Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Coconut Husk,Floor Scrub

Lalabs has been doing his own hair for a month now,that is 32 bucks savings from not going to the barbershop every 2 weeks. As long as he is comfortable with his cut,I'll let him do it and help him shave when he needs my assistance.

Last night,I had fun shaving off his back head since he cannot see the flaws there so I volunteer to be the one to do it. In front,he's looking good with his cut.I am not sure how you guys look at his cut at the back of his head.Please don't put me in jail for this.

After doing so,I told him,there you go,ok na,looks like a floor scrub now! And he asked me,"you scrubbing the floor?" I said,no your cut looks like a coconut husk,it's the thing that we use to scrub the floor in the Philippines.And he laughed out loud lol!!! Poor hubby,I made fun of fairness,no matter what the hairstyle he has,he always lookin' good in my eyes...naks patronizing bah?


Ritchelle said...

whoaa,mau man diay ka mo cut diay Anne...imo bana mo onay papreso nimo ron....joke!

Carrie Smith said...

His hair looks fine...I do the hair cutting around here to save money...four boys - four trips to the hair shop = saving money :0)

Looks like you've been busy blogging....

have a great day

SayangMommy said...

Hahahahah I gotta say yeah his hair does look like the coconut husk :)

You have a cool blog :)

Have a good weekend


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