Friday, November 9, 2007

8 Meme

Francine tagged me with this one which I am really glad to make it since I need an interim post in between my adds.I should say she save me from making myself go insane,thank you day Francine. I am passing this tag to Carrie, Ivy,Hazel, Garfy,Ritchella,Kero and Nancy

8 THINGS I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT: - blogging, perfumes, jewelry with diamonds, chatting, watching movies, being a housewife, chatting,blog hopping

8 THINGS I WANT TO DO BEFORE I DIE: -visit Bahamas,make a nice house in the Philippines,seeing my grandchilren, grow old with hubby,see my family happy and well-established in the Philippines, tour around US and save money in the bank

8 THINGS I SAY OFTEN: - shit,i love you,mao jud,cuddle,whoaa,mao ba? lol and all chat expressions

8 BOOKS I’VE RECENTLY READ: glamour magazine and fitness...books? never

8 SONGS THAT I COULD LISTEN TO OVER AND OVER: Dreaming of You,You light Up My life,Destiny,all Martina McBride's songs,Everyday by Agot Isidro,How am I supposed To Live without you,From This Moment, I need You and Heaven

8 THINGS THAT ATTRACT ME TO MY BEST FRIENDS: -loving, nice,non-judgemental,funny,kalog,inato lang style,genuine,helpful,concern

8 THINGS I’VE LEARNED THIS PAST YEAR: - that having a baby makes me very blessed,i got the best husband in the world,blessed everyday, made alot of friends, blogging keeps me sane,i easily make friends online,addicted to shopping once i start it and happy

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Cornucopia Chronicles said...

hehehehehe....ayaw na gats nanglu-od nako...di na ko mudawat gyud, lol.

Awwwww na hala cg pang filter ...tenkyo!!!

Maau pani imoha alexa kay gamay akoa nisaka murag nahadlok nako lol.

Carrie Smith said...

I am here to get the tag....I will hopefully have it done by the first of the week. Things are spinning out of control in this house. Time to get things together before I lose it....

have a great weekend :0)


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