wheelchair.He is only 49 and wanting to use a wheelchair. whoaa no good idea.He was telling me that he tied ropes that hang from the ceiling so he can use them going to the c.r. or anywhere he goes to support him so that he won't fall down.

Good news though is that they already received my package I sent last September as their advance Christmas gift. It was only my little brother who appreciates much of what I sent to him.He's giving me thanks and that he is happy with stuff for him.Good boy!

Nice Artwork

A good online friend of mine who happens to be my namesake created me with this wonderful collage and sent it to me on my multiply page. As my means of appreciating her hardwork I'd like to post it here to show you guys how lovely it is. Anne, I am so thankful too to have known you as my friend though we have not met in person yet,I am optimistic that someday we will see each other and enjoy being together. Wish you a safe delivery and goodluck on your embassy papers.


I am kind of excited because I open up with hubby to have my baby be baptized and celebrate her first birthday in the year 2009 in the Philippines and he asked me why wait too long? Why not do it next year? Wow! I was surprised because it is kind of early for us to be going there but I like the idea of going there next year. And for that we are needing an additional luggage for us since we have a baby soon, we need a strong and high quality traveling bag or luggage like the Samsonite brand. Trusted to be of high quality brand item. I would love to look at their website and see if I like something there and perhaps buy while it is still early. If you are looking for the same stuff too,look no further.You have found the right place to shop for traveling bags and many others.Go shop now!


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Maximum Posts Reached

I am closing this blog with an entry of maximum posts has been reached. If you are in PPP you will know what I am talking about.All 15 posts has been done so I am out of here. I hope you have a great Friday guys as I still have a lot of things to do around the house. It stinks right now for I did fry some dried fish this morning for my breakfast.So don't dare enter into this little house of ours or else you will get suffocated.

Gotta go for now and I will just be blog hopping later this afternoon when I get to finish all my chores. Happy weekend people in the Philippines!

Envy My Energy

Oh yeah? I did not know that. I am just healthy and can move fast as I want to. Alive everyday and energetic. Skinny yet not sickly. Take the test and see what people most feel jealous about you.Happy blogging.

People Envy Your Energy

You've got the drive and determination to keep your life in order, and you are on track to be a huge success.
People tend to envy all you've got in life, but they don't understand the work that goes behind it!

Thankful Morning

Strange as it is,PPP suddenly got exciting with a lot of opps coming out minutes ago and then quickly got quiet. I don't understand.They seem to give all the opps at once then if you are slow,you end up grabbing one or two opps.

Luckily,I learned how to be fast so I can have few opps to post. I am just hoping that all of my newly posted entries are gonna get auto approved as it my only way to now that I am doing well in my blogging. Still pretty sleepy here but it's ok. Me and my baby are gonna be fine because God is taking care of us.Happy Friday morning everyone!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My American Name

Your Average American Name Is...

Nancy Nicole Young

Wow I am loving it.Sounds very American huh. I am a filipina and of myself and everythinI have a unique name that you can seldom hear. If I was born to be an American woman,I would love to have this name because it sounds so cute and oh white.I am just having fun while waiting for opps to come out. I am entertaining myself with this cute blogthings because I can explore more and more g.

Strange and Weird

How in the world I came up with this strange and unusual name? i was tagged by Ritchella with this and out of curiosity I do it.I like the idea of a comet chaser though.I love the outer space.Science was my fave subject when I was still in school.If you want to know your name,just go grab it.

If You Were Born in 2893...

Your Name Would Be: Vor Emi

And You Would Be: A Comet Chaser

Video of My Tummy

It just crossed in my mind to take a video of my tummy.It is 7 months now.29 weeks.Maayo nalang ni remembrance to show my Jadyn when daku na siya.For 9 months I am carrying her,kinda heavy!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cool breezy Air

Fall is absolutely pretty gorgeous here in Texas. Unlike any other states,Texas seemed to be a nice place to live during these times because the temperature is just right that you will be able to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking.

I did go out for a 10 minute walk this morning and it felt so good feeling the coolness of the wind,dry fallen leaves running all over the streets as they were blown by wind.The sun is up but with mild heat.

I am here sitting in the computer room with windows open.It's just so good feeling the cool breeze of November air into my skin.Reminds me of my stay in the province of Cebu when I was still growing up.Laying down in a nipa house where air can get through in and out of the house.How I wish I could go back there someday.I missed the place so much.

Sakay na.Byahi na Tayo!

Normal speed limit along the highways is 70/day-60/night mph and that is fast enough for me that it takes my breath away.It's recommended to go along with the fast traffic especially traveling long distances. On our way home from Janine's house,lalabs used his sports car to go there and when we were on the road with less traffics,I dare to ask him if he could drive in 100 mph. Man and he didt it. I was frightened that I could stop breathing,wanting to just close my eyes because I don't want to die wide awake.
It was only a few minutes though because of some other cars getting close. It was my first time being in a car with such speed. Lalabs told me that he had tried being in a police car driving a lot faster than that,140 mph that is what he needed to do for a possible car chase,maybe? Tara na! Ride with Us!

June Gal

Your Birth Month is June

Peaceful and harmonious, you seek the gentle side of life.
Your warmth and consideration touches many.

Your soul reflects: Friendship, love, and beauty

Your gemstone: Pearl

Your flower: Rose

Your colors: Light blue, white, and cream
Mentioned above is what really describes me as a person.Just by reading those,you can gain an idea of what kind of person I am.Not to be sound conceited but I have tons of friends that I treasure so much. Please take this quiz if you feel like doing it so you will know what's significant for being born in particular month. Have a good day

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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1. Had a beer with? never

2. Went to the movies with? hubby,just one time
3. Went to the mall with? hubby
4. Talked on the phone with? ♥ my family last Friday,sorry not a phone fanatic

5. Made you laugh? ♥hubby

6. You hugged? ♥ hubby

7. You yelled at? ♥ Nobody


(1. Pierce your nose or tongue? ♥ neither

(2 . Be serious or be funny? ♥ both

(3. Drink whole or skim milk? ♥ whole

(4 . Die in a fire or get shot? ♥ none


(1. Sun or moon? ♥ both

(2. Winter or Fall? ♥ fall

(3. Left or right? ♥ left

(4. Sunny or rainy? ♥noth

(5. Peach or Pear? ♥ pear

(6. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cutit? ♥ both

(7.Do You Cook? ♥ yes

(8. Current mood? ♥ pissed,upset,mad,sleepy and moody

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My Beefsteak

I am almost out of words now. I am like a drug addict...floating,drunk from sniffing shabu over night. It's because I only had few hours of sleep because I woke up too early and started using the computer at 6:49 a.m this morning.It's not the usual time I wake up you know and makes me tired and moody.

Anyways, enough all that.I would like to share with you my version of Beefsteak.It was Ivy who taught me how to do this. I like it kinda salty,rich and sticky at the same time yummy.

Just A Little Messy

Nyahahaha..yes honestly,I am not a clean freak but I do manage to clean the house at least once a week,vacuum once a month because it's too tiring to do.I'll do tidy up when I am not in the computer but when laziness strikes me,don't expect me to clean except doing the dishes and taking a shower.These 2 things are a must for me.How about you? How messy are you? Willing to try the test? Go ahead.

You Are a Little Messy

You aren't the cleanest person in the world, but you're definitely not a slob.
You clean up when you have the time, but you're realistic about what you can get done.
Generally, you're pretty organized and tidy - though you may have a few hidden messes.
You eventually get around to making things spotless, but you do it on your own schedule!

I got a friend in You

Sweet Juliana for giving me this pretty tag. Thank you for considering me as one of your friends though we just met in blogging world recently. What I like about is that you never forget to remember peeking each of my blog and I appreciate that really.

I am passing this to Ivy, Carrie, Annie, Ritchella,Garfy, Janine, Francine and Recel

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Beauty Of Fall

The photo above is by El Campo Avenue,the street where we live..

This photo was taken when we drove around Edge Cliff Village.

Amazing how those green leaves along the streets here turned golden brown,red,orange . Some leaves are still green though but eventually they gonna change. I cannot take my eyes off the beautiful different colors of leaves here in the neighborhood where we live. I took pictures of the leaves just stepping outside our door and here they go;so pretty with 81 degrees F temperature,who wouldn't want to stay outside and just look at all those leaves including the ones on the ground running blown by wind? The beauty of Fall simply amaze me!!!This is the view across the house we live in

In the Edge Cliff Village.


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