Friday, November 9, 2007

Made it To The Top

Yes,thankfully I made it to the top 1 on earner's top 10 list on PPP today.For the first time ever I've been on the number 1 for hours now. I would have made higher than $115 if I could grab the last $15 offer.Here it is in my dashboard sitting very gray.

So fortunate Friday,,yepppeeeyyy...feel so blessed and happy.I praise You Lord! Blogging days can be frustrating at times and exciting! I still have $7.50 offer here but I am so tired now.Can't think straight if I make an entry of it so better entertain myself on ebay..hehehe looking for cute handbags far I found several from DB and Coach that is really really cute.


recel said...

ahh grabe jud ka anne ba! paspas kaayo ka mosulat no? belib ko oi! permi nalang jud ka dha sa top 10.. permi nalang jud ko ani mang-congrats nimo!

Ivy Sterling said...

Wow grabiha gyud nimo ka abtik dae oi..ako lagi lagot kaayo kay pag abot namo gikan grocery store dericho ko sa pc..hala pag refresh nako sa ppp daghana nag puti nga 15 ug tag 10 agoy dali dali ko ug take sus wla gyud na bira nga 15 bisan usa naalng unta..grabiha nangawagtang dayun oi waaaaaaaaaa...pero happy gihapon ko kay naka abot ko sa akong quota for today. wla sad ko ga expect nga anay opps today kay saturday


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